The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 2007
FFWPU International

Translation of unofficial notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Father's words:

Those people who are well to do and prominent these days do not like families. Though they should eat and sleep at home, they always desire to eat out. They cast away their sons and daughters and grandchildren, and instead go out and love someone else; Satan has made it like this, through the Fall. Only after this is completely overturned, and you can act as the owner, could the world be made anew and could the Kingdom of Heaven be connected from there.

The title is The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, which is the Model for God's Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom. Absolute sexual ethics signify that which men and women possess, and which are really valuable. God failed to achieve absolute sexual ethics.

What is absolute sexual ethics? It refers to the real, the true sexual ethics. Does everyone have true sexual ethics or false sexual ethics? In other words, I am asking whether you have had affairs or not. Is there anyone who has not had an affair? In the end, the time will come when women and men will go through two men or twelve women. If this comes to pass, they will break down, and there will be no way to mend it. To mend it, you will need Rev. Moon. That is how the family pledge came to be. Have you heard about the family pledge? In the future, the national pledge will come to be. The UN will make this nation, and I plan to make the one and only thing that can bring it about. Now the UN has entered the stage in which they cannot but ask for my help. I could be said to be a famous person, considering that. Though to look at me you may say that my appearances are rather homely and that I do things as I please.

In the name Sun Myung Moon, the Chinese character for Sun is the combination of the characters for fish and sheep, and Myung is the combination of sun and moon. And last comes Moon. It means that, centering on the truth, neither the sea nor anything else in the world and the universe can be hidden. I was born with such a destiny, and have lived up to it. Now the trouble is everyone in the world, no matter who he or she is, knows me as such a person, because they believe I have everything, and because I can do anything. They believe that I would make anything for them if they wanted me to.

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