The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Summary Of Father's Words At Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
May 16, 2007
FFWPUI Historical Committee

Peace Messages 10 is about absolute sexual ethics. Message 11 is what Ambassadors for Peace must teach. Message 12 brings the physical and spiritual worlds together as one. 13 is the last chapter for a unified world in the Pacific Rim. All religions must disappear. They must be considered gone. But has it?

If there is a square, these points must all be the same. The angle is important. It must be 90 degrees on all sides. They must all be the same. The sum of these four angles makes 360 degrees. It is the same on all sides.

This must be crashed against the satanic world, heaven and earth. The family that does so must resolve it. That must be overcome. Have your families become such a family? We are moving towards a time where we can say that heaven and earth are completely perfected once humanity is perfected. We must move towards that age officially. Look at your life! It is a mess.

Americans and Koreans, people are all different. They must be brought to alignment. In peace message 12 an introductory overview is given and in peace message 13 heaven and earth must be made into a new heaven and earth.

From this time one, you must have the determination as people who inherited the four chapters -- peace messages 9, 10, 11, 12 -- to be without shame in facing tomorrow. Without doing so you cannot participate in the events to be held on the 17th.

You have been following me until now. I have to go to the spirit world but do you think you can just follow me there? You have to pay indemnity and bring liberation. That is your homework. You must pay indemnity for the great universal four-position- foundation and liberate all existing things within the fallen realm.

True Parents have restored the world back to its original and liberated state at the time of creation in the heavenly nation. Adam and Eve should mature, form a family that can represent that nation to establish a larger model centered on the universe. Cain and Abel, two sides that are in struggle, should be brought to the middle and be brought to natural submission. Satan will be brought to natural submission.

Now nobody can charge me with fault. They have tried all sorts of things but failed. I drove the flag of liberation in the Soviet Union.

What about all of you? I can freely move in any direction, top-bottom, left-right, front-back. Based on this model you should give form a family, give birth to children, expand this cell and multiply new families. That is what a blessed family is. You all have to complete the creation of a family identical to the original family that was to be made by Adam who was created by God.

All 4 billion cells in my body are just right for me. They are all aligned in all direction, top-middle-bottom, front-back, left-right. There is no conflict. Conflict must disappear. When set against the spherical model, standard that establishes the principles of creation, it becomes a small crystal. Crystals have six angles, don't they? No matter how many times it is smashed to pieces it should maintain its form as a crystal, even as it becomes a tiny grain in the air.

The blood flowing in the arteries and veins connected to God's blood should be absorbed wherever it goes.

The cells are inter-connected the more the body grows. Based on the plus-minus relationships, the body exists in relation to God's principle and standard. The value of that existence is proportionate to its size. The body consists of the necessary number of cells. That is why it is possible for the body to breathe and respire. Through the arteries and veins connected to the heart, blood can flow freely to any place of the body, be it the sole of one's feet or head. Once you stand in a position where you can be completely one with God, we can say that God is finally perfected.

Have you even spent 88 months on the course of paying indemnity for restoration as I have? This refers to the eight stages of restoration from the individual to the family, tribe and people. You understand the concept of restoration but you haven't completed it.

What is the blessing? It's the same as receiving a crystal. Crystals are exchanged between people depending on how many angels it has. A bar of gold is treasured. Gold is made by putting it to the fire. In the process, the impure elements are taken away, like filth on one's skin. The impure elements fall away together. The same things happen with trees. The bark of the tree that is first to form comes off. Even though it comes off it has the elements enabling it to be attached again to any part of the tree.

That is a formula. When you read peace message 9 you should be able to say, 'this is the path I took.' Then you should move on to peace message 10. There you should be able to say, 'this is what I did.' Peace message 11 talks about the path that should be taken by the Ambassadors for Peace who stand in the position of angels. Peace message 12 allows the angelic world to be perfected and God to be liberated.

You should realize these values in your single generation and come together in harmony. You have to become as one. Without harmony, there is no unity. When you are in harmony you can perfect the rights of inheritance within the same level.

Do you know how much suffering I went through in order to understand the vast secrets which God knew? I went through hardships to discover that and I liberated the eight stages in order to discover each and every detail.

Once the world, heaven and earth, is declared done, can we enter the liberated realm. This is tremendous. Do you think all of this is included in your scope of knowledge? Not even close! Rich people are blind; their eyes and nose are closed. They cannot breathe. The lineage was stained.

Absolute sexual ethics! Satan trampled on the absolute sexual ethics.

Such a history of re-creation exists. The stains from the Fall shall be erased. You should go to a state of liberation where you would not even remember that you were fallen when you look back on your life in a dream. It must be purified and put in order. Men and women have their mothers and fathers. They have their siblings. They have themselves.

The parent, the children of Adam and Eve, the family of Adam and Eve were the only one's that existed. That family was to be automatically aligned with God at its center and from there multiply. Then this world would have become a never-ending world without any borders, where you could freely inhabit any place. What is needed in the spirit world? Gold? Diamonds? There are stars that are filled with diamonds.

If there is a safe in a certain nation, you would want to put that lump of gold in that safe. But if you try placing it in the safe on your own, do you think the universe would consent? It would not. You have to re-wire your thoughts from the roots. Do you understand? The family rooted in absolute sexual ethics, which is the model for God's absoluteness, peace and ideal, and the global kingdom. The world has to become this global kingdom otherwise it cannot be liberated.

Where and when were the peace messages perfected? [In Geomoon Island on November 15.]

Geomoon Island is found in the ocean for the royal palace. I had to declare the complete perfection centering on Cheon Jeong Gung. When was that? [January 8, 2007] January 8? It was proclaimed at 4:42 a.m. You have to keep that in your marrow and bone or Satan will drag you away. In prison you are at the tip of life and death. You have to be liberated from the realm of laws. Adam and even God is constrained within the realm of law. They must be liberated.

Then we can dwell in any part of this great universe. If you have an ideal for the individual truth bodies in creation that can relate with God, then you can make that ideal and create. Can you sit still knowing this? You should depart in search for that ideal. You should have that kind of courage. You have to become a peace police officer and peace corps member. The police should make the red blood cells. They should create red blood cells given by God. They should not allow the white blood cells to come in and occupy their space. They should be eternal as it is.

Do you believe in me? Do you believe and wish for things from me? The more you wish something from me the more conditions you should set up and follow up. Yet, there isn't a single person who is doing that. There isn't a single person who went beyond that hill. They are still at the bottom of the mountain saying, "Father take me with you."

They should move and fly on their own. Do you want to go? You would need a helicopter, a plane or a spacecraft. You can go freely to any place on this earth and even beyond to space. You can go anywhere as long as you have life.

Those who have life take it with them to the end of the universe. That is why they can go anywhere. It is not about eating to live. You can live off the ocean and mountains. The mountains and ocean are like a garden that protects us. It has everything.

You surely would be able to hear songs and music there. Once you enter the mountains of the natural world you will find a bright moon in the sky, and all the animals and plants of the world dancing. Animals are not the only ones that sing. Plants sing too. Plants are also made to have wings and fly. When the wind blows the seeds fall and are spread here and there. Considering all this, those who say that there is no master of the natural world are crazy. How could they say that the universe is without a God?! We won't have time if I go on like this.

I'm telling you to read peace messages 9, 10, 11, 12 everyday for an hour and a half or even two hours. People exercise. You should record your readings and listen to it as you exercise. Then you can read three to four of these messages in one day. You should read the messages in order from the first message to the twelfth. Are you doing that?

If you can perfect the contents of even one of the messages you can go to the kingdom of heaven. When you do where will you reside? You should be connected to the center, completely assimilated with it to feel each day of the four seasons together with God as you live and eat with Him within the same enclosure. Can the Japanese do that?

Countless religions and nations are bleeding and lamenting; how much more blood must be shed? Aren't people shot if they trespass a nation's border? Whose authority should that be? It should be God's. Once you are on God's side you cannot freely cross that border line. I too am completely within God's authority. I am not free to do as I please.

After delving into this area in search for the secrets and surfacing again, God could come close to me, closer than Satan could ever be, and whisper in a secret language and voice to teach me everything. I was caught. That's how God teaches. I deciphered His codes. I tried to solve even the things God did not reveal and teach me. Do you understand? I was trying to create God's body.

I am praying for the sake of the Unification Church a thousand years from now and even ten thousand years from now. Rather than living in this world today, I am focused on creating an ideal throne on which God should be rightfully seated.

That's why God could only have a son. He only had the True Parents. He had nothing else to lose. Entrust America to me and I will put it in order immediately. I'm saying this for all the CIA to hear. If I don't go to Washington D.C. they ask our people why. Those who fought and died during the Korean War should be buried in the best places at Arlington Cemetery. But they aren't.

Do you think the children of men can occupy God's place? They can't.

How many more years do you think I will live? I know where I will go even if I were to live a thousand years. I have no attachments. I have to teach you everything before I go. Chapter 9 is important and so is 10 and 11.

The conclusions are all different. In chapter 12, I go back to the Garden of Eden, a world that existed before the Fall. What about 13? It goes back to the beginning. Doesn't the new civilization of the Pacific Rim -- a world of God's civilization bring everything to an end? No? Does it end or continue?

Will you gather your belongings and cross the border? Before you are blessed families, the king of the blessing is me. Before going I have created a blessed, ideal world that spreads in all directions of the universe, laying an official foothold in this world. Once I am gone you will have to meet me in the other world.

Have you been able to reach the state of liberation of the mind of having fixed everything, a state of liberation of the mind on behalf of God, a state where you can say, 'it is finished.'?

You haven't been able to handle your own family. I see a long line of refugees carrying their belongings in the streets in the spirit world. I do not want to live in that kind of world. In chapter 10 the angelic world shall be unified and completed in chapter 12. I am emphasizing these four chapters--from 9 to 12--because they are important.

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