The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

For those who love Parents knowledge or power don't matter

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
FFWPU International
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Sun Myung Moon February 8, 2011

Summary of Father's words

For people who love and are loved by Parents, who can unite with the advice of Parents, things like study, knowledge or power don't matter much. That's how it's supposed to be.

Britain was a mother of nations on the Heavenly side and Japan was mother of nations on Satan's side. Japanese Empire in Asia was a monarchy representing all Cain-type nations. Cain is a son. Kingship of satanic world has arisen from Mongoloid peoples.

Britain represents the kingship of the Heavenly world. Cain and Abel must unite. Then what kingship should be established? Father's kingship. Say it, "Father's kingship!" Woman of the satanic world is a fallen, evil queen; she does not believe in God.

People believe in themselves. They attend their ancestors instead of God. That's completely earthly, this is not heavenly. Civilization has developed in Britain, but Britain as such does not have a cultural tradition. It started on the basis of Christian culture.

The struggle of Cain and Abel is represented by the conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism. Besides within Protestantism there are also multiple denominations. There is one Jesus and should be one Christianity, but what are these labels for -- Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, and the Holiness Church?

Who made it like this? People's ambitions did. To gratify desire to promote themselves people created numerous denominations. In some cases, each out of 10 family members belongs to a different church.

Can a unity be achieved in this way, huh? Only I have been teaching the truth that can make such unity possible. So Britain and Japan as mother nations took 2 opposing sides. America's position is that of Britain's son and archangel.

Didn't Germany rule the satanic world? Actually Japan was real imperialist nation. There was no imperialism in Germany. But Japan occupied huge territories in Asia.

Asia corresponds to Cain, so to take Cain under control Satan started to work through the island nation and continued his work for 40 years. He had to go from the island through the peninsula into the continent.

What countries are there in the Mediterranean? There are peninsular nations that represent Cain and Abel. Western of these nations represents the realm of Abel. That's where the Vatican is now based.

It's western part, right? Greece was the center of Eastern Roman Empire. It started expanding to the north; there was no other way to go, except for north. So, there was a split. To achieve unity kingship of satanic world represented by Japan and kingship of the Heavenly world are fighting.

They are seeking for kingship. Elder brother in Adam's family killed younger brother. Asia is the most populated region. Isn't that so? Even America cannot be compared to it.

While population of Americas is more than 800 million people, Asian population is much more than 3 billion. The population of Asia in 4 times bigger than that of Americas. This proportion corresponds to a certain standard based on the Principle.

Can you conquer this mass by power? Actually it's Heaven that blesses nations with power. But people did not have a proper religion that would teach them to accept Heaven's blessings with love and not to go beyond certain protective boundaries.

Britain was alone during the First World War. Japan was a mother nation of the satanic world, while Germany was an elder son country, and Italy was Abel of the satanic world.

From the viewpoint of culture Italy is superior to Germany. Italy and France are better than Germany in this respect. Why? They have the blessing that enables them to live with all peoples of the world and share life necessities with all humankind. Through barter we can create horizontal line.

After paying interest to banks people can take income earned in Italy to their countries. So the rest of money should be used for Europe.

The Second World War represents conflict between Vatican or Western Rome and Greek Religion, Eastern Rome. The name of the Mediterranean Sea signifies that it is located in the middle of land, in the middle of the continent.

This "sea in the middle of the earth" signifies the fundamental beginning. That's how it sounds in Korean. There is only one land, and in the midst of it there is a sea and a peninsula. If we compare the landmass with human body, then the peninsula can be likened to a sexual organ.

Is the peninsula not similar to a sexual organ? Civilization started from the sea, went through the peninsula and spread on to the mountainous regions. So it spread from the deep sea to high mountains. Deepest place in ocean is somewhere in proximity of Indonesia and Philippines.

When water fills some space it goes from the lower places to the upper. There is a Kuroshio Current in the Pacific. In one year water in this current circles around whole Pacific.

The ocean is very deep in those places. The water in Kuroshio Current flows 4.5 or 5 thousand miles.

The ocean water has no place to go so it circulates flowing from the higher places to the lower. I'm talking about these things too.

That's a fundamental principle of creation that water flows from the high place to the low place. Do you understand? God is in the highest position, is He not? Since He is the highest Being, He must give everything absolutely.

He is in that position eternally, so He has to give eternally. That's the Principle of Creation, God's Divine Principle. It is the basis for all creation on earth and in heaven.

So, the Second World War represents a confrontation of the Vatican, the Western Rome with the Eastern Rome. The Soviet Union embraced communist ideology and tried to swallow the free world, centered upon religion. Religious people were supposed to sacrifice.

They were supposed to enter satanic world and sacrifice more than people in the satanic world do. In this way religion would have established an absolute ideology. Since Christianity failed to do it, false "absolute ideology" arose from the satanic world and consumed everything.

That's why so many people suffered in the hands of the communist party. Communist world has certain organization, but I also have certain organization.

I intended to unify everything using my organization, while communists and the democratic world started the arms race. At the time of Kennedy's presidency, there was a Cuban crisis, a very dangerous incident with the possibility of global war.

However I made certain proclamations representing the Heavenly side, that's why the world did not collapse until now. By the end of the World War Two Heaven established the realm of royal palace. Royal palace represents a nation, but there must be someone in the position of father and mother -- like in the family.

To create a family foundation there should be a father, a mother and an elder son. So Britain represented mother on the worldwide level.

In one's time Britain was a pirate stronghold, as well as Denmark, Norway and other Scandinavian countries. What about Spain?

Doesn't Spain belong to the realm of Catholic culture? The realm of Christian culture was created over the period of 2 thousand years. During industrial revolution in England some people were exiled from it and went overseas calling on God's name. That's how America started.

102 colonists crossed the ocean, leaving behind their loved ones and were determined to build God's nation even if they were to die together in order to achieve this. Now they are called Pilgrim Fathers.

Spanish sailors sailed to the west hoping to arrive to Asia, but on the way they discovered America. They did not intend to stay there.

So the civilization must return to Korea, to Asia. The realm of Mediterranean culture developed into insular culture, then it moved to the peninsula and then through England with its pirates to the Atlantic Ocean.

England fought with Spain and won. When was the democracy created? Less than 300 years ago. People who gained the commercial supremacy took charge of history. They were trained in this way. This was the beginning of the democracy.

So England fought with Spain, Turkey and even with the United States.

It fought with Spain and France. Here in the America Britain used the support of Indians.

Christian culture and industrial revolution were necessary to create modern civilization. Indians would not have achieved it by themselves.

People who came from England were supposed to build the basis for the future new ideal world. Britain fought with many countries, but it was also able to build an international foundation and started to move to the East from the West.

So the civilization started in the Mediterranean, went through peninsula, through the island and moved to the continent. Now we are talking about the Pacific Rim Era, right? The term "Pacific" includes heaven and earth. There is also water in heaven.

The spirit world is similar to the earthly world. There are also seas, continents and islands there. But everything there is much bigger. Heavenly Kingdom is like an island in that huge heavenly Pacific Ocean. Now on earth, islands, peninsulas and continents are divided, but they should be united.

A seed comes from continents. Land symbolizes a man. Peninsula is like a male sexual organ.

A woman is symbolized by the sea. How can England exercise rights of the world of men, even though it stands in the position of a woman?

England was supposed to build a new nation based on faith. Sea holds treasures; British understood that, so they traveled the seas and fought in the ocean, they created one empire.

Queen Victoria represented not just one nation; with her coalition of pirates she seized huge territories. Britain's dominion lasted for 300 years.

Wouldn't England be the central nation for 300 years; had it the ideology similar to that of the Unification Church? Or would India be the center? England made mistakes, because it didn't know the truth. British thought they are the best. If you go to British Museum you can find there world famous historical wonders from India and Persia. These countries were once dominated by Britain.

It dominated the world; the whole world was in its possession. When you unify everything that was split, and offer all your family to Heaven, to father and grandfather, you can liberate your ancestors and your descendants who will live on this earth.

No one could offer to Heaven a whole nation. There are 193 member-nations in the UN now. If I proceed with this work this number will grow.

There should be a law. We must establish a law our mind can be fond of. That means that the law should be connected to the roots of our God-centered mind.

Then we naturally will receive nutrients. It'll take up to 40 years to bear fruit. Until the year 63 we must unify America and the UN and to start the age of the unified kingship.

So, British monarchy is a mother-type kingship on the heavenly side and the mother-type kingship of the satanic world is Japan. The population of Asian exceeds 3 billion people. However Britain's population is not even 70 million.

How can you cover the world with this? You cannot dominate the world with this number. Britain alone cannot embrace the 6.5 billion of humankind. Developed countries should unite. There must be a union that would include 300 to 500 million people, then it becomes possible.

Without uniting among themselves developed nations won't be able to unify the world. In several years Korea will also reach a population of 100 million. Korea and Japan together will have some 250 million population.

What would be the population of father nation and mother nation, and elder son nation on the heavenly side? What's the population of America? 300 million? It's more than twice bigger than the population of Japan.

This nation represents the unity of brothers, Cain and Abel. Only America possesses the religious realm.

People came here from England and fought with Indians? Why did God allow this to happen? It was similar to Cain sacrificing Abel? Many Indians were killed, how can this be forgiven?

That was a restoration through indemnity. Indians were migrating people. They didn't have a permanent residence. They were moving around fighting with one another.

Settlers from Britain killed many Indians. How could these Anglo-Saxon people dominate the world through America?

In Adam's family Cain shed Abel's blood. With his force he destroyed Adam's family. This land belonged to Indians and they belong to Mongoloid people who possess the right of the eldest son.

So, the population of Asia is more than 3 billion. People of Mongoloid race comprise up to 74% of the world's 6.5 billion population. That's their position now.

So, the population of Asia is more than 3 billion. People of Mongoloid race comprise up to 74% of the world's 6.5 billion population. That's their position now.

We should achieve unity and correct mistakes of Cain and Abel in Adam's family. Who is held responsible? Cain. Because it's him who shed Abel's blood.

That's the reason why white people were victorious in many battles. Why would God give weapons to white people? They are like pirates or hunters who live on the meat of animals they can hunt.

So they went north to the cold areas, following the animals. So predominant culture of today is northern culture.

Who won in a struggle with the Soviet Union? How could Soviets lose? Since the elder brother had shed Abel's blood, the Soviets withdrew their troops.

Had the Soviet Union won dominion, religion would have disappeared. Do you understand this? They wanted to force their materialistic views and to remove religious ideology from the world.

There is no way they could leave their enemies alone. So they wanted to destroy them, push them into the sea. That's why Soviet Union killed millions of people during 70 years.

Mr. Lee Sang-hun was in charge of scientific conferences, he used to deal with scholars and people from religious circles, with al these Western folks who thought much of themselves. But now when he asks questions to such people in the spirit world, they cannot say anything. They just raise both hands in surrender.

Do they know about God's existence? Can they explain God's providence of salvation? Koreans know well about Japan and China. I also know well about these countries.

I had a chance to live in Japanese slums. I worked there as a simple worker. And I worked as a secretary of school director. I can write well and have many good ideas.

Even Korean President became President with my help. People from neither ruling nor from the opposition party can become President.

Now the ruling party fights with the opposition party. But if they decide to follow me and reach unity with one another, both parties will come into power.

When I go back to Korea, I won't be able to meet all the people coming to see me. If I meet them, I cannot meet you, Unification Church folks who live in America. People who used to be presidential secretaries and state ministers are coming to me and even introduce their children to me.

But can they follow you, 2nd generation of the Unification Church who were poor and persecuted? If we, members of the Unification Church work hard to show the example and educate them internally and externally, we'll be able to pay indemnity for thousands of years.

It's a time when children of ambassadors can receive the Blessing. We are clearing up the lineage. Now it's turn of those who represent Lucifer, or elder brother, the archangel.

Americans think their nation is the best. How many Americans study in colleges abroad? Instead people from other countries want to come and study here and follow America. But now American churches and families are in chaos.

Now the time of supremacy of whites is over. I came here and toiled in this country to save you. I poured out my heart. I traveled throughout 50 states in 43 days, covering hundreds of miles every day.

So, answer me. If you hold a rally on the East Cost and then on the West cost can you move back and forth between East and West coast? Are you saying, it's difficult? I know this. But if you don't witness to at least 3000 people a year you won't be able to settle.

So you should be ready to go to any state and in order to settle there give 5-6 lectures on the Principle a day. You were long-haired hippies and you followed me probably without understanding the significance of this. So, you can't scold me demanding for rest. You try to follow your ways, but I'm going my way.

You'd better study the Principle. You all have the Principle book, don't you? Besides you have Cheon Seong Gyeong, the Family Pledge and now also you have Peace Messages. You don't understand this, but now the nation is being formed. The Principle contains principles for ruling a nation, principles of education, principles of diplomacy and of politics.

Long time ago you joined the Unification Church, then escaped saying that living in the era of individual was difficult. But how difficult it is to live in the era of family! The Unification Church developed doing difficult things.

Sometimes I shared a tuna I had caught with people. But some of them gave it to their dogs. I can't forget such acts of white people. But since God is working through them I cannot block their way. I'm working on the high level.

We are coming from the age of an individual into the age of family. Doesn't religion correspond to the age of an individual? It represents the authority of an archangel. No one knows the way human history or providential history develops, so who can take the responsibility for everything? 

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