The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

It's a complete new beginning

Sun Myung Moon
May 5, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
Third Anniversary of Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

From this day on, our Father who is the owner of creation and of heaven and earth will stand at the forefront of providence in guiding it.

(True Father has the participants repeat this sentence.)

(Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak briefly explains the developments that led to the proclamation of Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il and its providential significance.)

Summary of Father's words:

March 17, April 17, May 17 -- three months. It's a complete new beginning. From Korea we must go beyond Japan, America and the Pacific realm. It's the final battled. What was the first thing I said today? (You said, "From this day on, our Father who art the owner of creation and of heaven and earth will stand at the forefront of providence in guiding it.") God is leading the providential eras in history; not through religion or ideology but directly through me.

The reason I made a new beginning when I was 16 was because the first human ancestors feel when they were 16. I fought against the Satan around my body and drew a line to separate myself away from it. I have lived based on the internal standard centering on God. That is why the external satanic world will be eliminated. What failed the first time [will be accomplished] the third time; everything that was lost shall be recovered and included -- everything is included in this concept, "Ssang Hab Shib Seung Soo."

Eleven comes after ten. Until now, whenever He reached 'ten,' God had to begin from 'eleven.' Without being above the satanic world, beyond 'ten,' nothing new can be made. Satan dominated the number 'ten.' The number 'eleven,' which led to number 'twenty', had to be something new. After 'twenty' it could go beyond to 'thirty.' This is how [metaphorically] God paved the foundation for going forward. (Father counts his fingers) One, two, three, four, five. Satan was in control of this (indicating his middle finger); by controlling the number 'three' he was in control of everything -- one, two, three, four and five. All this must be recovered.

Today is the third anniversary of Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il. The third year is the year of perfection. Consequently, everything in providence should be entrusted to Heaven. Until now, whenever you lacked something, True Parents helped you because you could not seek help from the satanic world. However, such times have passed. True Parents have physically manifested themselves in terms of their spirit and flesh. They do not cast a shadow because they embody the internal God. The reason they shine out is because the internal light manifests itself through their body.

When you think about providential history you usually exclaim, "Father, you have worked so hard!" But that is not a complete description. You haven't even gone beyond the individual level. You haven't gone to the family level, tribal level and through all eight stages. When I was 16, I couldn't find hope for the nation, family, and siblings. I couldn't even trust my parents. I was alone. During my prayers in such circumstances, I was inspired to write the poem, "Crown of Glory." I was the only one left. I was completely alone. All that responsibility was on my shoulders. It was a life-or-death situation.

Satan put his entire weight in opposing me through the first, second and third phase of the eras of the individual, family and tribe. Satan was in full control of the five stages during which blessed families went through difficulties. He deprived the True Parents of their authority and was intent on going beyond the fifth stage to the sixth stage. Yet, I did not yield to that. For seven years, representing seven thousand years, I covered everything that was essential in providential history. Everything that has happened since the first month of the seventh year was representative of the things in the history of the world, and represented the four ages -- the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, the Completed Testament Age, and [the age of the] world of heart. I went beyond all this. One heart, one mindset, one ideal -- these things cannot be divided.

All the words I spoke can be summarized in one page. It wouldn't even be more than half a page. There are 189 pages in the peace messages booklet. The peace messages were perfected on November 15, 2006 on Geomun Island. I declared the completion on January 8, 2007 at Cheon Jeong Gung. It was perfected through much prayer and devotion.

Now my age has passed. You have to do it. The physical Parents should become one centering on the Heavenly Parent -- centering on God. You all have to become one. The time when God worked through and with me is different in nature. I am proclaiming this today before you leave because today is a day of commemorating the third anniversary. God will take the lead in providential history. Now I will go to the rear.

You should not praise "Rev. Moon" from now. This title "Rev. Moon" should be erased. "Reverend" was representative of the opposition I faced until now. 'Savior,' 'messiah,' 'lord at his second coming,' -- a lot of add-ons were attached to the title "True Parents" in the course of recovering this position. They should all be removed. Once God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth are connected, True Parents -- not God -- should become a foothold. Otherwise God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth cannot be connected.

Those among you who are not recognized by True Parents would have no value of existence; you would be relegate to a position even worse than that of Satan -- a position that is not even worth all the debris in the created world.

You should all observe this day -- January 8th. The eight day of the first month. It is a day for a new beginning. [This was proclaimed] at 4:42 a.m. It was a day to commemorate the completion and perfection [of the peace messages] after going beyond the satanic numbers. You should get up in the morning to offer devotion at 4:42 a.m. Until now whenever it passed midnight I lived differently from the past. In the past I went to sleep at 12, 1, 2 a.m. I spent two hours in devotion before midnight -- usually from 9 or 10 p.m. I woke up one or two hours [before 5:00 a.m.] to prepare for the new day. Even today, that's how I prepare myself.

Who did I say will take the lead in providence? (God.) I have come this far on my own and now it has become this special day. Even myself, if I do not have time to offer prayer, I repent and set up a condition [to pay indemnity for that.] You should be saying, "We will do that for you, Father."

Whether I'm ninety or eighty, my legs hurt if I stay seated for long. They swell after two to three hours. They swell even if I am standing and even when I lie down. The swelling does not get better. That's why I don't want time to live on the earth. My body weight gradually changes. I know that I don't have that many days left. I will be left with certain responsibilities when that [final] day comes. That is why I am preparing to deal with those secondary responsibilities. 

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