The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Americans conceal their planes

Sun Myung Moon
May 21, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
FFWPU International
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Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

Summary of Father's words

The UN within the realm of the elder son should now, from the position of an elder son, stand in the position of Abel; centering on this UN everything should be made one. In the first half of the peace messages, I talk about helicopters. It should be studied scientifically and we should implant the source of that strength or force to America.

Americans conceal their planes yet are concerned after disclosing it to China and South America. Do you they think they are in charge of everything? They oppose us even as they follow us.

If Cain killed Abel then the dead younger brother should come back to life; Cain should bring him back to life, make right the wrong he did, engraft himself to Abel's tradition so that they are positioned like this (Father gestures with his hands). Their positions should be turned around; Cain must be educated. All we need is three days to completely educate them.

I've come through indescribable hardships to hold these gatherings. Peace is waiting for us over in that other world. If we had a rod we could leap over to that world. All we need to do is drive this rod, this pillar into the ground. Then we would be free to cross over to that world.

Israel took the rod of the Jewish nation centering on the providence. That was wrong. The Holy Land must be transferred. How can the Jews who killed Jesus claim the birthplace of Jesus as their Holy Land?

The Holy Land must be moved to Korea. It will become a base for peace, do you understand? The three [nations] that are here should find peace. A headquarters base must be built in these five nations under the UN. America must build it.

America, like Israel, made the lord at his second coming suffer -- they nearly killed him, the very person they were to serve. For 34 years they did everything they could to eliminate the Unification Church. They are not capable of rising to become the ones who can lead the world.

I laid a foundation that could unite the world, unite heaven and earth, and taught them of this foundation. If they vehemently refuse and withdraw then all I can do is leave.

Look at this (referring to his hands). It must be combined, flipped over and brought together again. Where does it come together? It should come together at this point. In heaven and on earth, Cain and Abel must be free to enter.

Why should I suffer for the horizontal life led by these people? I am here today but originally I did not intend to come to America. If I don't come you should be prepared to leave. I'm here now. I have the responsibility to hand over this place to Hyun-jin who is alone here. That's why it's a very crucial time. Satan is doing all that he can against the Unification Church. Electric waves can be conveyed through water if there are bits of steel. Satan is trying to strike down anything that pops up.

Do you think that the UN or the US will support us? That's why we have to educate them. When you do they will know. Cain and Abel must unite, to return to their original positions centered on the same True Parent and True Family.

England and the religious spheres in the East were ruined and divided. To bring it all back together the mother in the East is responsible. Isn't Japan the Eve -- the mother nation? Wasn't England in the position of the mother who was responsible for the three wars that took place in Europe? Centering on those two mother and monarch nations, a kingship should have emerged on the foundation of Cain and Abel. When the Bush administration came in True Parents should have been elevated on that foundation. True Parents were supposed to stand on the foundation of the unity between UN and US.

The person who is to become king must build a palace, produce his people and raise them. The Judges [in the Old Testament] were appointed to represent that kind of king. They were to lead Israel so that God's will could be established. Yet, this did not come to pass. They failed. Adam's family could not be established and America did not find its place and is still floating in the air.

I was the only one who could establish this comprehensively and systematically. Look to the Peace Messages. You cannot deny this. It's a record of the battles that I fought and won. What was I trying to do investing billions of dollars into the Washington Times for 25 years? It was for that precise moment. Do you understand? Once this happens, Washington Times would have become the palace newspaper in the heavenly nation of the world.

Those who deviate from here will from now disappear, like leaves falling off the tree in autumn. The clothes you wore, the suits you put on within the confines of your life in America will all disappear. It should be cast away -- spat out.

Yesterday I finished reading peace messages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The remaining messages up to number 12 constitute the second half of this booklet. Here the message takes you beyond heaven, True Parents and the UN.

If we fail to teach this message to the people we will not be able to go beyond. We have to go beyond the cliff but to do so we have to fall. Didn't I build a ladder by the cliff through America and the religious spheres centering on Christianity? The religious spheres were formed to be like a ladder that can be used to go down this cliff in the final moments. Thus, we can go down this cliff on this ladder which Heaven went through pains to build. That is why, if we can but educate the UN everything shall be complete. Everyone would know our Principle. They would know where they should go.

We should create the Holy Land for the third Israel of peace within Asia. A kingship shall emerge. Israel must be moved. The first Israel was based in Jerusalem and here, Washington D.C., represents the second Israel. Then what is the third Israel? We are talking about formation, growth and perfection. These two should come together to lay the foundation. Can you just plant a branch without a root? This is all logical. It is not said in blind faith or without thought.

You have to know the peace messages. If you don't you cannot bring people together. I am explaining the internal things to you. You should understand it and make preparations to carry it out in your family. Without having fulfilled that in your foundation your descendants will not be able to enter heaven. Families that were born from a united earthly and heavenly kingdom can enter. All other families cannot. They will just fall away. That is why I am doing all this, to bring this work to a decisive end, before I die. I've been beating people's heads with this message but they aren't getting it at all -- and they probably won't for a thousand years! They will all perish; you just wait and see. The spirit world deals with those who oppose me.

I must pray from now. I have to pray for important things. This educational tour will be over on June 3 -- the third day of the sixth month. Three to a thousand, six to six thousand. The number six is Satan's fortress.

You can avoid this by educating people on the foundation of having successfully continuing a lineage over three generations. Once people are educated after being freed from the Old and New Testament Ages, this world can be connected. It cannot be done going in a circle. They must follow this path. There is only one path for this.

The ruling party and opposition party are always at war. The opposition party exists to allow Satan to remain forever. It's like Cain and Abel in constant battle. Each time the political forces sacrificed the religious circles. Jesus was burned because of politics. Cain perished because of the lineage. What could be done?

We have to make another book with the second half of these messages and publish it anew. An introduction to the reality of the spirit world should be included in this book. Don't think about Dr. Sang-hun Lee's testimonies. I sent Dr. Lee to the spirit world so that he may convey the reality of it to us. He opened the gates and went on the path that he was to take. Nobody knew that; only I.

If I give the final word to all the facts of the past do you think any of it would be wrong? What would be incorrect? I'm saying that we are in the era of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam because we passed the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. The spirit world is where all humanity will go to in the future.

People don't know this. People live as couples in a nation. There is a nation and a world in spirit world. In the era of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam is placed on the foundation that could have been if man had not fallen in God's garden but received His blessing and went on to fulfill their destiny.

God went through pains and troubles. So did His children, so did Jesus and the True Parents. God and True Parents went through many hardships. The satanic world manipulated the world as they pleased centering on the Cain-type UN.

After the end of the Second World War, America didn't allow the communist to take control of the victory won by Christianity or the UN. Panmunjom in Korea should be a golden gate that unites these two worlds. Thousands of years of history can be found in this place.

The history between Cain and Abel runs deep and draws a line right here (referring to a diagram of a four-position-foundation). Once you go beyond this line, the borders between heaven and hell, between the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven will disappear. If you go to the other world without knowing this you end up in your own realm in the spirit world where you follow this course which you would regard as practical. But where would you go? You would have to wait by the side of the gates for thousands of years.

From now on, don't try to persuade me and think up of things of concern. I made the decision to go on this path. I wasn't daydreaming; I made the decision and have walked this path. Can you deny that? I made many proclamations, laid many foundations on the earth to build a bridge. There may be a pillar obstructing the path, or the path may curve in a certain way; yet, if you leave this path where would you go?

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were given water to drink. When they left what did they do? They drank from a spring. They had to raise trees and plants along the water. Do you understand? Water flows from a spring. 3/4 of all streams that flow from a spring dry up in the end to make the clouds.

Would clouds formed if man hadn't fallen? Clouds would have formed; water would have filled the marshy areas but the clouds went to the dry lands and released the rain. The heat prevented the clouds to float too high. Once it is in proportionate distance to a body of water it rains even without a mountain.

It has to be hot. It either has to be hot or cold for spring water to flow down from a tall mountain. Spring water flows towards the ocean -- to its home. This is a cycle. It is inevitable that the theory of the Pacific Rim emerges.

Aren't people saying that the year of the pacific culture is coming? Those who live in the civilized regions were taught by their mother and father about the location of the spring water in your hometown. You drank from that spring which your parents loved and regarded as sweet. When you are there you don't destroy the spring; you wouldn't destroy the spring which your parents showed you.

It's a river. Rivers flow into the ocean. There is Asia, Africa and North and South America -- these two are like twins. Water is disappearing. There is more than 12,000 liters of water. Without water there cannot be life.

The sun was needed to evaporate water. Air was needed for the trees. All the elements of life are harmonized in the tree. From there -- from the root of the tree -- water is absorbed and diffused from the tree. Moisture is diffused from the tree -- it evaporates. Did you think water just evaporated from the river? All these elements emerged from water in nature. Just the tree and water alone does not make it fresh. You need sunlight. You need sunlight, air, water and earth; these are the source of life.

Organize this and compile this information. The UN and the US should be educated; then from June 3 I will do something. And by June 13 I will confer the flag of the Abel-type UN. The 13th is ten days after the 3rd.

This small nation with its democracy and four-year system, do you think you can refill your national treasury? You've wrapped it all up; it was your own doing. The time of the three generations has come. The three kingships represent the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. The fruit of this process has ripened. I've been involved with three administrations centering on the Bush administration, for 34 years I went through hardships. I have to do this before I leave.

Didn't I talk about this yesterday? About England and Japan? I will be talking about the kingship from now.

I'm going to take the kingship of England and the kingship of the East, two worlds of Christianity or religion that can mesh the Eastern and Western cultures together. In arranging the state of affairs around this, we need a kingship to bring forth the Rev. Moon. Without it I cannot come.

America can relate to the king of kings. Once it becomes the liberated world of the era of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam after the three kingships -- the Old, New and Completed Testament -- you should be attending the family of the True Parents from heaven. What will you do without it? Think about it. It is an iron-clad rule.

If you fail to do this you will be hung upside down in the other world. People would attack you asking you why you didn't do it though you heard from me. Think about what happened to Jesus' disciples. Judas betrayed Jesus. Judas and Jesus are like enemies.

The first problem was the family, then money. How could they sell their bodies for money saying that it was for Jesus? And this matter of the family -- Jesus' disciples all had their own families though Jesus lived alone. These twelve disciples should not have had families until God could relate with His bride until God and the son could be united as one.

The source of the family breakdown is here; Satan is leading people and they are following him. They stained the absolute sexual ethics. It is tattered with holes.

Later when science becomes more advanced, brothers will make atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs to kill each other. This will bring humanity to an end. The universe will disappear. The earth would not want to exist like this for eternity. Do you understand what I am saying?

Did you translate what I said about the kingship in England and in Japan, and about how we need a kingship? Keep a record of it. Such a record is needed at times like this. 

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