The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Nature renders judgment to you

Sun Myung Moon
May 11, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon August 8, 2010

Summary of Father's words:

(While reminiscing the time when he wrote the poem, "Crown of Glory") Nature renders judgment to you. I prayed in a very dreadful place. My family and nation (were in a desperate situation.) Everybody I trusted was punished… I didn't know why things had become the way they were… it was all because of me… Jesus' hope was for a person to come who could resolve all this. God, too, was saying that He was unable to do this and so was asking me through Jesus to do this.

Knowing this do you think I could live as I please? I didn't eat; I didn't sleep. The arms and legs of this young boy would collapse without his knowing. He would slump to the floor and fall asleep. He would get up even though he was actually too exhausted to stand up. Yet, he pushed himself and took action knowing that he had to get up and continue on this path. Thus, I have come this far. That is how I push myself even today.

If you laugh at the peace messages or joke about it you will be struck down by lightning. You have to know that I had published this booklet in hopes that you become a person who could become someone who could be part of the group of friends or comrades that that could heal my wounds when I went through hardships; someone who could be part of the group of warriors during battle; someone who could die with me and be buried together in a public cemetery and pledge to become a heavenly soldier once he went to heaven.

When the women of the Unification Church went out witnessing and on difficult paths, Heaven guided them to the path that would bring them together with their fiancée. I guided them, taught them and raised them. How could they forget? That's the kind of past they have. The same goes for the men as well. They would cry out of their desire to meet me. How can I find those members (who left)? They disappeared without a trace. I roamed about in search for them. It took me a year sometimes even two years to find them. Yet, I gave spiritually guidance to people in difficult situations.

That is why it is different. Ambassadors for peace should go through that experience from now. You don't have any way to be connected to me. You are all established (in society) and live well off. You all look down on the Unification Church. I view you as an ambassador for peace. You are in the position of the archangel -- the archangel that failed to fulfill its responsibility. You live in fortune only because it was allowed to you; you did not gain success by the authority of this nation. You led an easy life thanks to the legacy left behind by your ancestors but that doesn't mean anything to me.

That's how I view you. Recently I allowed for (the children of) ambassadors for peace to be blessed with each other. Why? Among the ambassadors for peace there are some who served in the government as a minister or president. There were all kinds of people. Yet, they all thought "I won't be blessed unless my partner is someone that was a minister-level or higher." They thought "I will only work in such and such a position."

Well, go ahead and look for that 'position.' Try finding it for eternity. You'll never find that kind of position. To find such a place you have to be like a child and live for the sake of all the people, their siblings and family, who are there. You have to learn from them. Yet, these ambassadors for peace seek to be served and treated with respect. I will not allow for special seats to be prepared for these outside people. Wherever they go, even if it is to one of our gathering, they sit in the back.

They would think that I would come just because they invited me. The members of a certain church who invited me would prepare, praying from early morning. When I appeared to them in the morning, the people who had prayed, not knowing who I was, treated me rudely. Yet, it was me who they were waiting for. They were waiting for the lecturer to come at the promised hour. They waited (but he did not appear.) One of the authoritative figures thought, "He (Father) could not possibly be the person that we should seek for and attend as our teacher in terms of the dignity of our church." That's how he treated me. There were many times when I went to a gathering at the promised time only to pack up and return without saying a word because they didn't think I was the one.

Mother must now perfect herself by June 16, 2013. Then she should return to her original position. When the mother and father attend God, they should lead a life in the position of a servant that can teach people the way of a servant in the unfallen world. They should teach individuals the path leading to perfection; they should find a nation and show the path of perfection. If you must go through hardships again or if such a time comes when you, who have risen within the Unification Church, have to return to such times of hardships, you would all run away! [No, we will not!] You liars, you'll probably all flee. If you are a school principal, for example, and the students are on strike, you have to leave! It's not your individual problem.

(6:45 a.m. Father asks Ms. Dow Soon Choi (72 blessed couple) to sing, calling her "a famous woman in the Unification Church.")

This lady, Dow Soon Choi, is quite famous. Whenever she went out to battle, she would give a hard time to any man or woman who opposed the Unification Church. She would do anything that she was told to.

Summary of Ms. Dow Soon Choi's testimony:

When I was waiting to be blessed (for the 72 couples blessing) I remember seeing a man among the male candidates there who looked somewhat absentminded. I'm not saying that he still is that way but that was my impression of him at that time. But on a more careful look I realized it was the same person on the photo I was given by Father in my dream telling me "This person is your fiancée." That's how I met my late husband. (Mr. Joon Hyung Lee)

Father told me that he would have no regrets once he sees me breastfeeding my baby. When I heard him say that I was worried that I might not have any babies but since then I have given birth to three children. After being blessed I went to my mission area. It was hard times; I had to live in a small room with my husband's parents and siblings. After my husband quit Il Hwa we went into the rice business. I was strong enough To carry a bag of rice that weighed 40 kg up 5 stories. My husband, though, was not strong enough to carry a bag on his own.

I lived at Cheolwon-gun (Dongsong-myun) for 51 years. Yet, our church is still so shabby. My wish, if possible, would be for the church building to be rebuilt anew.

(After Ms. Choi finished her testimony, Father gave instructions for support to be given in rebuilding the church in Cheolwon.) 

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