The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae at the Cheon Jeong Gung

Sun Myung Moon
May 10, 2007
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the UC History Compilation Committee

Summary of Father's words:

As you are all smart people, I'm sure these words (from Cheon Seong Gyeong) make sense to you. You may think these words were dramatically made up but they are facts. If it's dramatic it means that it's close to the principles and laws. It means that it is in line with the principles and laws.

You must be able to love your wife, your beloved children that you gave birth to from a position that is more detestable than the extent to which Satan hates God. You have to abandon Abel and love Cain. That's the only way. This may upset you. Yet, things can be resolved that way. Do you understand, you ladies?

What do I have to do with the sins committed by women thousands and ten thousands of years ago? You must absolutely do as I say. You must. If not, you will end up entangled in Satan's trap. How do you make love? With your hands? No, with your sexual organ. The turning point in a nation's prosperity and decline was determined when the sexual organs were destroyed. Rome and America perished that way.

The Moon clan were the most opposed to the Unification Church. Did you know the opposition began from the Yonsei University? The Moon clan did not believe that I was a normal person -- even my grandfather who tried to stop me from leaving my town. Rev. Moon of the Unification Church was treated as the most despicable person in the world.

I was never educated like that. I lived in the family of a monster (granduncle Yoon Gook Moon) who was part of the Independence group. I lived at the bottom of the house of the person who Satan regarded as his worst nemesis. I knew that was not my life though.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak reads an article from a newspaper published by the YFWP in Korea about Yoon Gook Moon, True Father's granduncle who worked for Korea's independence.

I never knew what my grandfather and granduncle were doing. I saw that article and understood for the first time what kind of life they led. If I had known my grandfather and father could have helped me. They were people who knew the path to victory for the nation and the path the saints took that led them to victory.

My granduncle was a 'monster' when it came to Korea's independence. After reading this article yesterday I sat in thought for about an hour. If my grandfather had told me about this I could have stood in the position of king of the greatest independence fighters and brought everyone together.

How could I have not known! Why didn't my father and grandfather tell me! I wouldn't have to think about these things right now (if they had told me.) Yet, my entire household perished. I don't know if it was Satan's doing or somebody else. I could see Satan's involvement though. For example, our house was the main house; once my mother was lighting a fire against the wall. A piece of coal flew five meters and ripped a hole in the door and lit fire on the eaves.

But that's nothing. I saw many strange things. Chopsticks walking on their own. The reason Heaven allowed my household to suffer and go to ruin was to educate me. Heaven took away all the people I loved. The people who cared for me soon feel ill, like my uncle. One by one they were taken away.

That was why when I was 16 I was able to relate with Jesus and decided to inherit (his mission). I knew that I had to take responsibility for everything. I knew that even if I were to be taken to the execution grounds a hundred times and killed a hundred times I had to come back to life and continue on this path. With that kind of heart I went on the path barefooted.

Once I start praying I would usually pray for 15 to 17 hours. I would continue to pray without any thought about eating breakfast or lunch. I was determined to die in prayer. What use was it to live? My relatives and town were in ruin. It was like a dream seeing that reality. The poem I wrote when I was 16, "Crown of Glory" was inspired from one of my most serious prayers.

My father, grandfather and granduncle told me "You should not live as you please. You should live the way your grandfather tells you to. In times of difficulty we will teach you." They promised me this. I had so many questions for him as he was a pastor. Yet, my grandfather knew that he couldn't answer my questions and avoided me. The external environment was created to protect me. The members of the Unification Church are not qualified at all to join the church.

My granduncle would often boast that one of his grandnephew was a genius but lamented the fact that, as he was unable to go to his hometown, he couldn't see how his grandnephew would grow. At the village school they would hold a writing contest. I was one of the participants. Most people could produce an excellent calligraphy with their hand but I could do that by holding the brush with my teeth or with my foot.

My granduncle never thought that such a person who could do that would actually exist. I really felt that my granduncle prayed a lot so that one of his descendants could fulfill God's will. As long as Heaven is with you, you will never perish.

Pointing to the article on Hyo-jin nim's concert that was published in the Japanese magazine "Shintenchi" Father says:

Who's this? It's Hyo-jin sama. He's a genius. You mark my words. I took Hyo Jin to pray when he was about a year or two, about the same age as Shin June here. When we prayed he would say, "Dad! When I went to bed at 12 midnight I heard a voice singing from heaven." Hyo-jin can hear in absolute pitch.

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