The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

During Hoon Dok Hae think about the date that the speech was given

Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Hyung Jin Moon, and Dae Mo Nim October 15, 2010

Summary of Father's words:

When you listen to the Hoon Dok readings of Cheon Seong Gyeong you should do so while thinking about the date that particular speech was given.

The Unification Church will not perish. Everything can be found in the Cheon Seong Gyeong. It is not empty words. It is a record of all the victories won in the battle against Satan. If you follow the records you will automatically arrive at the victorious realm. It only takes time.

Which is better: 'Republic of Korea' or 'Chosun'? Chosun is not a name of a nation. Chosun represents a new morning light. It does not refer to a nation. The Korean people went through many ordeals but none were successful in taking over Chosun. What does the Chinese character 'han' mean? Does it mean a small nation of 'han' or a large nation of 'han'? We still haven't become the 'great nation of the han race.' But with me it will become a great nation that combines heaven and earth. I'm talking about the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. It is a nation with a single kingship. The name 'Republic of Korea' does not have anything referring to a kingship. There is a kingship within Christian beliefs. Who becomes king in the religious spheres? There cannot be two kings. There is only one king and that is God.

Atheists are intent on killing God. They are trying to exterminate God. Communists wish to eliminate religion and ideologies. Communists go so far as to drive away their friends and parents.

Communists regard the family institution as their enemy. They believe the family is the worst exploiters of children. To them, a parent is a ringleader of evil, who aims to extort tens and even thousands of times the investment they make in their children.

Marx and Lenin said that communism was for liberating the people. They based their beliefs on the concept of struggle of the battle between the mind and body within an individual. This concept of struggle comes from Greek philosophy. You cannot understand the worlds of the mind and body with this concept of struggle. They stated that development came out of struggle because they were ignorant of the Fall. They didn't know God. They didn't know the devil.

The greatest problem is that God had to see His children fall. Why was God unable to act as God? It was because His children were ruined. Once you are in a position of attending God you understand that He is king. "Kingship" does not exist in the fallen world. It is a destructionists' world.

From this year on I will clear away the evil standard; like cutting away a rotten root. Later on I will have to completely spoon it all out. What are communists? They are rebels that are intent on destroying everything. Such behavior was not included in God's ideal of creation. It was never to exist in the life sphere of God's children.

China is planning to go global with communism and its "exterminate religion" agenda. Yet, that will come right back to them to bite off their fingers and toes. Communists feed the people and make them work. Just working for one's bread does not help your nation or the world! If it is going to benefit a few privileged among the communists that society will implode and disappear in the end.

Do you think the books I made will disappear or remain forever? If you wish to know God you have to read this book. If you wish to know Satan you should read this book. If you wish to know what fortune or good is you have to read this book. It contains my explanation on love, life and lineage. It teaches of a 'spiritual character' that enables you to fully digest everything from the individual to the universe. It is about the 'original character.' It is about becoming God's younger brother or cousin.

The world did not fully understand the Rev. Moon. I did not fight back to the slander I received. No matter how intense wars may be it finds peace when it becomes night. When it becomes spring, people follow the spring season. You have to adjust. Heaven adjusts but people do not know how. I was able to develop this far because I fought while attuning myself to the environment of this world. I never retreated. Right now I a standing at the tip-top of this world.

Christianity should be involved in things centering on families. 120 ministers should be selected centering on the religious circles. For example 120 from the Unification Church should be selected. There should be 1200 from the peripheral religions. Once the peripheral and central religions become as one -- once Cain and Abel unite -- the union becomes Abel.

It's amazing that it can become Abel. If blessings emerge after paying indemnity who becomes the owner of that blessing? It is not Cain. The more indemnity Abel pays, and the more battles that occur, the more the Abel world can develop. There is war all around us now. Between Japan and Korea, between Japan and America and between North Korea and China. Yet, the Unification Church did not fall away from there.

The Japanese people are not capable of digesting the people from the Unification Church. Therein lays the globalness of the Unification Church. Usually, the environment surrounding people is destroyed when there is change. Yet, we grew in such circumstances. It's mysterious. The more unrest the greater our church becomes. People thought that the Unification Church would disappear when it faced opposition yet it consistently grows. How to solve this mystery?

Japan cannot expel the Unification Church. Neither can Russia or China. Our movement will continue to grow.

It's amazing that a hierarchal order and tradition was maintained in Korea centering on the family. If someone is a day older the younger person must attend him as his elder brother. There is no such thing as being married in reverse order. If there is a disabled person among many siblings it is difficult for the younger siblings to be married. When that happens, the relatives and people of the clan should help. Somebody in that clan should say that they will take care of that disabled person. To be able to do that, that household must come from a good family that proves that they were trained centering on a system.

What is the nation that the Unification Church is aiming for? It is Cheon Il Guk where two and even three people can become one. Doesn't it say that in the Bible? When two come together God resides. The measurement of peace allowing you to enter Cheon Il Guk is whether your mind and body are united.

I have nothing. I live in this palace but I do not consider myself its owner. I am in a position to live in attendance to God. That's why I believe that this palace will not collapse even if I am not there. Can you say a person is successful if he builds a palace though he does not have a nation?! I am thinking of leading a more miserable life than what I went through in the past. 

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