The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon
August 4, 2007
FFWPU International

Translation of notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

There were not that many Korean leaders today as most were in North Korea taking part in the Dedication Ceremony of the Peace Center.

Summary of Father's words:

The world has become a place without an owner because humanity has become what it is today. People do not know who their own owner is. Their mind and body fight. Couples, peoples, the world and heaven and earth were divided.

How can this be changed back to its original form. Only God can do that and it can only be done by a person who has experienced true love in the presence of God through the union of a couple in true love.

People who live in true love cannot be divided nor separated. How can you reunite that which was divided and turned upside down? The original source of God's love lays root. Unification is impossible unless it arises from and is connected with that root. You have to know about God.

What makes the Unification Church different from the established religions? We are determined to plant the root of true love, of an internal life. They know how to discern whether their direction or environment has deviated or changed from the center. Once the time comes for this to be completed according to the laws and standards of the world nations, peace and unification can emerge automatically at once.

A video about the Entrance Ceremony and events leading to the Ceremony from June 6-13, 2006 was shown.

Today was a day of commemoration. Since all the key leaders are in North

Korea, please remember them and be with them as you have breakfast. As you return to your hometown, please be resolved to become a responsible person who can pass on the results of their participation today.

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