The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

I educated the people in America on the Family Pledge

Sun Myung Moon
June 11, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon June 2, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

I came back after educating the people in America on the Family Pledge. You have to understand, again, what I explained. This [the Family Pledge] is a declaration from the heavenly nation. It will become like law. It contains all the details of systems and laws. Yet, you have lived till now unaware of all this. What was the first clause? 'Our Family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk' doesn't this mean that you represent the position of the owner which belongs to God and True Parents? You have to bring this to realization. The time has passed for me to go through hardships. I know must create a process for establishing laws. I lack time. If I don't do this in three years time (2007, 2008, 2009) until 2009, I would have to bring order to the world during the next three years of 2010, 2011, 2012. Do you know how busy I am! When the time comes I have to make that proclamation before I leave.

In order to enter the kingdom of heaven, you have to be aligned with the text from the Family Pledge, and bring the fruits of the pledge with you. The three generations of your family should bring together the members of your clan up to the seventh generation before the nation and tribal messiah. This must be done throughout the 286 family clans [of Korea]. From now Korea must direct their military and diplomatic efforts in accordance to my directions.

In Romans it talks about how the whole creation has been groaning. How are you going to remove them from this realm of travail? The owner must hold a ceremony and declare 'I have become the owner. Thus follow me!' to resolve this issue. I have worked hard in the ocean (marine providence), raised animals in the North Pole centering on Kodiak and did all kinds of things. On the other hand, I raised my children to become professionals in [fishing and hunting]. I'm thinking of holding a special 13-day workshop from August 20th to September 3. Once this rally is done, I am thinking of doing a new historic declaration from the north to the south of Korea.

In such urgent times, you all have been living the easy life! I have shared everything, even these rags of clothes that I have. Four years ago in America, I had people draw lots to take away 13 items; what was lacking I had people go to Woodberry to buy. The people who won first, second and third place that day will become historical figures. The same can be said this time. Those who have their own house and think about who the mother or father is or from what school a person comes from should stand in the back. The people who have lived by prioritizing the word in their life should be at the front.

You have to become an arrowhead. Are people killed by arrow shafts?! Even if the shaft snaps, as long as the arrowhead is in place, it is deadly because of the poison.

What's verse three from the Family Pledge? Recite it. What does it mean by the 'realm of the royal family'? The elder son killed Abel. In the position of the elder son he was given the blood of the archangel. That is why the archangel should give the blessing, and you should receive the blessing of the perfected Adam. On the condition of having received the blessing, you should welcome him as your younger brother and take him with you after reviving the standard which was opposed by the brothers. That is what the realm of the royal family is about! Why haven't you witnessed to your mother and father as it dictates in the pledge?! Doesn't it have that in there?!

You have to let people know about God. You have to know God as your father. You should wail in lamentation, be on your knees, bend your waist and your neck -- all three at the same time. Tears, nose water, and saliva should flow from your face. The people here today should be able to do that from now. If a cabinet minister or president wishes to come here they cannot enter with their rights of possession. Ambassadors for Peace should now take responsibility for the Blessing. Should the lord at his second coming or the True Parents be doing this!? I've already taught you how to transfer that authority. Did I or did I not? (You did.)

The head of the Moon clan association is here today. I've already educated the clan associations. The Moon clan association and Han clan association should become one. People from the Moon clan and Han clan should be intermarried. The Parents have done that; so too should you marry between these clans. The clan of the king of the heavenly nation represents Heaven. For the world to go toward that path we must find 120 representatives from the religious spheres, 1,200 from the league of religions and representatives from the nation, government and religion.

Cain on the satanic side wore and shield and allowed Abel to bleed. Indemnity must be paid for that. Who is going to do that? True Parents must come and pay indemnity for that to bring about liberation and complete freedom. Do you think you can do that? Impossible for all eternity! Do you think you can open the gates to hell? You cannot. You have to go under the sphere of complete freedom. Everybody without exception must go through this formula. That's why it's actually easy to do.

For example, the Korean people have already completed 120 nations, 1,200 nations and 12,000 nations. It's done, right? (Yes.) I told them to do it by April 17. It is to revive the nation. By doing so it establishes a realm of revival for True Parents in heaven and earth. It had to be completed by March 17, April 17, May 17, and June 17. The kingship must advance within the realm of complete freedom. A proclamation must be made allowing the people to accept the kingship.

The other day we were making preparations for the UN ambassadors. The ministry of foreign affairs is included in our diplomatic lines. Nations have their own security council. If we have 43 nations do you think someone could pick a fight with us? (No.)

Your ancestors should come before these books (referring to the Hoon Dok reading material) and attend it. Your ancestors have been blessed in the spirit world. They cannot do without these books. It contains the essence of my message which now total more than a thousand volumes. What was my request at the end of the speech for the rally for the new civilization in the Pacific Rim? I concluded that speech by saying that you should make it your goal in your daily life to be absolutely obedient to True Parents' words and to memorize the peace messages. Didn't I say that? Read it!

The bitter tears I shed on the earth as I flew alone in the air, crossed oceans and land were for the sake of attending God. I invested my entire being so that I would not have to shed a tear when I return on this path. The five years I spent in Paraguay seems like a dream. Nobody would believe it. How many fish [did I ask you to catch]? (160) Did you catch it all? That quota will not just go away. Those who failed to catch 160 should go to Paraguay and finish your job even if it takes five or even ten years. 

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