The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

From today the doors will be open to freedom

Sun Myung Moon
May 8, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han October 29, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

Today is the 8th. On the eighth day of each month, we should begin Hoon Dok Hae from 4:42 a.m. We've come into the month of May. From today the doors will be open to freedom. It's Parents' Day today (in Korea). The heavenly parent is taking the lead. The achievements of the True Parents should be made public.

Today, we should bring to a conclusion with the 13th (peace message), the speech declaring the era for the opening of a new civilization within the Pacific Rim. Life and everything else is connected to water. The sun, air and such are all nullified without water. Water gives life. Islands can be found in the midst of water. Peninsulas and then continents emerged to allow the islands to be connected to land. I created a federation for island nations. There is of course the United Nations but it ignores the island civilization and knows nothing about it or the peninsular civilization. It doesn't know that the islands should be connected to the continental civilization and land.

Islands emerged from the water then became a peninsula and the peninsula became land. The land was the center of a disruptive battle against the satanic world. The waters in the oceans were divided. The link which God created when man was born that could integrate the culture of the land with that of the water was divided. The incomplete process of creation led to the imperfection of the island, peninsula and continent. The True Parents must come and complete it through Japan which is an island nation. It is one of the larger island nations in the world. That is why Japan stands in the position of the mother.

From now the blessing must be completed by the ambassadors for peace. They should take up the task of the Holy Spirit. I've finished blessing the ambassadors for peace. Now that they are blessed they should take up the task which the church members had done until now. That's because the ambassadors for peace are in the archangel position. Ambassadors for peace should become the father and elder brother of the archangels. In the satanic world, the archangel exploited God's position as the father and elder brother. Aren't most of those archangels (referring to the ambassadors for peace) affiliated with government? They are people who served as the head of the county or village or were in the public services. They used to oppose the Unification Church. They were going to oppose us to the end but times have changed. After the ringleader was forgiven they all are now coming to our movement.

Who should clean this all up? God could not do it. How could he! He wasn't the owner of that blood relationship. I came qualified to become an owner of that blood relationship. They say that Jesus was conceived through the Holy Spirit. What about me? That's nonsense; how can you conceive a child by the Holy Spirit? They falsified his birth and filled it with lies and said that it was Gods. That's why God cannot remain on this earth. There wasn't a king of the heavenly nation. There isn't a king in the heaven that I know. There has to be a king but he doesn't have any people. They must be organized. Why! Because of the human ancestor who were driven away thus making the world the garbage dump that it is.

When I started our church did I do so without knowing anything or do you think I was fully aware of what I was doing? "The Holy Spirits Association for the Unification of World Christianity." This title is all-encompassing. I was saying that I was going to unite world Christianity. Then what? I wasn't just going to unite Christianity. This was an association that was going to unite (the earth with) the holy spirit world. People have said "The ambiance from the place where the eternal God exists creates a unifying feeling in this world as well. There must be a unifying love, unifying life and unifying lineage." Yet, their response is unclear. There wasn't anything to prove this in history.

A Korean is more than capable of becoming world president. He should have something to make him the world's best. Rev. Moon had that something and that is why he was chased around. Women didn't know me but when they saw me they immediately knew that they had to follow me even though I could have been a thief or a burglar. They people who joined the Unification Church were smart.

From now on, only the ambassadors for peace should be made to come. Bring those ambassadors for peace who live well off, who have raised their children well and who are exemplary people. I'm a busy man. I have to raise a leader who can in turn raise ambassadors for peace. I have to raise such leaders from the children and from the elderly. I have to create an ambassador for peace army and family that can boldly handle any issue in their capacity as ambassadors for peace. Then this would be the manual for educating families in the heavenly nation.

I didn't have the opportunity to educate the ambassadors for peace. If I call upon the ambassadors for peace to come to me to be educated will you come or not? [We will.] What would you do if I told you to bring at least a third of what I have spent so far on you? A third would be nothing if it can be used to save the nation, and allow your household to become a prominent household in that nation. Indeed you should bring thirty times and even three hundred times the original amount. How many among the ambassadors for peace would be willing to do that?

(At 6:30 a.m. an ambassador for peace from Busan city gives a brief testimony)

Summary of the testimony given by the ambassador for peace from Busan:

I remember seeing Rev. Moon on TV when I was in elementary school.

Father: Wow, I didn't know that.

Even when I was going to the Presbyterian church I had thought about meeting Rev. Moon.

Father: If you had met me you probably would have been blessed.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sing with Hyun-jin nim. I have a 26-year old daughter who does water ballet. She is a coach now in Singapore.

Father: She should be blessed.

Yes, she has already submitted her application form. 

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