The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

The history of restoration is so complicated

Sun Myung Moon
May 7, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae in Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Dae Mo Nim September 28, 2011

Mr. Peter Kim read Father's words from Cheon Seong Gyeong.

Excerpts from Father's words:

The history of restoration was so complicated. It was even more difficult than the creation of the world. Can you receive salvation through blind faith? Go to the spirit world and you will see – dregs of that world swarming on the bottom of hell. Heavenly Kingdom is far. Even Jesus is staying in paradise. He couldn't experience love. How can a man alone establish love? He needs a woman, a bride. Meeting a bride is an overall conclusion of the Bible. The Bible talks about the Marriage of the Lamb, but people interpreted these words too loosely.

Let's look at our hands. When the right hand meets a perpendicular, for 2 palms to become one, they must meet like this. Do you understand? Right hand also has its perpendicular. If you look at two halves – they represent two persons, a man and a woman. How can they become one after growing up? First they should unite with God. Since they couldn't achieve this unity with God first, Satan took God's position. Now there is no right hand. There is no man on Heaven's side. The woman was dishonored, so she stood on Satan's side, not on God's.

The last days bring the end to Satan's will. According to God's Will man and woman were supposed to become one like this. Try doing this. (Father claps hands.) That's what they call an "accord." To become one you must reach an accord. Why is it so? You must become round. If you do, your souls will fit each other. When man's soul and woman's soul mesh with each other, heaven and earth come together. Later when a man and a woman marry, a man goes to the top. Who decided this? It's not God, it's the original mind who decided this. That's what original mind tells you. This is an important talk.

Korean is a language full of revelations. Why do we call God – "Hananim." Because He is only one -- "hana" in Korean. God doesn't have a wife, does He? Why is there this talk about the Holy Spirit in the Bible? What kind of God is God, and what kind of god is the Holy Spirit? People don't understand that God is the Father and the Holy Spirit is the mother. The Holy Spirit must come, raise Jesus to the position of a son, and find everything God was waiting for. Since the woman fell, another woman must appear and receive revelations from God. In last days women deceive men, archangels. In the past men could simply kill women they disliked or do all kinds of things to them, didn't they?

In the age of restoration everything is opposite. The realm of oceanic culture is the realm of women's culture, isn't this true? In the Unification Church we speak about the new civilization of the Pacific Rim. "New civilization" in Korean is "Shin Moon Myung." But actually I meant to use in this word not the Chinese character "shin" which means "new", but the Chinese character which has the same reading "shin", but a different meaning -- "spirit", or "God." We also use the expression "a revolutionary era." The word "kaebyeok" revolutionary" (literally meaning "the beginning of the world") sounds similarly to the words "kwesang-han byeok" "queer wall." It means that there is some kind of queer wall on people's way so that they cannot see straight ahead of themselves even though God is very near.

Where did these people come from? Incheon? If you write the name of this city in Chinese characters it looks like 2 persons and 3 rivers. Chinese character for river consists of 3 vertical lines. So the combination of these two characters signifies that once two persons -- man and woman -- get married, they must have at least 3 children. Body is fundamental manifestation of love. You body is a fruit of your father's and your mother's love. So it doesn't belong separately neither to father and mother, nor to son. Children participate in the love of their parents. I am a participant in the "root-love" of my parents. Can a man alone give birth to children?

What is virtue? Being virtuous is not about becoming some kind of boss. I rather tell you, become a boss of virtue. So, what is virtue? It is established when the supreme Father and supreme Mother unite with each other as God's representatives and strike Satan. This kind of people become lords of virtue. The Chinese character "virtue" includes the symbol of 2 persons, symbol signifying number 4 and the symbol for "mind." So "virtue" is none other than two persons, man and woman who achieve a four-position foundation and live in unity as if having one mind. This character symbolizes entire universe.

Who am I? I'm a possessor of an exclusive right. The inventor may get an exclusive patent for his invention, so he can sell his invention to other people. Do you know what exclusive right is? I'm talking about the exclusive right for eternal life – life in the ideal world, in the place God likes the most. That's the way I interpret the Chinese character "virtue." Isn't it amazing? What's the philosophy behind it? It symbolizes the universe.

Today people from Incheon came to attend this Hoon Dok Hae. Actually I dislike that area the most, there are many sailors, and their culture is very licentious. Such a culture is sick with chronic disease of the satanic world. Even water gets dirty when it passes by such areas. The further you move into hell, the darker surroundings become.

Three quarters of our bodies consist of water. People's insides are dirty as water in Incheon. Birds living on the sea shore eat the leftovers of people's food. So when the morning comes you can see them flocking together and making a hell of a noise asking people, their masters, for food. That's not a harmony. Try clapping hands like this. This is harmony. The harmony should start from fingertips. The harmony starts from here. Try doing this. (Father forms a round shape with his hands.) It's something like a ball. Women also have their ball. Your conscience must be even more round than this.

I won't teach much in Korea from now on. Those who want to know will know. This book written as a secret document should be in your room in the most important place. Not only this book, collection of my speeches also. In the end of this book there is my request to people? It is a request to read my Peace Messages explaining the essence of the ideal of Cheon Il Guk. In other words, I'm telling people to live by that ideal.

These speeches contain the ticket to Cheon Il Guk I'm talking about. Live so that Satan has no way to accuse you! The conclusion of this speech is just half page long. It would be good to make it longer, but I made it short. The point is that you should make a new beginning, and convey the conclusion of my speeches to all your relatives, teach them all these secrets. 

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