The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

You have to understand the cause or source

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon October 3, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

You have to read the explanation of the Family Pledge. When you see cloud rising do not assume you know everything. You have to understand the cause or source [of that cloud]. Clouds congeal when there is electricity. The climate conditions have to be right to enable it to rain. Light is also formed under the right conditions.

The pledge is the fruit [of my teachings.] My publications exceed more 1,200 volumes. There is no way for you to know it all. That is why you should read this book [Newly published "Peace Messages and Spirit World Messages" "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World."] Place a footnote in the peace messages to indicate when it was delivered. You have to always have my speech book, Divine Principle and the Old and New Testament Bible wherever you go. There should always be a place to offer devotion in a church. Cheon Seong Gyeong, the Divine Principle, the Old and New Testament Bible, and my speech books should be stored in that room so that members can come anytime to consult these books.

Ambassadors for peace should be giving the blessing. It is not right for the children of Adam to give the blessing. The archangels should restore the blessing and on that foundation teach the familial system.

The Abel-type UN must be manifest on the earth. From this year, God and True Parents will manifest themselves centering on the Abel-type UN. All the leading figures in the spirit world will come down to the earth. When Jesus comes to the earth and finds Christianity splintered into several hundred churches, he should the principle to the heads of all those churches. This book is going to be textbook #1. People must know about this. It is like the constitution dictating your life on earth.

The Peace Messages are about the things from the 1990s until the creation of Cheon Il Guk. I began talking about it from the 1980s.

Confucius died when he was 71. They say that his tomb was 6,611,600 square meters. People were not allowed to cut down the trees that grew on top of Confucius' tomb. Only Confucius had the authority to do so. You have to bring together all your good ancestors in the spirit world centering on Cheon Seong Gyeong; centering on your tribe leader; centering on your ancestor's shrine; centering on the history of the ancestors whom you attend. They were not brought together as one. That is why; their descendants were divided depending on each line.

What day is it tomorrow? (It is the 13th.) What year? (It is the 1st anniversary of True Parents entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung.) Three generations -- the Old, New and Completed Testament Age -- brings completion. It has to be surmounted centering on this book. 360 denominations and 12 tribes should be created centering on Jesus' 12 disciples, and palace should be created in which Christianity can attend Jesus themselves.

In proportion to the 6.5 billion people of the world, you should offer your entire being in building a palace for each of the twelve tribes of the world. You should build a palace in the east, west, north and south. There are twelve months [in a year]. You have to build a palace pertaining to each of the twelve months. To do so you need to first have three central palaces.

There is the first Cheon Jeong Gung modeled after the one in the heavenly nation; I talked about building the second Cheon Jeong Gung in Switzerland for bringing together the religious spheres. There also needs to be a palace representing the ocean. South to Yeosu and Sooncheon are the islands of Cho-do, Geomoon-do, Chuja-do and Jeju-do. Yeosu is situated on the south coast of the Korean peninsula. The fish going north and the fish going south usually part ways at this line. Come to think of it, the bigger fish live in this place. Ge0moon-do is where I'm planning to build a royal foundation based on the sea.

Geomoon-do (Port Hamilton) is where Great Britain stationed its forces as defense against the Soviet Union who were coming down. In that sense, England fulfilled its responsibility. It is the Eve nation and built a base to defend Korea against the Soviet Union. The English ambassadors came to this place and built a historical site providing that they carried out their role in providence as the Eve nation. This will become the representative palace of the maritime world.

From tomorrow I have to proclaim the unified realm of the spirit world. There isn't a single unified point in the spirit world. Each are centered on their respective denominations. They are not centered. Why? It is because there never was a foundation enabling God to come and live on the earth. This must be elevated centering on the True Parents, centering on interfaith and centering on a single UN.

The earth is facing a crisis. God never had a chance to live on the earth. That is why this proclamation must be made tomorrow centering on the True Parents. I have to proclaim something that will allow God to become one with True Parents' family. What the twelve tribes, which went to the spirit world, began have spread from the Old Testament, New Testament, Completed Testament and to the fourth generation creating factions. They must be made as one on the earth. From tomorrow you should pray about spirit world or everything on the earth centering on True Parents. You should not pray separately to God and True Parents. Your life has to be centered in that way.

A united realm must be created centering on God's ideal of creation. When you compare Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, and the Islamic faith, and study the how factions emerged in history in the name of God and how religions were discriminated, you can see that Christianity is the mainstream religion. Centering on the 6000 providential history from Adam and Eve, we must go beyond the eighth millennium. The eighth millennium refers to the world of heart. If people try to understand God centering on knowledge they will fail. They will not be able to find Him.

God must be understood with heart (emotion.) In terms of emotion, intellect and will, emotion should take the lead. Philosophy set the direction of the way of our conscience but we have entered an era of emotion, intellect and will. Men can discover who they are centering on their emotions. With intellect you discover how to serve and attend God. 'Will' is establishing the word in your heart. It's about the world you relate with. In the future emotion must be given priority. People do not know where the absolute base is. You cannot understand God through intellect. You can do so through emotion.

Tears should well up before anything else if you are a filial son or daughter or patriot. You have to go on such a path where you would sob in tears and your nose running. All families should be like that. Children should not be playing when the Father is in sorrow. If the grandfather is concerned of something, they should quickly perceive his state of heart and do something to heal it. This is about being one in heart and in body. A single body must emerge from a single mind. Only then can God be at the center and stand as the male father that is subject to the mother. These three must become one.

I'm praying for seven nations: Korea, England, America, France, Japan, Germany and Italy. That is the theme I prayed about since Korea was liberated. I have to be aware of Korea's problems. My family is not a clan that finally established itself after being like a lone star. My family was a patriotic family (Referring to Yoon Gook Moon, True Father's granduncle who fought for Korea's independence) during the forty years under Japanese rule.

This is the textbook. (Newly published book: Peace Messages and Spirit World Messages) All the organizations that went to the spirit world have been divided. They were not included in the organized groups. I must pay indemnity for all this to gain the liberated victory and raise the UN flag on September 12. That does not mean we can kill Cain (UN) though. Cain should continue what it should be doing. I'm proposing to combine the efforts UN has been making to save the world with that of Rev. Moon. We have built a global foundation.

When I was 38 and going into my forties I got tuberculosis, right at the time of my most youthful years. Back then if one got tuberculosis they usually died without being treated. I ate rice with meat. I was eating things that my body was rejecting. I didn't have long. But I overcame this spiritually. I overcome the whips; I overcame the desire to sleep; I overcame hunger.

Nobody has ever heard yet stories about me that have been kept secret. People like Duk Moon Eom trembled in fear just by hearing that I was imprisoned. Though I knew about the Fall I did not tell No Pil Kwak at that time. When they were building the New Jesuit Church I could not tell them anything because they didn't have the foundation to relate with the truth and engraft on the ideal. If I had they would have driven me away. Why? Because the environment was not ready yet; that is why it went against me. 

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