The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Mistakes committed by human ancestors must be rectified

Sun Myung Moon
June 27, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han August 8, 2010

Summary of Father's words:

The letter from God, the resolution adopted by the five great saints, and the resolution adopted by the US presidents should be included in this [Pyunghwa Hoonkyung] -- including the resolution from Adam to Moses. Weren't all the key ancestors of humanity revealed in the third Israel?

If God is excluded from the "Spirit World Messages" where can He go? The time is coming when God should appear before us and take up a leading role. The time has passed for God to control from behind, following True Parents and hoping to go beyond the pass. Once we go beyond that standard allowing Satan and everything in the heavenly world to be restored through indemnity, God can deal with the world directly.

The mistakes committed by the first human ancestors must be rectified and humanity must go completely beyond the state of liberation. Only then can they welcome and attend God again.

You have to go through and beyond the seven year course, centering on 2103, in your advance toward a new world. It's for restoring the number 13 which Jesus failed to do. Everything must be cleared away before that time. Now is the time for doing that.

Heaven's desire for the nation and the Abel-type UN is for Korea to become the number nation among all nations that have ever existed in history. In order to eliminate the elements that give rise to conflict between religions, I must proclaim the transfer of the Holy Land. I shall acquire the peace line between North and South and begin this task.

The Abel-type UN must build a new nation of the third Israel, create educational facilities and other facilities in creating a world of peace, and designate the holy land. Cheon Jeong Gung is the third Israel that can deal with that world. We must enter an era where we can begin to build the just palace of heaven. In remembrance of all the past day in history, I must create a text that can give specific directions in your path ahead.

The resolution made by the representatives of the religions of India in the spirit world must be included in the Pyunghwa Hoonkyung.

The details of the tour Heung Jin, who among my children that went to spirit world was blessed as the representative of the spirit world, made in the spirit world should also be included. You must remember that a path on the second stage awaits us. When you go to the other world clearly understanding this you will find a place of liberation in that world. If you go without knowing the opposite occurs -- you fall to hell. Perfection cannot be attained in ignorance. Christians are so blind in their faith. They think they can go to heaven just by believing; but believing in what?!

There are more than enough content in what I say that can be used as a standard in your life. What will happen if you were to live a life without those words?

When you hear the Hoon Dok readings you should anticipate the speech that comes next. These words are connected toward a single purpose. The task had to be completed throughout history. That is why the dates of my speeches are so important. Those who sit here and doze off are idiots. There is a record of when I said these speeches and through whom it was perfected. That is why Satan is not free to do as he wants. You have to know the dates of these speeches.

The words I spoke in the past want to live. I have come this far but you have still more to go. That is why I am compelled to do Hoon Dok Hae to remind you and enlighten you again and again. This book is called "Pyunghwa Hoonkyung." I designated it as the standard for the peace messages.

You need a mirror to know if you are good-looking or not. If the mirror is distorted than your face, no matter how handsome, would also be distorted. Pyunghwa Hoonkyung is a Bible allowing you to do Hoon Dok Hae for peace. For example, you can find everything you need to know about heaven in this book. There are more than 1200 volumes of my speeches. This is an extract from those volumes. An expert should do that; if people haphazardly take out my words they will ruin it.

What should be done of this fallen world? That misuse of the sexual organs of a man and woman on that day brought this about. God is not the owner of the lineage of fallen humankind. It became Satan's field and farm land. How to turn this upside down and develop it. Since human beings were the one that fell -- not God -- people must develop this.

Those under 44 raise your hands. You're only half my age. You were born at a time when I was going through suffering. Why did I have to go through suffering? Those who are half or more than half my age I have to liberate with my eyes closed. The people who were to live in liberation in a united world ended up becoming like this. This is a result of the opposition I faced.

The world is in chaos. People have lost direction. The spirit must be first made in the heavenly world. Then the physical body can be produced on the earth. The three subject principles that was to become Jesus' teacher, parent and nation was not realized. The person who will do that is called the messiah in religious terms. In Israel he is the second coming of the lord. Then a true parent must emerge. 

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