The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

People should appreciate advice from their parents

Sun Myung Moon
June 30, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon February 3, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

People who grow through their studies should appreciate the advice from their parents. They may forget the advice but it is implanted in them already as elements that will help them gain success. It is important in your lifetime to thank your parents for their love, and to meet with people who bequeathed a tradition that will last throughout history.

For people to develop, you need a person who teaches and a person who learns. A relationship is established when there is a giver and a receiver. If a relationship is to be good you must not have self-centered desires.

Through the relationships centered on true love people can interact with and teach those who are above or below, or to their left and right. This is a fact not happenstance. It is a deep and intense position. A person who seeks such a position can grow a year's worth after a year or two years' worth after two years. If you cannot grow you remain where you are.

Why do we have to live for the sake of others in true love? After awhile you come to realize that living for the sake of others is the shortest and quickest way for becoming one. It is to invest for the sake of the other and forget that one ever invested. If you bring yourself into it, however, you yourself become an obstruction. You are not dealing with one person; you are dealing with "us" -- many people. If you can invest everything you have and forget that you made that investment, a greater being will be riveted in place as your partner. That's the path heaven took to this day.

When somebody comes to you for the purpose of living for your sake, you should be able to attend and accept that person. Why does the Unification Church emphasize true love and talk about giving and forgetting that one has given? That is the quickest and shortest way in becoming one. If you can give and invest with all your heart to the people around you they will be attracted to you and become the fruit of your investment.

Living for the sake of others is the shortest and quickest way in creating unity. You invest from your standard and that investment accumulates. God is trying to teach us true love, the greatest teaching He can give to us, of investing centering on true love and forgetting that one had invested. Once you unite with God at His level, you will find a path allowing you to relate with God immediately. Aju! That's the conclusion we can reach.

The realm of the new civilization of the Pacific Rim. Wow, that's amazing! How is this going to be created? It is by investing with the intent of making something small larger than what it could be. When God rests He does not do so on His own; God rests only because the world He relates to wishes to rest.

The people who live for others, who forget that they had given, and who work hard can make bloom the blossom of the arts and culture and create the beauty of perfection. Such people become the genesis of being respected and worshiped by the people in history. If you can live in that way with something belonging to God you too can be respected like God is. This is not a contradiction. If you wish to attain a level greater than the invested value you should invest and forget.

If you look into my speeches you will see that I have been saying the same thing from sixty years ago. It's the same words but the environment is different. The audience was different. When you go out to the world you should treat the kings of nations, religions and even God with greater sincerity than that you display in treating your parents at home. If such a person exists people would want to invite him to teach their children. They are willing to give up the position of a parent, teacher and owner to such people.

To you the Unification Church may seem to have nothing. But it has everything in its store house. If you read my speeches it may seem to you like lies. But it is not lies. If you invest there is still more things to which you can invest. After ten years you discover something to which you can invest yourself again. It is better to find a place to allow the parents to rest rather than a place where you can rest; likewise it is better to find a place for the world before the nation; for heaven and earth before the world; and for God before heaven and earth to rest. These are simple words but it draws a fine line in history.

I too am a passerby. A person who commits himself into studying these words will have infinite paths opening up before him. You should be in tears when you hear these words. Why should you be drenching my table with your tears in this beautiful morning?! Tears of joy, sorrow, understanding and bitterness are soaked in this sacred book, this Bible. It is marked by the tears of the saints and patriots. That is why you cannot turn a page without shedding tears.

I bought four factories in Germany in the 1970s. I did so through by working through America. Our products were of good quality and stood out of the competition. But the army and other corporations refused to use our products because it was "made by the Unification Church."

The space industry is the most complicated machine industry of them all. The helicopter industry stands out in the space industry. It is ten years ahead of airplanes in terms of technology.

We are in the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk, a jubilee year; we must finish everything by January 13, 2013. At 88, I am already at the perfected level of the growth stage. The next seven years I must go with our members toward the perfection level of the perfection stage. Already half the year is gone. Half of the jubilee year has passed. What we should do during the remainder of the year is to liberate the people and go beyond a universe and planet which God can reign over centering on the global UN.

A ceremony awaits us on January 13, 2013 where the True Parents will be offering to heaven this world which was stolen and ruined by the satanic world. 

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