The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Victory Celebration for the World Culture and Sports Festival

Sun Myung Moon
July 11, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Kook Jin Moon and Hyung Jin Moon January 23, 2012

[The victory celebration for the WCSF 2007 was held during the morning Hoon Dok Hae. True Parents cut the celebration cake and received flower bouquet. On this day, Rev. Kwak, Mrs. Jung-hae Pak (Asia Continental Director), Hyun-jin nim, Hyung-jin nim and Professor Sang-hee Moon gave a report.]

Summary of Rev. Kwak's report:

True Father proposed the World Culture and Sports Festival during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. After a period of preparation we held the first WCSF in 1992 and have been holding it once every three years. In more recent times we have been holding it once every two years. The WCSF this time began with the grand opening ceremony on July 4 and including the Cross-cultural Blessing Ceremony on July 5 and came to an end yesterday. 1,200 youths from ten different religions and fifty some nations began each day during the festival in meditation before competing in the games. A total of 403 games were held as a part of the sports festival including 100m and 400m track and field, badminton, basketball, volleyball and football.

Hyun-jin nim was the chairman of the organizing committee of this WCSF. 83% of the participants paid for their air tickets thus allowing us to save a lot from the budget. The presentations during the NGO Peace Seminar held at the national assembly building were very good and the response was more than what we had anticipated. Hyun-jin nim testified before the people as the son of the True Parents rather than any of the title he had. We also held the Global Peace EXPO in the plaza in front of the City Hall. This event will be compiled into a one hour documentary and will be broadcast at least a thousand times on cable TV. The response from our VIPs was amazing. Sir James Mancham was inspired everywhere he went; the former prime minister from Zimbabwe pledged to commit himself to the Unification Movement during his remaining years of his life. From WCSF 2009 we will work to spread True Parents' vision to the entire world through the media.


The blessing ceremony should be held as the last event of the WCSF. It would be good to think of a way to work together with the IOC for holding the 15th WCSF. We should actively promote this event through our media organizations and get support from the conglomerates corporations. Add Korean wrestling and other folk games to the tournament games.

(Father asked (Asia Continental Directors Dr. Byung-hwa Kim and Mrs. Jung-hae Pak to each sing a song.)

Summary of Mrs. Jung-hae Pak's report:

We held the 12th WCSF. I feel that the level of the tournament is being upgraded each time it is held. I am truly grateful to the fact that a member of the True Family took charge of this tournament this time. Hyun-jin nim testified about True Parents on stage representing the True Family. He truly touched the hearts of all those who were there. Yet, to me, Hyun-jin nim's speech sounded more than what it was. If we had fulfilled our responsibility the True Children would not have to be standing there speaking and testifying to the people. I am always amazed when I see Hyun-jin nim. He stands out in everything from his looks, character, education and career. Let us all become as one in brotherly and sisterly love in attending the True Family.

Summary of Hyun-jin nim's speech:

Congratulations to you all. We are slowly but steadily developing. We will continue to grow and advance with each generation based on the dream God gave to True Parents. While preparing for this tournament I believed that money and position was not the problem. Such things are valued in the world. I put my attention on how to align myself with God's heart. Our members should not be political. God cannot be found in political mindset. Such a mindset is centered on the individual rather than on God. Some people say that the principle originates in God and thus they try to compare and analyze our principle with other theologies. Yet, that is wrong.

The principle was discovered by our True Parents through his direct communication with God. Confucianism, Buddhism and other religions can be liberated through the principle. When I was young I was close to my mother. Yet as I grew I gradually began to seek my father. That is because I had to establish the tradition and central framework. When I go to the spirit world I would like to meet Jesus and ask him what he regrets the most. I think Jesus would say that the splintering of Christianity is what breaks his heart the most. Christianity today has lost direction. There is only one path that the Unification Church is going.

Summary of Hyung-jin nim's speech:

A village was flooded one day because of the rain. One pious man went up to the roof and prayed to God asking Him to send Gabriel the angel. As the water began to rise a fire truck came to his house. The fire-fighters told the man to come on to the truck. He sent them back saying that Gabriel the angel would soon be coming. Then two rescuers in a boat approached the man. They told him that he should quickly evacuate before it was too late. The man gave the same answer. As the village became more flooded a helicopter came to the man. The rescue crew told the man to grab the rope and get on the helicopter. Yet, the man was stubborn. He chose death rather than grabbing the rope. In the spirit world the man met God. He reproached God saying, God! I drowned and died. Why didn't you save me? God answered My son! Didn't I send you a fire-truck, a boat, and helicopter to save you?

As we can see in this parable, are we not just waiting for the help we hope to receive? In 2005 True Parents told me to focus on religion. I didn't understand the meaning back then. I believe there are many political situations in our church. Currently I am visiting the churches in Japan and meeting the members. I think it is a great blessing that I don't have an official responsibility. It allows me to have the freedom to spend time with the members. When Mary Magdalene washed Jesus feet with her hair, the people around them began to murmur in disapproval. They said that Jesus was with an unclean woman. To them Jesus said if a person who sinned a lot and a person who sinned a little are forgiven of their sins the same time, who is the one who benefits more from this grace? I want to resemble True Parents and practice true love like them.

Summary of Professor Sang-hee Moon's report:

I was speechless. Whenever I see the true children I feel hope for our future. It has been over fifty years since I first went to this church holding my mother's hand when I was nine.

Whenever I went through difficulties in my faith I sometimes wished that if God's providence could be accomplished at the sacrifice of my life I would gladly give it. Yet, I pledged to fulfill God's will with that determination and with my life.

The Pure Love Department was installed in 1999. I became a professor of this department in 2000. When Father first began this department he instructed us to raise leaders that can rectify the fallen sex culture, experience the spirit world and guide people spiritually. From now I hope to bring our pure love theory to the public. 

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