The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Welcoming True Parents Back to Korea

Sun Myung Moon, Chung Hwan Kwak and Sun Jo Hwang
June 10, 2007
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Kook Jin Moon, and Hyung Jin Moon February 8, 2011

At 3:45 p.m. True Parents arrived at Cheon Jeong Gung.

True Father instructs Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak and Rev. Sun Jo Hwang to give a report.

Summary of Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak's report:

The Washington Times 25th anniversary gala represents True Parents' consummate victory of the 34 years they dedicated in America. When communism was making its final attack in 1982 True Parents were the first non-American to establish a newspaper company, the Washington Times, at the capital of the United States of America. In a video message, Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, testified that True Parents played an important role in defending freedom in America and throughout the world. George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States, was at the event and expressed his sincere congratulations to True Parents.

The president was given 20 minutes to speak but he spoke for more than 40 minutes, sharing his heart with the audience that day. The UN secretary-general, Ki-moon Ban also sent a message congratulating the event. Yet, what most stirred the 1,200 participants that day was the video message from Lady Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of the United Kingdom. Lady Thatcher emphasized the role of the Washington Times referring to its unwavering stand against Soviet Communism and the support it gave to President Reagan and myself at the end of the Cold War.' Many of the Korean leaders that participated were deeply inspired by the event. They were speechless and totally amazed to see key figures in America expressing their utmost respect and admiration to True Parents on the occasion of the founding of the Washington Times.

The draw for the Peace Cup tournament was held last month. Many world-renowned football clubs had expressed their desire to take part in the Peace Cup tournament. However, there were some difficulties due to the clubs' schedule and expense-related issues. The support True Parents has been giving to youth football through the Peace Cup is becoming well-known throughout the world. In 2009 we are planning to host the Peace Cup in Europe. Another club tournament, the A3 Cup Tournament brings together the league champions from professional football leagues in Korea, Japan and China. In this tournament two teams from China, the host nation, one team from Korea and one team from Japan will be playing against each other. Korea has won the championship tournament three times; Japan once. Lately, the Chinese team has rapidly improved in its performance. The tournament this time will not be an easy win.

The World Culture and Sports Festival will take place from July 1st to the 11th. The opening ceremony will be held on July 4th. The blessing ceremony will be held on July 5th.

On the first day of this month, I was instructed by True Father to prepare a conference in Hawaii (from June 17th to the 22nd). We are currently inviting former and current diplomats to this conference.

True Father emphasized that we should bring these diplomats even it if means utilizing the press.

Summary of Rev. Sun Jo Hwang's report:

True Parents have returned victoriously to Korea after being away for 27 days. Before leaving Korea for America True Father instructed to have 2,000 families from Korea, 2,000 families from Japan and 200 families from the United States to go out to the world and hold rallies to declare the beginning of the new civilization of cosmic peace. Each nation should work to lay the foundation for their nation to be admitted into the [Abel-type] UN. The Korean church has already gathered 2,000 families and has assigned them to a country.

The Sansoowon headquarters has been organizing two events each year. In the spring it hosts an event as a part of bringing together the executives and in the fall we hold local rallies in each region of Korea. Last month, May 25th, we had a special training program for our Sansoowon executives. The Sansoowon initiative was launched for the purpose of replacing the secular culture of this world with a culture of heart. Two successful cases (in Yongtong-gu Suwon and Gochang-gun Jeonbuk) were reported this time through this training program. There are almost 1,500 people from Yongtong-gu Suwon registered as members of Sansoowon. They bought a tourist bus for their activities and have shown that they were financially independent. The Sansoowon in Gochang-gun Jeonbuk began with just 84 members but currently they have nearly 3,000.

We are currently preparing for the Blessing ceremony for three thousand couples to be held on July 5th. We are also holding Divine Principle workshops. 1054 participated in the 1-day Blessing Education and 450 participated in the Divine Principle education. There are almost 6,000 second generation members who are old enough to receive the Blessing. The Family Department in the Korean Headquarters formed a Parents' Committee in helping these second generation members participate in the Blessing. 

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