The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Leaders should be elected

Sun Myung Moon
May 12, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
Welcoming True Mother Back to Korea
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon August 8, 2010

Summary of Father's words

Those in positions of responsibility in Korea and Japan should compete to see who can hold the most rallies using this speech (Peace Message 13). Based on that, leaders should be elected. They should be capable of standing on stage. A standard should be made from now on how the speech is read. Those with a lot of experience needed training to connect with a spiritual relationship.

You should not just walk around with the book. Even people in hell in the spirit world desperately want to hear this speech. You have to guide many people in order to have a heartistic experience that can enable you to move the hearts of people in the lowest to the highest realms. You should designate the people in the low-middle-top class and see how much you can continue to improve in terms of your influence. When leaders look at the audience they can tell. From now we should raise global leaders from those agents who can evaluate the message.

Anybody can deliver a speech in his mother tongue. It's quite difficult to do so in a foreign tongue. You have to raise leaders. How many hundreds of times did you do rallies; how many people have joined this movement. Judging from the results we should raise people of a high standard and with many accomplishments and send them out to foreign countries. This message can deeply inspire even the smart people. In the era of the beginning of a new civilization of the Pacific rim, heaven and earth will be turned upside down.

You should be aware of the emotions of the age and expand toward the direction of God's will. You are in a various serious position that entails responsibility. You have to train people. You should go to your hometown, to any village that has at least three homes and sit there to read this message. You should refer to the Peace Messages and hold a rally to educate people.

(5:35 a.m. Ms. Woo Ok Shim gave a report on True Mother's rally in Japan.)

Summary of Ms. Shim's report:

We had the opportunity to host rallies in ten major cities of Japan for True Mother and Hyun-jin nim. In my heart I wished that we could also attend True Father along with True Mother. It pains my heart that we were unable this time. Yet, among our members there were many who spiritually saw Father accompany True Mother throughout the rallies.

During the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly in February this year Father stated "Japan is in the final month of pregnancy," and asked "Are you ready to deliver?" Childbirth is a divided point between life and death. A mother feels that she must die in order to give birth to new life. We must reunite North and South Korea by 2012 so that True Parents can declare their kingship in 2013.

I tell the Japanese leaders that we have the mission to complete the race, just like the last runner who receives the baton. We are not here because of happenstance; we should all return to the spirit we had in the early years of our church. I do not think that True Parents are comfortable in Cheon Jeong Gung. To me they always seem to be uneasy with concern.

Summary of Rev. Peter Kim's report:

On May 8, Mr. Dong Moon Joo met Mr. Ki Moon Ban, the UN secretary-general at the UN Headquarters building. Mr. Ban had invited Mr. Joo to his building. Mr. Joo said that he explained to Mr. Ban Father's vision for renewing the UN and in installing an inter-religious council within the United Nations. Come May 17, we are expecting the secretary-general, President Bush and former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to send congratulatory messages to the 25th anniversary of the Washington Times and 100th anniversary of UPI. We are also expecting George Bush Senior to participate in the event where he will greet True Parents. In this event, True Parents will declare the UPF as the Peace UN, to mark another chapter in providence.

(8:30 a.m. Father asks Mr. Ota to give a testimony on how he joined the church.)

Summary of Mr. Ota's testimony

After enrolling in college I was an avid tennis player and joined a club. I remember practicing tennis by myself one day in mid-May. I was sweating profusely and my thighs ached so much that I could hardly walk. The hospital said that nothing was wrong but something was wrong with my body. My dream was to study physics and become like the Nobel laureate Dr. Yukawa. One day I looked into myself and pondered my true motives for studying. I realized that I was not studying for the sake of my nation or society; I was studying out of my desire for knowledge and to realize my value. Upon realizing this I was greatly disappointed in myself.

From then I yearned to know about life. I studied religion and philosophy and talked with many people. Yet, I could not find an answer. On June 20, 1965 after completing my finals for my sophomore year I went to a temple in Nara. I found a small path to the side of the temple. There was a lady on that path who had large eyes and was giving off light. She yelled at me "Do you have conviction on life?' No, I replied. "I can tell you the truth about the universe and life. There will be a gathering today; please come." I said that I will.

She took me to a very small house. I was the only one there to listen to hear lecture. I rebuked her "You told me that there will be many people. Who are you going to teach?" "You" she said and opened her notebook and began to give a lecture. Honestly speaking I didn't understand what she was talking about. After she was done she said that she will prepare a tasty meal for me. She cooked curry rice. But it didn't have any meat or vegetables. That is how poor our movement was in the early days in Japan. I wondered "How could anybody in the 20th century live like this?" This was how I came to know the Unification Church. 

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