The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Those who wish to be married again raise your hand

Sun Myung Moon
June 19, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 3, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

Those blessed by me, raise your hand. Those who wish to be married again raise your other hand.

(Referring to the Hoon Dok reading) There is nothing more fearful than these words. All these words here were not spoken lightly. You have to know that they were revealed from the spirit world. Don't consider it from a human perspective. The foothold for these words will never be taken away as long as God's exists for eternity. You cannot take away my words. It is like a constitution. The people in the spirit world are united behind me, they must sing praise for all eternity for the eternal unchanging realm of victory.

I haven't changed since the time I first began to give sermons. It all comes from the same source. That's what's amazing about it. How can you live in disregard to these words? The spirit world is working to remove the filth from the earth centering on these words. It is trying to remove the dirty society. Do you think people know that they are going on the path of death? They are on that path because they don't know. I have gone through hardships and suffering my entire life in order to open up a path towards life. All these words form an absolute realm. It connects the high and the low and combines them in an inseparable lock. High and low both view each other as absolute.

How many times have we read through the Cheon Seong Gyeong [until now]? (Twelve times.) I don't need to read it. [But the reason why I continue to do so] is because I have to educate you. I read it and while doing so educate the ignorant. That is why, it comes to you automatically. The Unification Church does not perish because it knows. I see many people who consider themselves important here today. They think I'm inferior to them, an idiot. They would say, 'if I were him I would do it like this. Why does he do that?!' With these thoughts they come here. Many have faded away but I have grown stronger.

If you don't know the principle you think that you're smart and that I'm wrong. The wrong people are living in this world today. The principle is not leading these people. A compass does not follow people around; people follow the compass. People think they are great and while doing so fight with others and getting into a divorce. That destroys the source; it takes away your foothold. Why did you have children? After you divorce don't you want to see your children? If a woman had been married three times, she would want to see her children born from those three men. But the men who planted their seed do not. How could that be allowed in the heaven and earth! That is something unknown even in the animal world. It was unavoidable that animals were created in pairs in the Book of Genesis. Animals instinctively what they have to do. Man fell. Satan took away even that inherent sense of duty. Man became defunct.

I readily went to prison. I was intended to meet someone there and to do something. I found more than twelve disciples in prison. I had to find what was lost. That's how restoration through indemnity could take place. In the future, I must raise a monument in the very place where I spent time in prison. It is a place where I built the foundation that could be commemorated. In the future, a monument that can be found no where else in the world should be built in Danbury. In Danbury I announced a realm of unite wherein the mother and father could become as one.

That is how I raised Shin Won. I took him out to fishing. The reason I had him get married at 17 at such an early age is because you never know when he might fall in this evil world. I intend to marry people once they are fourteen. To create a heavenly seed that is pure, they must no fall. The questions is how to leave behind a pure and clean lineage for ages to come.

What year was it when I proclaimed the liberation of women? It was when Mother announced it in the rain. (It has been fifteen years.) Everything I said during those fifteen years have come true. When more than a third of the presidents are women and a third of the members of congress are women it is the end of the world. If there should be a president who is still single he just may push that button to bring everyone else with him to death because he as a single would have nothing to lose. How powerful the blast would be if an a-bomb factory blew up! It would boil everything down within a 100 km and even 1000 km radius. If there is a store house of a-bombs and if it went off the universe would be destroyed. You don't know how dangerous a time we live in. Since it was going to become such a time I was trying to save the world before I became forty. I taught everything I could in Korea, went to America and came back after 34 years only to find everything in ruins. A lot of money was wasted including in Changwon; the 170,000 pyungs of land that I had bought were all sold. It was all gone. One-third of the land in Chung Pyung was also gone.

I was trying to create an ideal global village in Chung Pyung. I left it to the people when I went to America but 34 years later I came back and found that my plans hadn't progressed even an inch, and nobody had reported. I was speechless. I even thought it would have been better if I had never known. These people did everything. I bought this land here at that time. The place around that pine tree used to be a clearing on the mountain. I told our members back then that we had to build a palace in that location. I said that we needed at least 20,000 pyungs. The pine tree was magnificent. If you climbed up and came down from the top of Cheonsung Mountain you would be drenched in sweat. Everything I said by that spring has come to pass.

That's how I have been since I was a child. My mother knew how I was. Since we were wealthy whenever she prepared rice-cakes she knew that I would take away a third of it. Sometimes I would take a third of that and hold a feast for the children in the neighborhood. I held a feast maybe four times a year; one for each season. That's why these kids followed me around. I never thought of becoming the founder of the Unification Church. I never though of becoming the messiah.

Yet, going up [that mountain] I found out. I thought I had live the way I did out of my own will; but the saints were actually competing among themselves to let me experience the things of their choice. Even God was part of this competition. When man was about to fall he did not make effort to not fall; that's why they ended up falling. I was trained so that I would not fall even in circumstances that would compel a person to fall. The title 'messiah' didn't come out of nowhere. Do you think you can become the 'savior' out of whim?! My bones were made that way. 

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