The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Absolute love cannot be created

Sun Myung Moon
June 18, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han October 15, 2010

Summary of Father's words:

If there are two people, absolute love cannot be created. The word 'absolute' cannot emerge in a place that is not one and united.

God is not a being in the sky. He is inherent in all of creation; He is the source of all activities, and sustains the history, process and purpose of all activities.

True love is never forgotten. It accumulates within itself. A dutiful son has nothing to despair. Why? It is because he enters an absolute realm when he is united. Love cannot remain if a man and woman are not united as one. Why? Because the realm of absolute love disappears.

Do you know what a sphere of resonance is? Do you know the phrase 'I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth'? That is about a sphere of resonance. The sphere of resonance grows vertically from the individual to the family, nation and world. Though it expands, if pressed it should be able to be assembled in the same location. When disconnected to that collective relationship an individual personality cannot lead a life in relation to the world.

You have to grow in the spirit world as well. What are you going to in the spirit world? Do you enjoy your life there? No! You gear yourself toward a greater ideal world. If you do not know about God, about the source of existence during your time [on earth] which isn't even the beginning of things, then where will you go?

To this day, the world has opposed the person called "Rev. Moon." From the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk, unity will begin to emerge. Everything will fall into place in the four corners of the world creating a sphere of resonance. It will give off a light. You cannot enter into an absolute state without becoming one. You will know this in your life.

When you think, you will know whether you are thinking centering on yourself, or on the nation, or whether you live a heavenly life according to the historical standard of heaven's heart centered on heaven and earth.

The Fall was terrible. Without knowing the Fall you cannot know God. You can know Satan only when you know God, and you can know good and evil only when you know Satan.

Why did God create the heaven and earth? It was for the sake of the 'True Parent.' The True Parent is a unified parent in the spirit world and earthly world. The word 'true' denotes eternity; the word 'parent' represents the lineage. A true lineage; without it there can be no true parent and no true children. Satan turned the lineage upside down. It was a terrible event. What is distinguishes a man from a woman? Does it belong to them?

Does a person who is in training alone feel lonely? Everything around him is his friend. The birds and ocean can all be his friend. You should nourish creation in love and consume from it with a heart of protecting it. Yet, people are stealing from God. Even if you are going to a wake for the purpose of getting a free meal you should be able to pray for the deceased person to go to a better place.

One mind, one body, one mindset, one core, one line and one harmony. You have to adjust yourself to your relationship realm. The word 'one harmony' [Il Hwa] is a good word. The Il Hwa Football Club is quite famous. By how many points did Il Hwa win the game yesterday? (They won three nil). [Like soccer] your foot and yourself must be aligned with the purpose. The threesome must be united.

'Huh Moon Doh.' The reason I have him sit in the front row is because his name is 'Huh Moon Doh.' His name, 'Moon Doh,' is quite remarkable: what does it mean? Doesn't it refer to the path (doh) I'm taking (moon)? He's never absent. Even if someone wishes for 'Huh Moon Doh' to be excluded he isn't and always follows me around. He's 'Moon Doh,' that would mean he's better than me. He doesn't ponder whether to follow that path; he's already on it and waiting. He's a better man than me!

I never killed a person in my entire life. I may have made you go through hardships but I have never killed anyone. You can live only by going through hardships. It's like labor pains. You must be able to see the new morning after going through hardships. Only then will you be recorded in God's handbook. Have you become such a person that can be remembered by God!? God's is in tears. God cannot say, 'Hey you. I would like you to do this.' He cannot order you. Why? Was there anybody that could give orders to Adam? When you understand this you will see how miserable God has been.

Even if you were to gather the tens of thousands of souls buried in the public cemetery who faced injustice and frustration in their lifetime, you will not find a single person that faced injustice as much as God has. In His presence you should be in tears, in repentance, reprimanding yourself, and living like a sinner who has no control over his body.

I was never arrogant. If I was I would be destined to hell. I must teach others. People now know Rev. Moon to be a leader who endured the most hardships in the world. I wasn't there ten years ago; I have been through this for twenty, thirty and even fifty years. Those who thought I was a nothing have gradually complicated the environment of the world.

When I was in my twenties I went to Pyongyang. There at the capitol, people were saying that any minister or church elder that went to Rev. Moon would end up crazy in less than three days. I was quite famous. I taught them the root of the Book of Romans and even the Bible. I told them many things they were hearing for the first time. I completely turned their world upside down. If Christianity hadn't opposed me I could have succeeded in three years. I would have swept them all away in an instant. Alone I pioneered this way. Catholics, Presbyterians and Protestants would be turned 180 degrees around after meeting me. Government ministers, intellectuals, journalists and economists would also be completely turned around in just five days.

People at the Unification Church all faced opposition. You may wonder how they, who face opposition, can be talking about so many extraordinary things. They may go about in rags now but when the time comes they will be transformed into decent men and women. There are some people who live in Seoul their entire life. Yet, the Unification Church has been in all parts of the world. Raise your hand if you say that you will not come when I call you. What will you do following me? I do not teach people to steal. I do not teach them to be promiscuous. I do not teach them to drink alcohol and chase after women. I am not a man who lives carelessly.

When I was a boy I was quite famous in my neighborhood. When I go to church, the church minister would ask me to give the sermon instead of him! Even though I was a nothing. People were deeply impressed with what I had to say, wondering when I had studied the Bible. Not everybody can unravel historical secrets. My head is large in size. It is so big I have to cut off the strap to wear a hat. Whenever my schoolmates had a problem they would come to me. They feared me more than they feared the teacher. Why? I would clean the classrooms all by myself. On April 17, when the time came, I discarded my school hat, cropped my hair like a college student, went to Chang-gyung-won and spoke before the people. My classmates saw me and were amazed; they never thought I was a person to give a speech. 'When I was with Rev. Moon, he only spoke a few words a day. How is it possible for such a person to speak before a crowd?' That's what they were thinking. I was a totally different person to them. 

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