The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

True Parents Return to America

Sun Myung Moon
May 13, 2007
East Garden
Motherís Day

A special presentation of flowers was made to True Parents by Mrs. Alexa Ward (WFWP President for USA), Mrs. Lynn Walsh - Women in Leadership as Ambassadors for Peace, Mrs. Reiko Jenkins - ACLC Women in Ministry and Mrs. Erikawa - special representative of the Motherland of Japan and assistant to the Continental Director. These women are coordinating the Welcome Committee of Women in support of True Parents.

Dr. Peter Kim reporting:

Father has returned after 375 days... Shin Kook Nim (Heavenly Nation) was born while we traveled. This boy is the first of True Parentsí children or grandchildren who was given a name before he was born.

Report on recent events:

Hawaii King Garden was christened. The Pacific Rim Era is not only for America but for all humankind. This is an era of peace. Father called the leaders from over 50 nations to join with Korea, Japan, and America. We thought it was a welcome-home occasion. But it became a huge providential event. This launched the key speech of True Father for the providence. It will be historically given by Father on three major occasions: March 17 in Kona, April 17 at True Parentís Day, and on May 17 in Washington, D.C.

In Hawaii Father invited the Min Dan (Pro South Korean) and the Cho Cheon Yun (pro North Korean) leaders to Hawaii for a huge providential condition of restoration. Educating them is for a very central and providential purpose. They are to be united as one and overcome the boundaries of the two enemies of North Korea and South Korea.

The tunnel that was being built between Japan and Korea has been stalled for many years because of lack of political will. Many politicians are now getting behind the development of the tunnel. Some would like to take this from us; however, many key leaders know that it was started by Father directly. Father is laying many conditions to bring unity between Japan and Korea. Once this tunnel is built, many scholars have said that North Korea will have to open because of the pressure from the world, especially Japan, to travel by car to the Bering Strait and the rest of the world. This is the beginning of a worldwide superhighway, and North. Korea will not be able to resist this trend. I am sure that you will see more information about this.

The Bering Strait project will be moved forward. Key nations have met, and Russia is moving forward. When Father proclaimed the Bering Strai t World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel, I wondered what was going to happen. Now heaven is moving so quickly. As you know, 120 nations were visited directly by True Parents. Father spoke of the Bering Strait World Peace King and Tunnel in every one of these places.

This is not easily done by regular citizens. For this to work, governments must be involved. Not only NGOs, but governments. This also must be done by key religious leaders as well. As I mentioned, Fatherís superhighway must be created. This is the greatest civil engineering project in history. That will be the way in which Cheon Il Guk will be opened.

Russia should be responsible for 25 percent, America should be responsible for 25 percent, and the rest should be supported by NGOs.

It should be 12 lanes.


This will also bring unity to the world. We need the largest tunnel digging machine. I want to bring religious leaders to be a part of this. This is a way to unify the religious people who are prepared. If this happens, even though Russia and America have been enemies, they can unite together.

Religious bodies must play a key role here. This is what America must accomplish. No weapons should cross this bridge. This will be a peace bridge. America can accomplish this if it unites with the will of heaven.

Peter Kim:

Father would speak first. He introduced Mother. He talked about the importance of the womenís age and that the Pacific Rim era is the era of women. Father made all the preparations for this. It was as if he created a car to drive and then Mother drove it.

Over 200,000 people gathered in 24 days. Father proclaimed a new civilization. We have a new placard. Father changed to a new Chinese character for "new" civilization. He wanted a new meaning for Godís civilization. We can use Godís civilization in our education because Godís civilization is a completely new phenomenon on the earth.

People were so humble and attentive. If you donít know the spirit world, you will become Young Mang, which means "ignorant of what the spirit world is doing" in a sense "illiterate" about the reality of the spirit world.

People who came to the rally could be forgiven of all past sins. When we received reflections of the participants, we found that some felt a real change as their sins were given. We gave the Holy Wine and they made a pledge that they would not commit adultery, they would not divorce, and they would teach their children to be pure. Once blessed, they will have to completely be educated about the way of the Blessed Family. Many people would sign a pledge to work on it. True Parents traveled all around the world and gave this forgiveness and blessing.

Then there was the video presentation. By the time Fatherís speech came, it was amazing. The people were really ready to receive it.

The 24-city tour went from April to May 3. On April 17, Father gave the message on True Parentsí Day. Internally Father offered the speech to heaven at Chung Joong Goong. There were several thousand there who were from our movement and then about 300 leaders who were not FFWPU but from other organizations. For 37 years we have been blocked in many ways in Korea from expanding our foundation, but the time has now changed. We are receiving support from many key organizations.

As you know, Father sent True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim to do an evangelical tour in many cities in Japan. Mother was the one who spoke; Hyun Jin Nim supported Mother and Shin Jun Nim also attended, meaning that three generations were there.

The family should be the fundamental root of all heavenly structure. Father has been talking about spherical relations.

In the future we must learn Korean.


Through the Korean alphabet -- you can pronounce all the sounds of the universe. When you know Korean you can "know" all the sounds of the universe. The Korean language is the best for all sounds. Whether in the spirit world or the physical world, everyone will have to know it. Unless you know Korean, you will not be able to communicate well with God. Why? Because the Korean language allows you to understand a certain level of heart.

All of your thoughts and feelings must be established in writing. You have to really learn how to speak and write. You will develop your heart through Korean. In Korean you can pronounce many sounds. The Japanese language is very limited. Using the Korean language you can speak all kinds of languages.

The Pacific Rim Peace Message will be the 13th Peace Message. There will be 14 messages in all. When I have given the 14th peace message, then I will have completed all Peace Messages. This will be the 13th Peace Message. This will conclude the Peace Messages. We must study these messages.)

Peter Kim: 

Father changed Motherís Name officially to Moon because she is now like Fatherís twin. If they are twins, they must have the same name. May 5th was the first Ahn Shi Il. This was the Seung Han Ship Sang Il. Which means the number 10, or perfection. Father gathered 10,000 at that time.

Father has incredible fortune -- Father is working primarily in the religious field but also he is working through culture and sports. Our soccer team, the Il Hwa team, is the Korean champion. It has held this spot many years in a row and has won the national championship for the last seven years.

Also Father works to make a great contribution to performing arts. Father invested so much money in the performing arts. His ballet company is the leading one in Korea. The National Ballet company canít compete. Father added parts to the Shin Chong story that were such a great joy to God.

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