The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Restoration was much more difficult than creating this world

Sun Myung Moon
May 7, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han June 2, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

Restoration was much more difficult than creating this world. Some may say, "Just believe and you will be saved!" But go and see for yourself; they are all swarming in filth the abyss called hell in the spirit world. They are far from heaven. Even Jesus still remains in Paradise. Jesus never had the chance to know love. A man needs a woman to know love. He needs a bride. What is the conclusion of the Bible? It is to meet the bride -- the 'feast of the lamb.'

The Last Days is when Satan's ambitions come to an end. People didn't know that God is the Father and the Holy Spirit is the Mother. The Holy Spirit should come, raise Jesus to the position of the Son and take him to where God awaits. The woman was the first to fall; thus the woman should come forward -- women who receive divine revelations. Men are archangels. In the Last Days, the women will strike the men. Men killed women and did all sorts of terrible things to them out of spite. In the era of restoration the opposite will happen. Doesn't the ocean culture represent the culture of women? The Unification Church is in the era of the beginning of the new divine civilization of the Pacific Rim.

(Pointing to one of the participants) Where are you from? [I am from Incheon.] (The Chinese character) for Incheon (仁川) consists of the Chinese characters which could be re-interpreted as meaning, "two people" and "three streams merge into one." Thus, two people must have three sons. In order to become an owner on the earth, there should be three sons -- the first son, second son (and third son). The parents should be able to say "My son!"; the children should be able to say "Mom! Dad!"

What do we mean when we say these words "mom, dad, children"? It refers to the fundamental love from the body. (Children are the) fruit of the father's love, the fruit of the mother's love. These fruits are not separate; the children do not separately belong to the mother and father. Children were involved in the love-making of their father and mother. Wow! Have you ever heard anybody say that? We were at the root of the love of our parents. We were there in the very action. Can a man have children just by himself? [Somebody answers "yes".] You rascal! Korea is a revelatory language. The Bible can be read in that way. When my story is added to the Bible it will no longer be needed. I'm the owner (of the Bible). The Old and New Testament have passed. We are now in a new age that is on a totally different level.

What does it mean to bring together two different virtues? It means becoming a "virtuous" person. What is virtue? It is about the greatest father and greatest mother becoming one in exterminating Satan on God's behalf. Then they can become a "virtuous" person. A "virtuous" person creates a four-position foundation in this universe with another and becomes as one mind with that person. If two people create a four-position foundation centering on this great universe and become as one, they become the central core that rules the universe. Doesn't my explanation sound true? I have that exclusive right. Eternal life is a privilege. God wishes to live eternally in the ideal world. We want to go to that world.

What is oriental thought? What does the Chinese character dong (meaning "east") refer to? It is a combination of the characters mok meaning tree and il meaning day. The eastern tree, like the tallest tree in the world, can wield the greatest power and authority in the world when dawn breaks. This enriches the universe. The universe is illuminated if I am bright; it grows dim if I am gloomy. The cultures in the east are advanced. The Far East is becoming a problem. Seoul and Tokyo are a problem.

What comes to mind when we talk about a tree? What comes to mind is a person bearing a cross. Light, like the sun, shines on men and women. Would I love or hate people from Incheon? Incheon caused the most problems in terms of our maritime industry. There is place called Ju-an in Incheon. We built our factory in Ju-an. Ju-an is spelled using the Chinese characters ju meaning red and a meaning tranquility. You don't know how much the people opposed us when we went to Ju-an.

What's my name? Sun Myung Moon. What do these Chinese characters mean? What does sun mean? Among the Chinese characters pronounced sun there is [] meaning "first," [] meaning "goodness." There is [] which is a combination of the Chinese characters meaning "fish" and "lamb." [] is alright. It is the character used for the Chinese character meaning "teacher." Or we can say the owner of [] "goodness."

What next? Then you become a king. That's what this means. What is Rev. Moon's mission? I have to seek water -- the seawater; not river water. Spring water branches out. Water can cut anything. It can cut your finger. You can even cut the planet earth with water.

The Chinese character meaning "mother" looks like two of the same character -- the Chinese character meaning "woman" -- on top of each other. Wherever I go I can entertain people with my words. If I talk for a couple of days someone would propose to make an encyclopedia out of my words and follow me around.

What is most important in a family? It is the relationships: top-bottom, left-right, and front-back. People find themselves in a difficult spot when they are on a plane -- a horizon or a horizontal line. There is a lot of research material on the horizon by people interested in the universe. You cannot fathom the depth of the interest in the ocean. You cannot go to tall mountains because that's where the tigers live. Only God is capable of occupying the tallest mountain, the deepest places and highest places.

People always think it would be nice to be the owner of the deepest and highest places. There may not be any need to teach the Divine Principle in Korea… Most Koreans already know about it. You can find this book in the most important place of a person's room, kept in secret. If you look at my published speeches, you will find a certificate or ticket to heaven at the back of the speech. I did this to prevent Satan from accusing and to render him immobile. The conclusion of my speech this time is only about half a page. It should be made longer…. You should reveal the conclusion of this (peace) message to your clan. It has things that should be taught in secrecy. The Cosmic Parent cannot produce. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind can produce. There isn't a single person in your generation that can be considered God's grandson or granddaughter. There is no way denying that!

Who is the owner of the Il Hwa Football Club? When I die do you think it would continue to be Rev. Moon's? It's only one generation. That's why you should raise a successor who is better than yourself. I'm sure you would like to know before I die about the secret formula I apply to football. How many people are there in a football team? [There are eleven.] I'm working hard to give an award to those eleven players. Have you ever thought about that? You should be instilled with that kind of philosophy.

Sung Jin's mother [Sung Il Choi] loved me more than anybody else. (She felt that) her beloved husband was taken away by the women in the Unification Church. She would come to the church thinking all the women went to their homes, beyond the hill, but find them sleeping in the church. Or see them finally going to sleep in the early morning only to see them sitting there eating the meal they prepared after waking up. Do you think my wife, who prepares my meal, would enjoy that sight or not? I too would be disgusted at that sight if I was her. She's right, though. It was because of the women that people began to bad-mouth me.

They fought amongst themselves. There is a Korean proverb, "A shrimp brakes his back in a whale fight." (This expression is used in a situation where an innocent bystander gets caught up in a fight between two stronger people, and is hurt in the process.) I was exactly in that situation. These women would come (to the church.) They can come but they should be humble like servants or even like children before my wife. If I go to a different room they should be the first to say to my wife, "Dear lady, your husband went to room next door. Let me take you to him." Wouldn't that been nice! If they did she would have taken them with her day and night. I mean they would be escorting my wife. But they didn't. Those women are of the unforgivable type. I don't want to go to their heaven.

Sung Jin's mother was an devoted follower of the Youngrak Church. Do you know the Youngrak Church? Rev. Kyung Jik Han was the pastor. They had to kill me or get rid of me. They were really united in their efforts. They were in an awkward position in Pyongyang because of me. They felt that once people hear the teachings of the Unification Church they would try to drive them away. That is why they were after me for their lives. Everybody was after me: three generations in a family, all the people in the church and neighborhood, the famous ministers in that neighborhood, etc.

Rev. Kyung Jik Han built the Youngrak Church. It was a church of refugees. The core families of Rev. Hyo Won Yu, the first president of the HSA-UWC, Hyo Min Yu, Hyo Young Yu, were turned upside down. Rev. Yu's elder brother (who was a die-hard communist theorist) looked at the original text of the Divine Principle and laughed helplessly saying "Communism is finished. You (referring to his younger brothers) should never leave the Unification Church. I'll make sure the communists don't oppose your Church. From now, the Unification Church can subdue any ideology in the world." He said this after reading the original text which was only a couple of pages. There are people like Rev. Yu's elder brother who can immediately perceive things for what they are. 

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