The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

People from Incheon are lucky

Sun Myung Moon
June 20, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 3, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

People from Incheon are lucky. Incheon represents the children of two people. To your parents, you are a son that is like one course of a river. Incheon has the same meaning as the parent-child relationship.

(Referring to the Hoon Dok reading) You have to understand that history developed in that way. Faith also develops in stages. That is why you have to be able to deal with your past and present. You should not do as you did in the past. There's a word called 'enlightenment.' Culture developed into the civilizations. Civilization refers to a partner. The Chinese character myung consists of two characters that mean 'sun' and 'moon.' The Chinese character hwa changes the essence and turns it upside down. Words and characters are all aligned with providence. A culture of heart -- heart here is beyond the providential era of restoration.

A time that was to be if not for the fall… The imperfect era requiring man's portion of responsibility covers from the age of sixteen to twenty-four. People must go through the era of imperfection in history. We have to pass through the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages and enter the era of the realm of the civilization of the heart of the fourth Adam. Heart implies the need for parents centered on heaven; a partner centered on the earth and descendants that can succeed history. It is connected through the lineage. There is no connection through faith.

The source will put right the love, life and lineage. It is inevitable. Those who opposed this will end up in the recycle bin. The Divine Principle is the law of the heavenly nation. When Sang-hun (Sang Hun Lee) went to the spirit world, he knew that the doctrine of the Unification Church was unique in this world and wondered whether the Divine Principle was formulated by Rev. Moon as he was a smart man.

The question is how was it possible for Rev. Moon to relate with the eras of history even though he was not alive then. Who said that the Old Testament Age was the age of the angel? Nobody knows. Yet, without this history could not be unraveled. The question regarding values which enable you to return to your original position was distorted. It is a fundamental question. The fall occurred because of a problem with your sexual organs. Are you a master to your sexual organs? That's the greatest problem -- the problem of the sexual organ. How did the fall happen? Did they fall by kissing? No, they fell using their sexual organs. Satan violated any woman he can. We are living in times where people can divorce in less than a week after marriage.

The land of the hometown which we recite in the Family Pledge does not refer to actual land. It refers to the hometown that would have existed had not Adam and Eve fell. I have begun to reveal these things for a week now. What is there in the land of the hometown? What is the origin of the fields? Adam and Eve's sexual organs were to come together and establish the basis for love and the family. What was it? It was not the hometown! It was the sexual organ. Yes or no?

You cannot inherit the right of inheritance of heaven and earth without marrying centering on absolute sexual organs. In inheriting God's rights of ownership can Adam do it alone? Can Eve do it alone? What is marriage? It is exchanging your sexual organs with your partner. The man's sexual organ belongs to the woman, and the woman's sexual organ belongs to the man. That has been the tradition. Why has it been misplaced? That is dangerous. Do you dare to have an affair after knowing this? Who does that sexual organ belong to? It belongs to God. He is the harmonized union of the dual characteristics which were separated. Nothing can be produced just with 'heaven and earth.' It has to become 'heaven, earth and humankind.'

My household comes from someone who was involved in the 3.1 independence movement. From what I heard, my granduncle was the one who proposed the idea for the 3.1 independence movement and the declaration of independence. My grandfather told me that was the kind of family I belonged to. Our house was like a headquarters that received reports on the finance of the Shanghai provisional government. I really racked my brain over this. My granduncle avoided meeting me. If he tried meeting my grandfather he was always marked as one of the provokers. My granduncle was the one who built the Osan school. There was nothing he didn't know about Chinese classics.

I finished my studies in three years what usually took ten. Nobody can beat me in the ability of synthesizing things. I can see immediately if something is right or out of place. I compare thousands and tens of thousands of things to solve a single issue.

I've read the peace messages thousands of times. I finished reading chapters 9, 10 and 11 before coming here this morning. There are over 1200 volumes from my speeches. Cheon Seong Gyeong took the essentials from the first 400 volumes of those speeches. Why do you think I'm doing Hoon Dok Hae? It is to educate you. 

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