The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 2007
FFWPU International
Translation of transcription provided by Pyongil Communications

True Mother arrived at East Garden at 10:30 PM after a successful rally in Boston

Summary of Father's words

You lived not knowing what life is about. Young folks... I couldn't live the way you did. I struggled to discover ultimate truth. I was wondering if thousand or ten thousand years are enough to find solutions... But I found them through the heart. Say it, "heart!"

To experience that "heart" you need to have parents, your husband or wife, your brothers and sisters. God is the axis of the family. He is the center of heart, but since He was driven away, everything got perverted. In this state people won't find solutions to their problems even if they try hard for eternity. They say, "Jesus is coming back," but the way they talk about his second advent is a wild fancy. There are already many here in the Unification Church, but more and more people will be coming. Crowds of people gather in places like Chung Pyung.

America's population is some 300 million people, so to purify all these people it'll take decades and centuries. To return them to the original state, you need God's Word. You must make diagrams explaining God's Word, so that teachers could teach it to kids even in elementary schools and kindergartens. So, be prepared. You know that tremendous content, so teach its essence to people. Even elementary school graduates must do it. Do you understand? Don't lose the time of your blossoming youth. You know nothing of how I lived, do you? You have to know it. My life should become a model for yours. I spent 34 years of my life in the States and during that time made tremendous proclamations.

America is collapsing. The intrusion of communists contributed to the family breakdown, because according to their ideology parents can be regarded as enemies. The Parent became enemy, God became an enemy. That's communist thought. If you go deeper into their philosophy, you may even need to kill people. The world doesn't know this, but some key members of the Communist Party killed their parents. And they call this false ideology - truth? Barefaced lies! Since I understood these things, I did struggle a lot to resolve the problem. I cannot even describe to you my way, because it was like a dream. I consider myself your Parent, but I shall go to and dwell in the spirit world. And there are many miserable lands there too.

I have to purge hell inhabited by our ancestors. You may wish me to live longer on earth, but the longer I live here - 10 years, 20 years - the more desperate people in the spirit world become, because they are waiting for me. That's why I have to go and conduct a revolution there. There is no other way. God is not free to act as He pleases.

True Parents must complete on earth what false parents have lost. That's the philosophy of the spirit world. If you are not recognized in the spirit world, you won't be recognized on earth either. Did you receive the recognition from the spirit world? I do have a certificate of recognition, something like a graduation certificate.

There is an original and there are copies. This document cannot be recognized in God's world and in Satan's world at the same time. So, as soon as you receive the Blessing and change your blood lineage, the satanic world steps back. Did you think about giving the Blessing to your parents and relatives or do you think to keep Blessing only to yourselves? That's a serious problem. All people in the spirit world know about me. They will testify about me. So, now you're living in a different era.

A whole iceberg may be formed during the winter time, so that you will hear an echo among the mountains of ice. But once you make a hole in the ice, this huge mountain will start melting and finally totally melt down. So, if you know the Principle, you can drill that hole.

Then, Heaven will send its grace upon you, spirits will descend and dwell with you, so that satanic world won't dare even to approach you. What is this Principle book. You have to read it at dawn before you eat or do any work. You have to have the sincerest heart about it.

Go higher today than yesterday, and tomorrow higher than today. That's what you should know. You must know the reality of the spirit world and the direction of history. Then you understand what is small. You can't compare small things with great things. Do you know what is great and what is trifling? That's why you cannot measure things properly.

Doesn't America use different system of measures? It does. The spirit world is not like this. If you keep insisting on your national differences and interests, you end up at the battlefield. Wherever you go you will be at war. The time has come to burn all old stuff in a blast furnace and make everything new. So, don't sit still, or you will cause a lot of trouble.

You need to spread the Word. Nowadays we have mikes, videos and all necessary equipment, so you need to just press the button and people can listen all day long. This became possible and the time when people opposed Rev. Moon has passed. Those who opposed me already tried everything they could.

However the foundation built by Rev. Moon is greater than the one they have. Think about the hardships I had to go through. Who is the owner? Since this is America, Americans are the owners. This is an American flower. Therefore America should received recognition on earth and in heaven. Who does the air belong to? To America?

If you had to pay for the air, how much would you spend? Do you pay for water, air and sunlight? ... Even Martin Luther King cannot lie. Everybody has his or her registered domicile in the spirit world.

How do you find your domicile? This place is America, and LA is America, and that land far south - what do you call it - Kimoi? - is also America. If you say you're going to America, the question is where exactly are you going? America is so big. It's difficult to find who is who even in this room. What do you do in the spirit world if you don't know your address?

When bad people go there, there is nothing in their environment they would like to have. Dr. Sang-hun Lee once said, "The Principle is great, but I wonder what the spirit world looks like." Now he is reporting the reality of the spirit world as it is. So now you know the Principle and the reality of the spirit world, but you think of other things.

That's an unknown world. There you can travel; you can go even to the stars. After this are you saying that America is great? Why do people want to come to America even though this place is close to hell? "America" in Korean sounds a bit similar to the expression "slippery place."

Is this beautiful country? So, don't be proud, because if you are you will not be able to follow me. If among hundreds and thousands things I told you, you were able to fulfill only ten, this will limit your movements in the spirit world. I cannot give you my signature. You have to graduate first.

You have to go through elementary, middle and high schools, and study for 4 years in the university. Only then can I give you my signature to acknowledge you. But were you recognized by me in the Heavenly Kingdom? I give you the Blessing. There's no recognition higher than that. If your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and people from your neighborhood are blessed they can go to a good place.

Then they will pull you with them saying "Oh, he's our spiritual parent." If there are many people - hundreds or thousands - in that high place, they will pull you up by the ropes. So why don't you witness. If you don't witness to your friends, in the spirit world they will slap you on your face.

They'll meet you in hell and tell you, "Oh, here you are. You were a Unification Church member but you didn't witness, so you ended up in a place close to hell. Since you didn't witness to me, I too came here." Your mouth will be shut. There are 7 openings on a person's face, but he will not be able to interact with people through any of them. You communicate with people through heart and lineage; to do this you need to be able to communicate to grandparents, parents, to your spouse and children. Without loving all these people how can you love God, the Father of all humankind?

If God indeed is the Parent of humankind, then the love of your heart should also go to the billions of people. Only then can you be connected in that world as cells of one organism, only then will the subject-object relations necessary for your existence work well. If you cannot sustain subject-object relations you have nothing to be respected for.

Isn't this true. That makes perfect sense. Many of those who dwell there lived a long time on earth. Now they are coming to me, regretting that they didn't attend me when they were young. What can I say? They closed their eyes, nose and mouth; they didn't move a bit, as if they didn't know me. So why come to me now? Such people go to the place for the ignorant - to the dark place. Now they have eyes, but there's nothing to see. They have nose, but there are no smells to smell. These people have their limbs, but they don't need them. One is supposed to bring good result with his work, but now no matter how hard they work their environment is getting smaller.

Isn't it nice to be just eating and playing around? But if I wanted to just eat and enjoy myself, why would I come to the States and have such a hard time here. You don't know how many tears I shed traveling throughout America. I did it, so that your descendants after several generations would be able to marry my grandchildren.

I did my best to make you into excellent sons and daughters-in-law. So, you too must hold on to people to pass by you and invest your heart into them. You must sow good seed on earth, graft my sprouts onto people. It is something like sewing gold foil on the clothes to make them beautiful.

Once you sow good seeds, Satan won't be able to get to the roots of these plants. Unification Church members immediately understand this. So you have to follow the heart looking for the place where greater heart or love abides. The heart is the innermost foundation of the universe. This foundation has only one center, not two.

You must get married. Do you want to marry? Do you guys want to marry? What are you looking forward to when you're getting married? You don't just look forward to meeting a woman. The important thing is that sexual organs are the only place through which you can be engrafted to the source of life and thus give birth to children. So sexual organs are the royal palace of lineage.

Do you treat this precious place as precious? Nowadays girls who hardly became 10 years of age grab guys, kiss and do all kinds of things. Go to the spirit world and you'll see, if there are such people there. There are none! Everyone there is showing his or her highest sincerity to God every day, alone. There you don't have to worry about food or clothes. You can get any food and clothes you want, all you need to do is to think about it.

If you know the universe you can be provided with everything you need. On earth we need nutrition, because we have physical body. That's why we get nutrients from the sea and from the land.

All plants accumulate nutrients. There are 17 types of elements in the ocean and in the air. They are all combined. When we breathe, we inhale elements necessary for your body. They are like tonics for us. So, are you confident to get into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Are you, girls, sure that you can go to Heaven together with your bridegrooms? How many years do you intend to live in marriage with your husbands? When you marry, how many hours are you expecting to live together? People have sex with their doors open; what do they intend to achieve by this? They mix with all kinds of filth. That's mafia blood.

That's Satan's blood lineage. Can such folks to go Heaven? Are you looking forward to meeting your fiancée and marrying him? How many years do you intend to live together with him? Uh? Some divorce after a week of married life. The basis of the world of heart of American families is collapsing. It has holes in it all over.

No matter how happy these people can be now, their relationship won't last more than 10 years. It won't last even 10 months. Some couples quarrel and get parted 3 days after their marriage. So, you have to be qualified to use these precious sexual organs. They are eternal and unique; through them you can give birth to children who will form the nation and build the state. But now this field is such a mess!

The Unification Church talks about the absolute sex. But do men and women become absolute? When they become one in true love, their oneness has only one absolute center. But if there are two centers, this relationship will go up and down.

That's hell. Fight, battle, that's what hell is. So you must become one.

So after 10 years of married life, Unification Church folks should be able to say, "We'll live together another 10 years." They have to accumulate the experiences of these 10 years to overcome all circumstances that threatened their marriage and live together 20, 50 years, live all their life and even longer - for one-hundred or ten-thousand years. That's what kind of spouses you must become.

Only then can you stand in front of God. There's no other way. Does God zigzag like this? Do I go back and forth? For 34 years I've been steadily teaching same things here. Therefore my words, proclamations and acts will remain even if America collapses.

This time I proclaimed the beginning of the New Civilization of the Pacific Rim. These words of Rev. Moon are eternal because they are God's words. Nobody can steal them from me. You must follow them, follow Peace Messages.

They are more precious than your eyes, your flesh, nose or lips. If you violate this word you need to make a 40-day fast. Regard violating God's word as jumping off the cliff to your death. Be ready even to die if Heaven needs it. Do you understand? Did you live the way I did?

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