The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

From now the UN should be perfected

Sun Myung Moon
May 14, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
FFWPU International
Translation of transcription provided by Pyongil Communications

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 22, 2011

Summary of Father's words

From now the UN should be perfected so that it may be engrafted upon the Abel-type UN in the presence of heaven and before a single world. Chapter five (from the peace messages) is about the kingdom -- a kingdom centered on True Parents and of Heaven's desire. Chapter six is related to the world of science. Chapter seven represents a new beginning; that is why the title for this chapter is the same: 'God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World.' This title is secondary and dictates that you should take upon yourselves to incorporate and carry out what True Parents and their children showed through their example.

Then from seven there are chapters eight and nine. Chapter ten is entitled, 'The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, which Is the Model for God's Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom.' People were meant to be born as God's children into heaven or the kingdom of heaven on earth if you like. They were to live in that world which was to be our homeland in which we could live in attendance to God for eternity. That's what it should mean. But there are many parts (of the speech) that are redundant (with the other speeches).

The speech in chapter five is connected with that of chapters six and seven. Never say that they are repetitive. You have to go beyond the five stages: the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth eras -- the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Satan had taken over God's position, Adam and Eve's position, and position of the children of Adam and Eve. Satan occupied the seats of these three generations. That is why these five stages had to be gone through and overcome. One can enter the restored center of Eden only after going through and beyond the completed eras for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation.

Satan, represented by the left hand, occupied everything. Originally it was not to be but everything was dominated by Satan. He completely eliminated the heavenly side which is centered on goodness. That is why, Cain killed Abel, rebelling against Heaven, and letting the blood flow of people who serve and worship God. That is the history of blood shed of the religious circles caused by the existing governments. Blood was shed on the levels of the individual, tribe, people and nation. On a global scale, communism was asserting the annihilation (of religion). What Satan was advocating was the extermination of the religious circles under God. If this satanic ideology remains all the religious people on the earth would be annihilated.

Now, however, we have entered the revolutionary era of a new heavenly civilization centered on the Pan Pacific Rim era. At this time are the people included in the Pacific civilization sphere living well off? Or are they in poverty? Well? People who fled from the land had done so because they were opposed (because of their faith) or had committed a crime. These people mainly consisted of people who were expelled from nations under Satan because of their beliefs. Though they were expelled to a desolate island, they revered Heaven and have come this far with their gaze fixed on God's world which encompasses the religions that were lost on the levels of the individual, family, people, nation and world. These people are the eastern people in the oceans.

Who are the most unfortunate group of people? It is the Muslims. The Muslims are everywhere. If you wish to know Heaven you must understand nature. You have to know about the ocean and the mountains. People who train and offer devotion in the mountains must do the same in the sea. Three-fourths of our body is made up of water. You have to be a vessel of harmony that can combine the land and ocean. That is why Saint Paul went out to the sea to pray. Once you see what is happening in the three-layers of heaven from the revelations you get from heaven when you are out at sea, you will surely lead your life for that heaven even if it means sacrificing your living, dying or offering your entire life without regrets. We have to dominate the sea and the mountains.

You have to know how to serve and revere Heaven centering on the mountains and ocean. Where is heaven found? How are the things in the heavenly world manifested on the earth? They are manifested through the ocean and all of creation on the earth and in the mountains. The spirit world if filled as well. All of this can be found in the heavenly world -- because the earth is limited and since God was unable to fully manifest the infinite variations of creation that He was capable of creating.

If you wish to know God you must know the ocean and the mountains, and also the creatures that live there. The animals that live in the waters and the mountains were part of a natural museum that could teach man certain models that can be applied in the future as they go along with their lives. Any bird or animal knows how to sing or cry. They cry when they are hungry; they cry when they are happy; they cry to meet another; they cry to make love.

You can see that the world exists in a pair system centering on the three great purposes. Everything in the ocean and in the mountains are a result of the love between a male and female. Their descendants multiplied, ate and were eaten. These things of the lowest levels were devoured. People ate grass and herbs to survive. God did not create so that the strong should eat the weak. You have to think of this the other way: the weak are nourishing the strong. God created so that the weak should nourish and give life to the strong. That is why, the weak are nourishing the larger things of creation with a heart of love and sacrifice themselves to enable them to elevate to a higher positions where they can receive God's love.

Yet, people were thinking this the other way around. 'The survival of the fittest' where did this phrase come from? Bacteria feed off of the land and devour bacterium that are larger than themselves. Small things enable the large ones to multiply and grow. You have to know that even bacteria sacrifices itself so that it can become something that can contribute to human beings. So too do you follow the same laws of creation.

People were born as the greatest man or woman before God. The mind and body of the man and woman emerged from heaven. Thus, they must return it to heaven. To do so, the smaller beings are absorbed into the larger beings. In the same way, when we sacrifice and offer our entire being to God, His will can be completed. Then God can be liberated. The universe can be liberated only when God is liberated. As such a relationships exists, the things in creation, for example, the ocean is one with water. That is why the love-making that you see within the species that inhabit the ocean and mountains serves as a model for you to make love as an ideal couple. You need a textbook. You should realize that nature is that textbook and museum.

When you and your spouse make love, how can you live in love for 10, 20, 50 or even thousands of years? If you have to live with a person everyday for a thousand years you'll probably grow weary of that person. Yet your love to that very person whom you grow weary of represents the way of love for all things including all the animals that inhabit both the heaven and earth and which make love in pairs. This love was to create a kingship of love that could liberate and perfect God. Thus, when two people make love they do so centering on the dual characteristics of God, with their invisible mind and tangible body. The body and mind exists to manifest the environmental conditions enabling two people, a couple, to make love. Yet, the mind and body are divided; where now are these two worlds?

Because of the Fall, Satan now dominates the body and God dominates the mind. Yet, our being which is based on this body cannot become the standard root of the world of the mind. The mind should become the root and center of the body and actual world. In order to unite the mind and body in this world, the religious circles should combine forces to revive the mind and freely control the body for tens of thousands of years, allowing the two to harmonize to become an entity of love in the heavenly world for tens of thousands of years as desired by the mind. All shall be in happiness and complete bliss. When a couple lives in that kind of absolute happiness they are in fact living with God.

By living with Him you can become as one with Him. Yet, all this was divided and conflicting with one another. Isn't your mind and body in conflict? Well? By attaching greater importance to the body, you become completely ignorant of Satan in the satanic world thus eating away your mind in the process. This must be corrected and driven in the right direction. The saints have all taught that your mind and body are in conflict. Yet, they did not teach you how to end this conflict. Jesus himself did not know how to do this. Neither did anybody else. People born from the lineage of the false parent did not know how to explain this struggle. This struggle can be resolved only when you are born from the lineage of the True Parent.

True Parents' history began from a higher dimension than that of Jesus. Man fell when they were 16. When I was 16 I took on Jesus' providential mission and since then have led my life to bring it to fulfillment. I am now 88. That's two eights. When there are three it represents Godism: God's family, Adam's family and his children. The fruit of these families is produced in the fourth generation. The first, second, third generations are connected vertically. The hearts of God, Adam and Eve, and the children must become; their love should become one. Here the fruit is produced in the fourth generation. You are the fruit from that fourth generation which can represent God, the perfected Adam and Eve, and their children -- a person who can unite with the children that are as one with God.

You are not a total mess. You have two eyes, two ears…. You cannot marry and then compare your husband with another's and then decide to go after the other man, divorcing your husband. You are not free to divorce like that. If you do you would have to root out God, root out the other world, and root out Adam and Eve and their children. Because of Satan, God never had a chance to love His grandchildren. Did He? Are you the descendants of the grandchildren that were loved by God? You are the descendants of Adam and Eve who fell. You have nothing to do with God and His love. You cannot vaguely continue to live in this world.

I have come this far, suffering humiliation, overcoming difficulties to build the ideal of peace. An atomic bomb was created by Satan to destroy God's world of creation. If people in each neighborhood were free to press the button to detonate atomic bombs or hydrogen bombs the universe would be destroyed. In that kind of dangerous situation there's no knowing when you would be killed. The blast of an atomic bomb comes as a reaction to the heat that is applied. The nations of the world all fought each others as enemies and created the atomic bomb. Which nation is closest to America? Canada. Which nation is closest to Canada? It is the rest of the world.

If America's storehouse of atomic bombs exploded it would trigger the atomic bombs in Canada and completely melt this universe. We are living in that kind of situation. Who made it that way? These atomic bombs should be brought to the deepest place in the Pacific Ocean, a depth of over 12,000 meters. It should be covered with water and sand. In Noah's time all the animals perished during the flood judgment. The bombs buried in the most deepest place of the ocean should be completely detonated. When it does, turning the world upside down, are you confident that you would survive?

Do you know the word 'purge'? In the past, communists purged anyone, whether he or she was their father, mother or sibling, if they didn't agree with communism. Blood was shed. Those who stood as enemies to God killed God's son and brought about bloodshed. That battled took place on the individual level, in families, in tribes, people, nations and the world. It is a final showdown between the democratic world and the communist world. Isn't the communist world atheist? To them anybody who believed in God was a die-hard reactionary. They wanted to instantly kill with guns and other weapons these die-hard reactionaries -- even their dogs. What can you find in the cultural spheres of the Pacific Rim? They consist of people who were poor and driven out yet still longing for their hometown.

When you think about it, if your mother or father was a monster of a communist that killed many people in history, destroying anything that has life, and if they destroy the world out of spite leaving only a handful of survivors, do you think those survivors would sit still? They would demand vengeance for the blood of their siblings, parents, wife and child. The father would try to kill the mother; the mother would try to kill the father; the son would try to kill his parents; parents would try to kill their son; brothers would kill among each other.

Do you think individualism is something that can be accepted by God? It leads only to complete annihilation. In the title, "New Civilization of the Pacific Rim," the Chinese character pronounced shin can mean 'new' as in this phrase or 'God.' In a new civilization life goes on centering on the waters from the Pacific Rim. Spring water flows into the river. People live off that water. The river sustains all life, plants and animals. Wouldn't they die without water? They would have to dig up and eat dirt. Plants that grow from the earth are sustained by water. 

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