The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

I went to the mountains every day

Sun Myung Moon and Young Soon Kim
May 6, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon February 8, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

How many professors came here? (There are 28.) From now, professors should work to bridge schools in the elder brother position with schools in the younger brother position in relation to Heaven. How many professors are there in all? (There are 209 professors.) How many universities are there [in Korea]? (There are 201 universities that run by a four-year system.) You should establish brotherhood-sisterhood ties with all 201. (We have not made such ties with that many schools in Korea but we have ties with schools internationally.) You should [make ties with schools] in Korea and throughout the world. They should be tied together.

These are my instructions. You should meet with those schools once a month, connect with them and connect them with each family. They should be more important than your own siblings and family. Because it's a relationship similar to that between Cain and Abel. This is to pass a critical point in history; to go from here to there. It should be connected and made level. That mountain should disappear. Peace should be created by having the elder brother and younger brother on the same plane. Satan created [that mountain]. That is why, there was bloodshed in the conflict within Adam's family which shall continue until the end of human history. This tragedy may go on to the spirit world. This must be resolved.

Next, concerning the middle-high school students: university graduates should be automatically organized for each middle-high school. The 28 professors who are here today -- raise your hand. You should work together in carrying out the instructions I give you today. Do you understand? If you go against it, your future actions will become a problem. You should not doubt the Will. I will not allow you to be vain. When the Abel UN emerges, it should create a single, ideal education system out of all the distinguished institutions so that each department or ministry of education and education system can have the same kind of education.

People like me did not spend time in the flat lands. I went to the mountains every day. I did not follow our mother and father to their place of work. The mountains are like a natural museum. Flowers, birds and beasts are in abundance; it has everything. I learned everything from nature. You have to love nature. Whenever it became a full month, I didn't try to sleep in my house. There were man wolves and tigers where I lived.

You don't know how mystical a night of a full moon can be! Grass did not grow [at the base of a pine tree]; the pine needles grew so densely that the ground around the tree was dry even when it rained. The sight of the bright moon was fantastic; it made the sound of the wind sound so mysterious. When the tree shook, its leaves dazzled from the reflection of the moonlight. It was mesmerizing. The trees would make a sound when they bumped into each other. It would sound like horses.

The entire Principle can be found in nature. It cannot be found anywhere else. God is equal. He even enjoys the cry of an oriole. An oriole is a very beautiful bird. Its feet give off a yellow hue, and so does its beak. Its eyes are like that of a very beautiful woman. The reason God loves its cry is because it sounds like someone crying for help. Orioles do not nest in trees. Bears are capable of climbing trees. Do you know the black alder? Black alders grow near the river. It grows to great heights. Orioles live in such trees. They do not nest in stuffy places like the pine tree.

One can look afar [atop of a tree.] I was born in the year of the monkey. That is why I'm good at climbing trees even trees that are beyond my capability… Nobody has ever climbed up to an oriole's nest and came down. The cry of an oriole is soothing. It gives off a pitiful and sorrowful cry as if praying for the wind to cease lest it harms its babies. When it is upset, it would let out a cry that would last for many minutes -- five minutes at the most, three minutes at the least. If you listen carefully it sounds like a song. That is why it stays in that high tree where the wind blows and where it is visible to all.

Although it was dangerous [to climb such a tree] I was very interested in that bird. If one of its babies fell out of the tree it would signal others to protect that baby. The oriole's cry communicates its predicament and asks for help. It is one of the most protective birds about its babies.

Do you know what an air rifle is? I was quite good at shooting an air rifle. It was like shooting an arrow. In autumn, all types of birds migrate. I used to fill up my pockets with beans and had fun shooting at those birds with the beans. I hunted all types of wild beasts. I roasted and ate the larger beasts. In the hunted wild beasts in spring. I made traps all by myself. My mother was exasperated because of me. I went to the mountains at daybreak even though the wolves were howling. I wanted to go there and see how the wolves howled. The danger and possibility of being killed was the last thing on my mind. I have been to all the tall mountains near my home. When the women wanted to dig for herbs they had to follow me.

I was pretty fast. I would check the fields to see what was there. I found millions of things. The fruit from flowers shaped like a trumpet was always sweet. I ate it as an invigorant. I would find morning glories and similar flowers and feast on its fruit. Rare flowers are found in rare places.

It's probably the most exciting time when the plants breed. When I'm really hungry I could eat and survive on [these plants]. When lilies breed would there be nectar. You can sever it here and have more than enough [nectar] for lunch. That is why I knew which herb or plant grew. I could go anywhere on my own. It was like my backyard. It had everything. The grass or trees that grew in abundance in that area are medicine that is absolutely needed to man. I had the hardest and most difficult time finding a blue flower. I saw a blue flower with my own eyes! (These days they are bred.) Breeding flowers is fabricating mother nature.

There were all kinds of flowers and yet there was one blue flower. I found it after searching for many years. It was a blue flower. It was small but had a pistil and stamen. Medicine made from that kind of flower is priceless. Oriental medicine makes medicine out of herbs based on their shape and form. In the 'Song of Songs' in the Old Testament, the lily is depicted as a symbol of the bride.

Ms. Young Soon Kim! It's been awhile. Come up and give a testimony. There are a lot of strange people in the Unification Church. You look much healthier. If you go out to the world now people would welcome. Speak for us.

Summary of Ms. Young Soon Kim's testimony on the messages from the spirit world:

I came to know Dr. Sang Hun Lee during the five years he was in charge of the Professor's Church. After Ms. Han Sook Kim, his wife, passed away to the spirit world, I began communicating with her after having worries about life. I was originally a Catholic. All the lecturers would always say ambiguously, 'it will probably be like this…' Yet, in the Unification Church, the lecturer would state definitively that 'it was so!' I was happy to see so much confidence in these lecturers.

When I heard the Divine Principle, my faith and prayers I offered to the statue of the Holy Mother Mary crumbled. After that I was lost. After seven months of soul-searching I joined the Unification Church. My mother was a devote woman. She prayed her entire life. I remember waking up each morning to the sound of my mother praying or singing hymns. My mother converted along with me to the Unification faith.

At Hannam-dong one day Father instructed me to publicly announce the fact about the four great saints holding a seminar in the spirit world. After I began reporting, I came to feel the spirit world changing whenever Father spoke. It felt as if the spirit world was transformed with each word Father spoke. I had communicated with God for a long time before meeting Father up close. I remember one day feeling that I wanted to see God. I prayed with the fervent wish to see God who loved me so closely throughout the years.

One day I heard God's voice. He was telling me, 'I have always felt alone. Do you really want to see Me? If you really want to see God look to the True Parents for they are of God's image.' I had a copy of the Tongil Segye nearby when I heard this voice. I immediately embraced Father's photo in that book. God told me that the deeply etched lines on Father's face were traces of God's tears of sorrow that lasted for many long years. It has been thirty years since that experience.

One day God showed me True Mother's form in the mist and told me that she was a manifestation of God's dual characteristics. At our rallies we only see True Parents. But if you look at them with the Holy Spirit you would say fire blazing out of Father's mouth whenever he spoke. That flame spreads over the heads of the participants.

It has been ten years since I began giving these reports. To be honest with you, there are many people around me who make me feel dispirited. There is a reason I continue to give these spirit world reports despite the many difficulties I face. I remember going to Hannam-dong after hearing of Young-jin nim's ascension. My heart almost stopped when I first heard the news.

When I arrived Father said to me 'You're here. Where were you? I'm not a man that would collapse at the news of the death of one of my precious sons.' Father kept his sorrow to himself and told me to compile twelve volumes from the messages from the spirit world. I immediately perceived Father's grief at that time. That is why I made the determination to align myself with and only to Father no matter what kind of difficulty may arise.

Heung-jin nim always gave me a lot of strength whenever I went through difficulties or faced hard times. Heung-jin nim once told me that the reports on the spirit world are like a textbook that would help unify the earth and also the spirit world when Father goes to the spirit world. 

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