The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

It is hard to unite your mind and body

Sun Myung Moon
June 25, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han October 29, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

Do you know how hard it is to unite your mind and body? It's more difficult than winning a war.

You have to become a center. You didn't know that. Heaven and earth should be made one, mind and body should be made one, and the world and yourself must be made one.

From that single breath you begin your day, your life and eternal life. You and you alone are the one who can go beyond that pass of bitter sorrow. That is what you should seek. This is your homework.

All the courses provided in colleges or doctorate courses must conform to a theoretical system. If you can add a unique theory to what the professors know and to the results of your research, the professors will be pleased and the students will be pleased as well. You have to find your own environment where both the teacher and student can be pleased. Otherwise you cannot receive your degree. That's how it is in the world. You are unique. God alone is the master and lord. If you are united with Him and if you can attend God as your lord, parent and king, everything will be complete.

Today is June 25. From this day we are entering an era of transition where the spirit world will be mobilized and the spirits will return to the earth to take responsibility for this world. Today I am thinking of going to the coastal area of Yeosu, Cho-do, Geomoon-do, Chuja-do and even Jejudo. But its raining so I have to postpone that trip.

Why is it that I talk so earnestly about things you have never heard of and lead a life that is something like out of a dream? The course of indemnity can reduce not ten or a hundred but a thousand and even ten thousand years of history. That's why I venture to go about like this. God was unable to appear on the earth and rule the world because there never was such a person.

The five great saints are all united in the spirit world. This is not a fallacy. Famous people are opening their mouths and testifying. I never asked them to do that. Yet, they are compelled to do so.

God did not have a homeland because the ancestors of humanity never connected with God and entered into a parent-child relationships with God centered on love. God's hometown never existed.

On September 12 I will announce a new UN. When the people in the spirit world were alive on earth they were all divided because of the struggle between the mind and body, the struggle within the family, tribe, people, nation, world and heaven and earth. Satan's love, life and lineage divided them.

The fallen history of the past must be brought to an end in my lifetime. Adam could not connect to God because he never was able to receive God's blessing. Unification Church members should be able to explain this. It can be found in the Cheon Seong Gyeong. Study it.

The Pyunghwa Hoonkyung. In this the details about the age of the individual, family and tribe come up again and again. Restoration through indemnity does not just separate the individual. It separated the family and then tried to bring them back together again. It had to be done in the same way. If that same pattern comes up you have to wake up and find a way to connect it together. I've read this thousands of times.

My path has been one of gaining victory after battling one on one in heaven and earth. You must make indemnity conditions. I did not defeat one nation but three. The condition was already set allowing me to gain victory over three nations; that is why one man was able to deal with 193 nations of the UN. If the UN does as I say it will be turned upside down. I can drive away the Cain-type UN. Its not a problem.

When I talk about the "providence of restoration through indemnity" and the "providence of salvation" it can be so vast and complicated. You should read these books before you eat or sleep. You should read this everyday.

The seventh year of Cheon Il Guk is a jubilee year. Everything must be brought to an end by January 13, 2013. The title "True Parents" will disappear at that time. The word "True Love" will not be needed any more. All you would need is the parents. How could there be two (true and false) set of parents? How could there be two (true and false) types of love? Satan had been active. I am making preparations to go to the spirit world. The restoration through indemnity on earth is basically finished. I've completed making Cheon Seong Gyeong.

If you were united as one, Korea would have been united a long time ago. Yet, you didn't know the times… You didn't do as I say. Instead you did it your own way. That's why it took so long. Now it's the final time. What I leave behind before I go to the spirit world is this book. It's a record of all my victories in the history of indemnity as I passed through my youth, middle age, and old age. You have to know how valuable this is.

You don't know that the Rev. Moon you met forty, fifty years ago is now in a different level after fifty years of restoration through indemnity. I never emphasized that. You may think "how different can a person be now from when he was fifty years ago?" But its more than the difference between heaven and earth. Fifty years ago you placed your life on the line as you went on this path but since then you have declined in your faith. Yet, I on the other hand have increased with time.

Everything that I had loved until now was taken away from me to the spirit world. People who loved me, the master and king would have to listen to what the parent, master and king says. They could turn around and align themselves to me. That is why such people were taken away to the spirit world. That's what the satanic world did. They took away the people that loved me. They even took away the people who opposed me.

The heavenly world has still yet to be put in order. I don't have anybody from the earth to take with me to heaven. The spirit world can be rectified in a week. Yet, it would take more than seven years to do that on the earth. In that sense, you have to give up any interests that you have on the earth. You don't know how many people in the Unification Church are headed to go to hell.

During the event on June 17, didn't I say that the spirit world will be mobilized? I was planning to go on a tour on the occasion of this day….

The world is so evil. There are homosexuals and lesbians. There are people who are fallen and even beneath the animal world. How can young people preserve their purity in this world? They've already experienced everything that they could in their thirties and forties.

From this year I better start blessing people once they become fifteen. They should be like brothers and sisters. Once they can become a couple that can shoulder their allotted responsibility towards this evil world, they should live together with the permission from their parents. Otherwise they might fall. 

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