The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Virtue refers to the cosmos

Sun Myung Moon
June 26, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
Special Matching by True Parents for Korean-Japanese couples
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon December 2011

Summary of Father's words:

Virtue refers to the cosmos, to the four-position-foundation and the heart or mind that represents the four-position-foundation. What is virtue? It is about two people embracing heaven and earth. The person who conforms to the way of the heavenly principles centering on the laws and principles governing heaven, earth and humankind which belongs to the owner of a heavenly heart, can become a "lord of virtue."

I am now building a helicopter factory with Sikorsky in Seoul and around Incheon. What good is it for America to build first-rate helicopters if they can't sell it! They should sell it in Asia. China is thinking about investing 15 trillion in Shanghai and saying that they're going to catch with America's technology in ten years. I've already prepared everything.

Why do women avoid having babies in fear of the labor pains? Labor pains is an experience that a woman will never forget. A women who went through labor pains to give birth to her child should become a splendid woman. A woman going through labor pains would be in so much pain that she would wish she never had the baby and would feel that her husband abused her and would be mad at the sight of him. Yet the minute the baby gives its first cry she would quickly tell her husband to show her the baby. The more babies a woman has the deeper her affection becomes.

People should be married when they are twenty -- give and take three years. They should be married by the time they are twenty-three. From now I will marry people from when they are seventeen by Korean counting. That's when the cells are most developed. Once you become twenty-four the cells start to die.

Love is not a joke. Does the same flower bloom and shrivel many times? Yet, what is this (that we see of people)? Parents, nations and the world have perished because of love. Love was to be something good; instead it has become something base. Even elderly couples in their seventies and eighties, who saw their children and grandchildren married, end their marriage in a single day all because of love. If the father's family goes wrong, the grandfather cannot find sleep.

You think the Unification Principle is a joke! It unraveled the principles governing the heaven and earth.

No matter how much the world opposes me I can say that I have done nothing wrong. I was strict about men-women relationships. That was how I was educated in my house. My family did not drink; they did not smoke. The did not lie and they did not divorce. That was my household's tradition.

The elders in my house thought that I would create a revolution if I ever learned about the new culture. They thought that I would never live up to my life expectancy. One of my father's cousins, Seung Ryong Moon's father, said that I would end up dead in prison. My character was such that I would never back down on my beliefs and I did not fear death even though Korea was living under Japanese rule. I was either to become king or end up dead.

I had two granduncles. My grandfather was the oldest among his siblings. My youngest granduncle (Yoon Gook Moon) was a Christian minister. He left his hometown, wandered about for some time, and then returned. His house was located in Osan. That's why we called it the "Osan House." His brothers and in-laws regarding it as an outhouse. He was proud that he was the first Christian from our household.

Even though that family became Christian before my family I never thought that I was inferior than them. When I asked the ministers about something deep in the Bible they couldn't answer me. Because I couldn't get an answer I decided to find out myself. Of course I would know the answer once I knew God but I didn't at the time so it remained a mystery to me. Somebody had to have these answers. Who was going to find them!

"Those who wish to die shall live and those who wish to live shall die." There is a dark world at the bottom of hell. I was sure, however, that when the bottom goes through, however, a brilliant light would dominate that world of darkness. I knew that there was a way.

I searched and pushed to the point that God in exasperation said "Let me breath!" I felt that I had to first be able to breathe with ease if God was going to breathe.

When the light pours into the bottom of hell, that light will instantly overcome the darkness. I knew that there was such a world.

I didn't learn the principle, I knew it. The story of the fall can be found in the book of Genesis. The names of four lewd women also come up in the Bible. When I saw that I knew that something was amiss.

When Jesus was making wine at a feast his mother came and asked him to help. But Jesus replied, "Woman what are you to me?" Why did he say that? He was saying that his mother was nothing to him. Jesus' mother was helping the wedding of another person. Yet, she was not thinking about having her son, Jesus, who was already 30, get married. Who could have known the meaning of his words! Christianity just focused on the miracle Jesus did in making wine. That's frustrating. It was a miracle that was done to reproduce the lineage. Blood is like wine. It was about parting the lineage.

The story of the water of life appears in the Bible. People must drink many times the water that comes from the well. Yet, they need only drink once the water of life to gain eternal life. Do they even know what the water of life is! How should that be interpreted? It could only be understood if one knew about the fall. How can you repent without knowing the fall!

When you understand how terrible the fall is shivers will run down your spine, and you will experience an intense sense of bitterness as if your cells were dying and that you were on the brink of death. You can only be resurrected after you are freed from that. That's why you must go through rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. You must be reborn. Eternal life comes after the church blessing and the blessing on the national level. It all depends on what kind of family you created and how many children from different countries you bring. 

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