The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

If you spread stories about Hoon Dok Hae it will create difficulties

Sun Myung Moon
June 15, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
143rd Ahn Shi Il
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon August 8, 2010

Eight former underground missionaries to Eastern Europe participated in this days Hoon Dok Hae.

Summary of Father's words:

If you spread stories about the things you hear in Hoon Dok Hae to all four directions it will create many difficulties in our work. You were the ones who made rumors about the details of my life; not I. Church affairs are not yours. It belongs to True Parents.

People who do not have any authority should not criticize. Such criticism will remain in the spirit world.

If the 4300 islands [of the south coast of Korea] are developed it can be connected to China, America and the Pacific Ocean. How many islands are inhabited? (About 10% of the islands are inhibited.) Those islands will become the starting point for building a headquarter.

The armies of the sixteen nations that participated in the Korean War belong to the army of the heavenly nation. The soldiers on duty and the veteran associations should be made as one. They are in a Cain-Abel relationship.

We have to build a (education) headquarters in Uruguay to support the women activities. The basis for such education is already prepared. It will be a monument to commemorate True Mother's 180 nation tour last year. A women's headquarters must be built in South America. It should be a headquarter that can constitute an axis. I made a bank in Uruguay and invested into it. I went through all sorts of distress during that time. Our hotel is the premier hotel in South America. We educated all 34 nations of South America at our hotel. We need a cultural facility in Uruguay that can accommodate thousands of people. Uruguay has the most women with doctorate degrees.

The American navy took the lead in helping my world tour.

My granduncle (Mr. Yoon Kook Moon) was in charge of the five provinces in North Korea. I should make a movie about my grandfather. During Japanese imperialism he could not even meet his grandchildren. Why? It was because the police were constantly watching him. My granduncle was the person in charge who was capable of deciphering the prophesies in Asia. When he built the Osan school, Mr. Seung Hoon Lee was an elder at my granduncle's church. Our household was something of a mystery.

I'm thinking of having the Korean residents in Japan transferred to America. I have the foundation to do that.

The course of restoration through indemnity can only handled by the True Parents.

A factory should be made in Hokkaido, Japan that manufactures helicopter supplies. It should be a company between Japan and China. I had it planned for twenty years now.

You don't know how many negative publications were distributed in France. They will be accounted for. What wrong did the Unification Church do?

Even the police stand opposed our church. Did they even know anything about us?! The Unification Church was developed through the female high school students. They went out on the streets in tears. They were 13 and 14 year old kids in junior high school. These short-haired girls were inspired and enlightened those around them. I was the one who initiated the Nongdowon. During those days, I went around the entire nation in a single day. I knew where I was going. I mobilized the spirit world. I created a stir.

What are the ambassadors for peace? They are like elder brothers to Lucifer. Yet, these ambassadors for peace expect to be treated well and wish to be seated in seats.

Our household comes from a famous scholar. My grandfather was illiterate. Yet, nobody else knew more about the history of the three dynasties more than my grandfather. When my father went to church he didn't need to bring a song book. [he had memorized it all.] My granduncle was the one who built the Osan school.

I read books written by famous Christian ministers in Korea and went to visit them. There was an elder, Dong Gi Pak, who knew the Old Testament. Baek Moon Kim knew the New Testament. The interesting thing about such people was that their grandmothers were all from the Moon clan.

The Unification Church needs to have tribal leaders and high priests. How many ambassadors for peace do we have? (We have educated 25,120 people now.) If you just educate the ambassadors for peace none of them can become president.

The two-party system was made by Satan. How can something created by God pretend to be the master?

I've already announced that I will mobilize all the saints when I go to the spirit world. You might not know this but the people who pray do. The patriots of the world cannot do it alone.

Where did I say was the hometown? It is the sexual organs of Adam and Eve before they fell. Women are like my younger sister. I will make them the queen of the world and the wife of presidents.

The principle is a fearful thing; it is the weapon of truth. 

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