The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung - 148th Ahn Shi Il

Sun Myung Moon
July 25, 2007
FFWPU International

Translation of unofficial notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Father's words:

"The era of individual salvation is the era of the indemnity of the angelic realm. Angels do not have an object partner. After the archangel apart from the other angels raised Adam and Eve and had them perfect the blessing before God, God's family was supposed to emerge thereof. The fundamental earth of Eden, which can be attended upon, could refer to the actual earth, but it also refers to the physical body. In other words, the fundamentals of the homeland refer to your reproductive organs, the unfallen, original reproductive organs.

They are the source of life, love and lineage. What this means is that they are the palace of life, love and lineage. They are the basis of the homeland; the basis does not refer to the earth. The homeland is the place in the original homeland where one can settle down and reside together with God as his or her homeland. In short, the place where, after receiving the blessing, people can begin their relationships of fruitful love, that is, lie in bed together and make love for the first time, is the homeland."

"I have blessed you, and matched together those who will then be a credit to the Unification Church and whose descendents in generations to come will prosper. You don't know this. When I approach a person, I can already know his mind. Knowing his mind words come out of my mouth. After being married thus, it won't do if you do as you please. Your family will not last three generations. That shows how terrible it is. If you have not lived well, try to live well henceforth."

"I've had people sing a jumble of songs, and so have forgotten the Song of the Garden. There are many times when I miss the time when I sang the Song of the Garden and felt enraptured, and held on to the winds as my friends."

[Father sand the Song of the Garden.]

"The Song of the Garden talks about the environment wherein a man and a woman live together as husband and wife. That is how people should live. Each and every one of us should become the Lord and the Lord's spouse, and live well, and the blossoming flowers should give out perfume and butterflies and bees should get in unison and the entire universe should rejoice in harmony. If you do not become husbands and wives who can live in such a village and attract attention, you will owe that village."

"What are the answers? Will everyone live according to the peace messages? You must live like that. Otherwise the fact that you have known Father, and all that connects you to Father, will crumble down. Everything I have established was aimed toward the goal of perfecting Cheon Jeong Goong, and if the Will is not accomplished and the palace of Cheon Jeong Goong disappears before humanity, before the blessed families, you could not continue to live and watch as such a terrible thing happens. If you were human beings, you could not live and watch that, and so if such a world is not brought about during your lifetime, you should resolve to sacrifice even your descendents for generations to come to complete that work, for only when you do so, can you become a family, clan, and nation that will be bound to the Will of God."

"Don't let the devotions you have offered flow by. Only when you become the princes and princesses who can become the royal descendents as the sons and daughters who will be the heirs to the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, can you inherit the Kingdom of God. You need to become the royal descendents. This is impossible in the democratic world. That is why I have said at the Washington Rally some time back that we need to give up the democratic world and march forward with the sovereignty. If not, you will just flow by. Though I will enter a new world, you will be cast away."

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