The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae June 5

Sun Myung Moon
June 5, 2007
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Hee Hun Standard
Editor: L. Strait

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

When you listen to the words of Hoon Dok Hae you realize that your family is not enough before these words. The center of the family should be God; the father and the husband should be next, and then the mother and wife. Everything should be done centering on God. What does the Fall mean? It means the total disconnect between God and human beings.

We should be centering on God. We have established this principle properly to fulfill Godís will. If you believe and practice this principle properly, you will be elevated to the highest position. Satanís way is opposite; everything in Satanís world is false. That is why I am working to educate people.

In Jesusí time there was no mention of the Completed Testament Age. Jesus couldnít find a bride. Women should not use men for their own benefit. There must be balance, harmony, and mutual benefit in the family. God wanted to establish the model ideal family with Adam and Eve. They should have become True Parents and have been totally one with the spiritual True Parents, which is God. Even Jesus could not teach about this, nor could Buddha do this or any of the saints. Jesus could not establish such a family. Then how precious is the teaching at this time from the True Parents! Jesus died on the cross on this path. How precious are the True Parents, who could pick up the way of God and fulfill the ideal of the true family! God searched for the True Adam. Cain killed Abel because of the Fall, and there could not be three generations centering on God.

You must have mind and body unity. I am trying to establish the proper way to heaven. If you go the right way you will realize the Kingdom of Heaven. America must be established on that center. If you donít live correctly, all positions and possessions will be dissolved or blown away.

If you are living a blind life, you will not know about true love, true life and true lineage. How can you have free sex? This is just like animals. Western and now all women in general donít want to stay married and instead get divorced. This is not correct. Sometimes there is incest in the family. What kind of life is this? Satan wants to imprison God in this way. The way we can liberate God is through mind and body unity. As I was investing in America for 34 years then I had all kinds of experiences and realized so many things. What if I leave America? What if I go to England and liberate that country?

I am the True Parent. I gave everything for America -- I established more Holy Grounds here than in any nation in the world. I brought you out of the darkness. I transformed young people who were hippies into outstanding citizens. So much chaos was going on. I just go forward humbly. Even my children had to go to spirit world before me to prepare the way.

Now the United Nations and the United States have been separated from each other. Many nations dislike America now. If the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations seeks only the benefit of America, then no one would like or support such a person. Now all the nations of the world do not like America. America doesnít like me so much, either, but still I give to this nation.

We should welcome what is right. Now we are living in the age of attendance. This is a different time from the Old Testament and New Testament ages. If you are not attending God, you will not go to the Kingdom of Heaven. When you die, you will find out if I am right or not.

So for several decades I have been walking this way. Jesus could mobilize 120 disciples, but I have mobilized millions now. We must have tears in our hearts about my course. Mother is truly beautiful, but what good is it to have such beauty if there is no husband or children? I am telling you this for your own sake. You must have a pure mind connected to Godís heart. Men have seeds and women are like a field in which the seed can grow. This is the purpose of man and woman to share the seed and create Godís family. You young people shouldnít misuse love.

Anyone who is attached to his or her possessions will be trapped in the spirit world. Clinging to your possessions will bring you trouble. God is the owner of all material things. No matter how wealthy some people are, they cannot maintain that wealth for seven generations.

How old is America? It is not even 240 years old. America will not keep its prosperity unless it sacrifices for the benefit of the world. When I look at America, I feel that the sun is going down on it. America is not going in the right direction; we as people of faith are responsible to change it. You cannot exchange the value of God and True Parents for anything. I was treated the terribly in America. Was it good that America persecuted me or not? Here in America, I was persecuted for 34 years. I was not someone who was going after women; I was doing well for the benefit of America. There was only one newspaper in Washington, and things were very unbalanced. I founded the Washington Times and now we have UPI. We have them to fulfill Godís purpose.

This time Mother worked very hard on the 50-state tour. Please recognize this. Though America persecuted me, there were still good Americans that followed me all the way. I wanted to share good things with them. I bought second-hand suits and gave everything new for others. For some people, it was the first time in their lives that they had a new suit. I gave out everything that I had. One humble brother from another country received the most things from me. He left a poor country to come to America.

Those whom you love the most may be taken away from you. You must protect them and also never be self-centered. I have to bring those who are really persecuted and worked hard for the providence with me to the Kingdom. From among you, who should I take with me to the Kingdom of Heaven? Even if you persecute me and you receive so much suffering, you donít have to worry about where to go. You will go the right direction if you suffer a lot. I can claim the one who is loved by Satan the most. One of them could be America. The Israelites believed that they were the best and most loved by God. Jacob defeated the angel at the river Jabbok. The angel appeared to him to eliminate him. Jacob had to overcome the angel. I went through this type of trial. I had to overcome spiritual trials over and over and over. There are myriads of evil beings that all fear me.

I really love the technology of America. We have some second generation working in the highest positions in the technological field. I want to guide them and lead the nations that invaded Korea. Those people who really know me recognize my position. If America doesnít fulfill, then I will have to turn to another country.

There is a record, especially in the spirit world, about everything that was done. All victimsí possessions should be recovered and returned to the families of those who lost. Even the intelligence communities must receive our education. They are supporting us now. Adam and Eve were supposed to be perfected. Because of the fall they lost the lineage. My whole life was to restore the lineage of heaven. However, you donít really understand my life.

Even when I am about to have a meal, if I receive a direction, then I have to completely deny everything else and follow that direction. We have the armament of truth. The Divine Principle is our armament. You must be able to win over anything and any challenge or nation. I can see everything around me -- you would be surprised. Donít you think that God would like to have a very good and capable son? I am not that bad as a son. (Everyone cheered for Father.)

However, I want you to forsake everything to win America. Sometimes I feel like just going home, but I cannot abandon you. I love America because America was chosen and raised by God.

I love Jesus so much. If you read my early speeches, you will know profoundly how close I am to Jesus. However, at that time, because we didnít have enough foundation in Korea, I couldnít change the situation there and the Christians opposed me.

Amazing meaning exists in Korean words. Moon, Sun Myung has so much meaning. It has a combination of fish and land. Myung is a combination of moon and day. We should be able to overcome night and day on all levels. The name alone means that I can become the emissary with full authority from Heaven. Am I qualified to do the work or not? Do you really love me? (Yes.)

Father took his sock off and showed how flexible he is.

When I speak, I spit -- you in the front row might get hit many times!! But you donít run away!! (Laughter) Right away in the car I start to snore but even then I give directions to the right and to the left. Without knowing what I am doing, the right direction comes out.

I just give money freely to our members. Many times I just give all that I have; I donít hesitate. Sometimes I give a hundred dollars to members, but inside they are thinking, "Oh, I wish it could be a few more!" (Laughter) Yesterday Mother was buying clothes for members and there was a discount -- they got 35 % off. I thought, maybe we can go out and sell these clothes and make 15% and still have a 20% discount. (Everyone is laughing.)

Look at my hands -- they are still in good shape. The doctor canít find my veins because I am so healthy. The only reason I go to the doctor is to please Mother. Doctors see that I have such good reflexes. I really see that I can make it past 100!!

(Father asked for his grandchildren that were just blessed to sing. )

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