The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Rise to a position of perfection

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Washington D.C.
FFWPU International
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Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 3, 2011

Summary of Father's words

You should be better than that. You have to rise to a position of perfection, unrelated to the Fall, receive God's blessings and have a sexual organ more mature than the one that was fallen. Through that sexual organ, the process of giving God's seed and receiving the egg through the sexual organs can begin. How absolute is this? You have to be able to combine the absolute seed and absolute egg. Your eternal bond is decided when these two are the same.

Heaven and earth will make a united beginning from here centering on love.

This theory system was taught by a person that encompasses heaven and earth. Anybody who knows this theory system and who has a conscience and original mind can be perfected.

If you do not develop your conscience and original mind, you being itself will decline and fall from the highest point in heaven.

I'm talking about a gate -- the sexual organ. You and I must all pass through this gate.

I will not be made responsible for this -- I've already taught you everything in detail. Now I can be liberated. The grandfather is liberated; God is liberated.

I'm in a position where I can make love in the same way and with the same value it would have when living with God.

Love from the sexual organ is the source of power that enables you to live up to the individual standard for eternal life.

You must all read that booklet. What is its title? 'God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World.' It's about God's ideal family and ideal kingdom of heaven -- an ideal kingdom.

Originally there was no need for such words as 'God's ideal.' It should be taken out. God lost His ideal family.

The original standard for the ideal family that was lost cannot be found anywhere -- not in the spirit world or this world.

That must be re-created. It must be found and established.

We have to do that. The religious spheres are promoting a path for seeking the truth for individuals. But it should not be for individuals but for all of heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth should be completely united together and at the same time.

We have that global task. Yet, how are we today?

This book is priceless. When you pray or do something place the book before you. It's like a mirror. Place it before you as if it were a mirror and read it. What is reflected in that mirror will be assimilated into your mind and body. You should be harmonized with the word, find joy and sing songs of praise. How could a person go to the side of God without being able to do that?

It's important. There is not a single person here who is eligible to enter heaven. You will end up in paradise. I developed all these teachings. You should abide by these teachings in your life.

Read it everyday. Read it when you have time. Gaze at it as if it were a mirror. It is a spiritual force that shows your reflection.

If you can interact with that force and breathe it, God will give you the entire world at the summit of the cosmos. Like a purifying light of grace, you will shine out in your environment and influence it.

Understand this process and try carrying it out on the earth. Who will guide you? Once I go to the spirit world, the providence of salvation will come to a stop.

You have to be able to cover at least 50% of this standard. Can you perfect that 50%?

Some people, when they face difficulties, just pass it on to the nation and to the world so that they can be at ease.

But I'm telling you see what happens when you go to the spirit world after doing that. That's not something you can do. There is a public law.

I remember the time when I offered the most intense and deep prayer to God. When I look back at that kind of life-or-death situation, I see that there hasn't been a single person yet who has come up to my standard at that time.

People are all satisfied with their life though it is below-average.

There is no reason to have any attachment to that kind of life. Your heart would know.

How could I go in the presence of God if I fail to carry out the things I say here?

Wouldn't that be a double-standard? How much of the spirit world has been made clear by the Unification Church?

You know exactly the path you are to take. The destination is clear -- the path is obvious more so than walking up the stairs or going up in an elevator. God and the universe are at the end of that path.

You have to go to that position of an owner. It's not easy. Do you know how serious I was when searching for these words? I sought the word and lived according to the word.

The word was God's original nature. Nature itself is a much more vivid textbook than this book.

When you hear a bird cry, you should be able to enter a state where you can sense the cry and understand it.

You have to realize that you are a being in heaven and earth that has the power to influence so much.

This is something you should study about. My teachings would be placed on top of that. The family is not the only one that should be guided to that place. The tribe, people and the world should also be elevated to that place.

Can you do that? It's a difficult task.

You have to realize how much hardships God had to go through.

He worked to resolve all the difficult problems surrounding him so that the entire world can be harmonize and exist like a single entity with a unified mind where the subject and object partners can be one in harmony and in joy to fulfill the purpose of love.

When you make love children are born. You should become one as true husband and wife. When you make love, you can multiply through the unity of your spirit and flesh. Hell could not exist.

The time has come when I will no longer take interest in you.

I offered devotion by myself for this world, placed my life on the life, to cultivate it to the state that it is now. I published books which contain the things that I wanted to say. This was possible because there were people who could understand. Now there are probably more than 1000 volumes of my speeches. Do you think I was half-asleep when conveying these words? Do you think you can just leave without producing any substantial results for failing to take action according to my teachings? Forget about it!

My words are alive. They are different. No matter how many times you read it you will find my words to be real not flat.

Try reading it a hundred or even a thousand times. You all read it once and think you understand it all, don't you? But do you? The words you understand and what I understand are different. There would be no way for you to avoid shame when you go to heaven. Do you think you can do as you please when you should be attending God? It's a fearful time.

I'm talking about a rally for the resurrection of the substance -- substantial entities. They will all be liberated. Nobody else has ever said this.

Do you think that the things being done in this rally of resurrecting all the substantial entities will place it under God's possession? I'm asking you if the resurrected entities can stand as God's representative.

It's the resurrection of the substance. It's driving a stake in the ground to signal victory of a unified heaven and earth. That stake will not be uprooted.

People should hold on to that stake and turn around. They should use the stake as a stepping stone to go over. They shouldn't be pinned down by it.

These days life is different from the past. It's quite strange. I forget what time I woke up this morning [because of jet-lag].

In the past I would pray for 17 hours straight. I was really deep in prayer. The deeper I went the more relaxed my mind was.

That's how I found the word. It should be fulfilled. I went on to the global stage with the word and laid the foundation. There's nothing I didn't do.

I did it alone. God did not help me. You don't know how many times He tested me; you don't know how much persecution I went through.

God was not able to deal with Adam and Eve's fall. Adam became a false parent. He failed to become a true parent. Thus, God was unable to reach him forever.

God revealed all this in dreams and revelations. Isn't that how we got the Wolli Haesul, Divine Principle, and what else? The Family Pledge.

Then the peace messages were completed. But is there anything different between the things I said in the past with the things I say now? If you become too greedy and arrogant, strutting about in confidence, you would end up leading a life that would make Satan smile. How could you live like that! People who help the people of the world are still imperfect and shameful in some ways. Do you understand? The same goes for black and white people. I'm going to have to bless people of all races through the cross-cultural blessing. That would instantly bring together the couples' ancestors. The lineage was different. Satan is going down and the other side is going up. Nothing can bear fruit from there. Everything is separated and divided. Such concepts as harmony and reconciliation did not exist.

It was so different.

Once you pass 80 you have to drink a lot of water. It's rude to drink coffee when you are speaking to people.

But after a while my lips stick together. I'm past 80. I'm 88, haven't I lived enough? Didn't that 'John the Baptist' figure die when he was 73? When will they do his funeral?

Was it the 22? Tell those who wish to go to go. He was the first to be responsible for the church. I prayed for him. He understood the principle. You have to forgive him so that he may go his way.

Also, [the daughter of] Martin Luther King. A figure representing the black and white died. I just might start praying again. If I pray without eating, lightening may strike the world. Who would have known when we were beginning this Pacific Rim rally?

That's how it's going to be from now. I'm going on my way. You all have to become better than me. That's what I'm concerned about. Once I go to the spirit world there's no way you can surpass me.

Is the ideal world which God has so tried hard to create over thousands of years what we see today in your families?

I know very well how you actual are. Can't you wear a suit when coming to Cheon Jeong Gung? You are people that are attending God.

I forget the names of people close to me. Usually I remember but if that person makes a mistake I forget his or her name. I can't remember how they look like. Do you think I should take such people with me to heaven? Should I just send them to hell?

'Farewell world I shall leave.' You and I must part ways now. We cannot go together.

To do so you have to hold on to this rope. The rope of the grandfather and father and the rope of love. The grandchild, the third generation, must be as one with the grandfather and father in love.

They have to leave behind a lineage of love.

This is serious. You have to work harder. Is today the 17? We had a lot of rallies. Do we have to have many people come to these events?

Do you think they would recognize it just by putting up a signboard?

I've talked and prayed much now. How many participants? 3800? 38000? How many are white?

How many are pure white and how many come from different lineages? I think maybe only 40%

I've been slandered throughout my life but there are still many people who revere me.

Yet that is not complete.

There are still many people who are below 0. It's just a matter of how many live above the 0 point and how many live under it. 

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