The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Summary Of Father's Words Before Leaving Korea For USA

Sun Myung Moon
May 13, 2007

Peace Messages chapters 1, 2, and 3 are about the things the family of True Parents had to do; chapter 4 was about the people advancing the providence for national restoration; chapter 5 went beyond into the age of kingship; chapter 6 was about science; the rest were repeated moving on to chapter 7. That is a principle; it is important.

The time has come to bring a conclusion to these messages. Like a locomotive you should move forward until January 6, 2013. It's terrible the fact that we must begin a seven year course. It is time for the UN, the US government, God's will and the Unification Movement to be in alignment. March 17, April 17, May 17 -- three months can bring three eras to one focal point. The path to America this time is to bring a decisive end and conclusion in providential history. You have to know that such a solemn hour is upon us.

I proclaimed all the details of providence in chapter 1 (of the Peace Messages) and have been fulfilling it until now. I have already brought it to a conclusion. I will proclaim the Abel UN in the upcoming rally. Rallies will surely be held until September 17 to draw in the Cain-type UN. If people oppose the Unification Church let them.

There is nothing to justify their opposition. They all failed. It is because I have laid a foundation greater than theirs. There is not chance of victory for such opposition. That is why we are marching to the final frontline. The time when I could guide you will pass. You know everything now. The providential outlook can be found in this single chapter (Peace Message 13). Mother must take the lead. It is not Adam who will take the leading in bringing submission to the Abel-type nation. The mother should unite Cain and Abel. The Mother should bring an end to the battle between Cain and Abel and offer them united to Father. That should be done on January 6, 2013.

From now women should be driven. The era of a new Pacific Rim Civilization is actually the era of a heavenly Pacific Rim civilization. A new divine culture will be created. It will not be a history of culture but a history of civilization. You have to understand how impatient I am in walking this path. Heaven can be entered only when one enters with the flag of victory of the UN. Otherwise you can't. No matter how many successful foundations you have, you must leave them when you go. You cannot have any attachments to them. You have to bid the world farewell. You are not leaving something behind to return to. You have to clear everything away.

That's what I'm doing now in preparation for that moment. I have no need to return. I have to move on to the 'other side.' From now God's providence of salvation will be brought to an end. There wasn't any religion or politics before the fall. Politics have persecuted religion until now. Politics belonged to the sphere of Cain; Abel belonged to the religions spheres which shed blood. This battle is still one between materialism and theism. The material world: the heavenly world. It's all in chapter 1.

True Parents leave for America.

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