The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

The Era When God Will Be At The Forefront Of The Providence And Guide It

Sun Myung Moon
May 5, 2007

On May 5, True Parents celebrated the third anniversary of Ssang Hob Shib Seung Il, the day Father declared the beginning of the era after the coming of heaven. at Cheon Jeong. On this occasion, Rev. Kwak read the speech that Father had given on May 5. 2004, while Father added many additional points. The following is excerpted from the content True Father added.

Repeat after me. From this day on... [From this day on..] our Heavenly Father, the Lord of the creation of heaven and earth... [our Heavenly Father, the Lord of the creation of heaven and earth...] will be at the forefront of the providence and guide it! [will be at the forefront of the providence and guide it!] Times are changing. Bear this in mind, and that today is also the third anniversary.

From now on, God will be at the forefront. That is why I have made the declaration. We must set the condition.

[Rev. Kwak begins to read "Declaration of Ssang Hap Shib Seung Il" for Hoon Dok Hae; Father interjects his comments.]

Three months -- March 17, April 17, May 17. Then spring begins in earnest. From Korea we must go beyond Japan, America and the Pacific realm. It is the final battle.

What was the first thing I said today? From this day on, our Heavenly Father, the Lord of the creation of heaven and earth, will be at the forefront of the providence and guide it. God is leading the historical eras in the providence. In the present time, He is doing this not through religion or ideology but directly through me.

True Parents had to fight and overcome Satan The reason I began when I was sixteen was because the first ancestors fell when they were sixteen. I fought against Satan with my body and separated myself from him. And because I won, centering on God, the internal standard will live, and the external satanic world will be cast aside. Indemnity!

Today is the third anniversary of Ssang Hah Shib Seung Il. The third year is the year of perfection. Consequently; everything in the providence should be entrusted to Heaven. Until now; whenever you lacked something, you centered yourselves upon True Parents and clung to them of your own accord because you could not seek help from the satanic world. However, such times have passed. The True Parents have come in the flesh. However, because they embrace Heaven internally, they do not cast a shadow. They are bright because they' are emitting an inner light; you cannot find anything satanic there.

When you think about the history of the providence you will realize that I have labored hard. But that is not a complete description. You cannot even go beyond the individual level by hard work alone -- anymore than you can go beyond the family level, tribal level and through all eight stages. I was born under circumstances that meant when I was sixteen, I couldn't find hope for my nation, family, or siblings. I couldn't trust even my parents. I was alone.

While praying, tinder such circumstances, I was inspired to write the poem "Crown of Glory." This was the prayer I offered at that time. I was the only one left. I was completely alone. All that responsibility was on my shoulders; everything depended on me. It was a life-or-death situation. Knowing this, I passed through the first, second and third eras, those of the individual, family, and tribe, and I went through the process of the blessing. Going through the process of the blessing is much more difficult for a family than for an individual. The vast majority of Satan's powers are concentrated in the first through fifth stages.

Satan sought to use the full extent of his power to deprive the True Parents of their full authority; and he was intent on going beyond the fifth stage to the sixth, doing whatever he liked. Yet, I did not give in to that; as a result, the situation tuned around.

God Is Taking The Lead

For you, the Peace Messages comprise the final book. You need to learn them by heart. A summing up of all the words I have spoken would not even be a page in length -- not even half a page. The introductions are still in the speeches, aren't they? On which page is the conclusion, the one that talks about Geomun Island, and the day of completion? [Someone tells him the page number.] Oh yes, there it is. It is written here: The Peace Messages completed on Geomun Island on November 15, 2006. Their completion declared and commemorated at 4:42 AM on January 8, 2007, at Cheon Jeong. This was my report of their completion, which came through much prayer and devotion.

My era is now coming to an end. It is you who have to do this. If you expect support from me, you will find that things have changed. The bodily Parents must become one centering on the Heavenly Parent. By taking the lead, you need to do it. The present era is very different from the previous one in that God is working with me to accomplish what I have been unable to do. Now, God should stand at the forefront.

I am proclaiming this today before you leave, because today is a day of commemorating the third anniversary. God should take the lead in the providential world and in making providential history. I will move to the rear now. If there is anything to praise, it is not me. The name, "Rev. Moon," should be erased. The name "Rev. Moon" is associated with the opposition I faced, isn't it? Next are the True Parents! To understand the title "True Parents," the unnecessary terms "Savior," "Messiah," and "Lord at his second coming," were attached to it during the course of restoration. Those superfluous titles should all be removed.

A Course To Emulate

You should all commemorate January 8, the eighth day of the first month. It is a day a new beginning was made. It was at 4:42 AM. It was a day to commemorate completion and perfection after having gone beyond satanic numbers. You should get up in the morning to pray or meditate at 4:42 AM. You should offer some personal prayer before attending Hoon Dok Hae.

In the past I went to sleep at 12:00, 1:00, or 2:00 AM, but now I go to sleep two or three hours before midnight and wake up before 1:00 or 2:00 AM. That was the case today. That's how I prepare myself, and that's a practice we should all adopt in this historic era.

That is why Cheon Seong Gyeong is not something you can buy for a few pennies. You should regard it as a book that cannot be exchanged for all your wealth and even that of all your ancestors. Have you ever thought about this? Ancestors should pay millions of dollars for it; even God should pay millions of dollars for it or He cannot be liberated. Since the false parents caused the problem, the True Parents should resolve it. I have traveled beyond all the paths that had not been trod during the time of Eden, even blazing paths God did not command me to make. Do you understand what I am trying to say? To pull up the roots, I have accomplished even tasks not mentioned in the Divine Principle or explicitly evident in the theory of re-creation.

The title of the first Peace Message is "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World," but the words "of the peaceful, ideal world" could have been omitted. It is all about God's ideal family and the kingdom. This is because God, in His entirety, can be found in the ideal family. From the ideal family to the ideal tribe, ideal people, ideal nation, ideal world, ideal cosmos and the kingdom of heaven on earth, we need to achieve oneness with God, that is, become one with the era of God up to the eighth stage.

We need to go beyond the five stages -- the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. If we cannot go beyond those five stages, we cannot go to the world level. We cannot make that leap. Therefore, we need to start fresh and adjust to that, but we cannot adjust to it because Satan is enclosed in the heart of it. This situation must be overcome. God cannot resolve it, can He? Since the false parents came into existence, True Parents must resolve that problem, even if they have to go through all kinds of suffering. Even if they have to die, that is not a problem for them. The point is to eliminate the problem.

On The Right Of Ownership

You should not continue living the way you have been; you have believed in the Unification Church in whatever way pleased you... When you deny the worldly desires of your body and mind and rid yourself of them, you are elevated that much higher. You rise to the extent that you have eliminated them... Thus, you will qualify only when you have invested twice as much effort as Heaven has. Isn't that true? You must be better than two people combined. Just because two come together doesn't mean something is produced from that! Since you must be even better than that, you need to be more than twice as good, shall we say three times better. Only when you are three times better can you make a turnaround and finally qualify. Isn't that so?

In religion, it is the denominations leaders who are supposed to fulfill that responsibility, but they do not know that.

When you are born, do you belong to someone? Your parents are not your parents. Did the being that is you exist at the point where your mother's ovum and your father's sperm came together? I am asking you where you belong by right. The right to be able to say, "You belong to me," belongs to your mother and father. Even though you may not be able to trust your mother and father, once you come to understand this principle, you must become devoted sons and daughters. Saints and whoever else, doctrines, spiritual paths, religions and whatever else are all unnecessary.

Only when your mother and father are there, and your mother and father both acknowledge you, and think of you as their own and as their own flesh, can they have their own right of ownership. That is how it is with a mother and father... Do you think that your father is your father and your mother is your eternal root? It is all in complete disorder, isn't it? Some people wish that, for their own sake, their mother were dead, their father were dead and their elder brother were dead. The earth formed you from its substance; if you were to deny this, it would be the end of you. Then you would end up in hell even if you were told not to go. It is simple, not difficult. Such things as philosophy and religion are unnecessary. You need to know this.

Becoming A Central Person

My work has to be accomplished in your lifetimes. The wedding ceremony needs to be held again, doesn't it? You need to receive a citizenship card for the kingdom of God. It is not for just anyone. The path I have trodden, along which I have encountered death, can be said to represent the skeleton, and when you become the flesh conforming to the bone structure, the body will be formed. The fallen people who are living on earth do not have bones...

You need to give up your own right of ownership. Your husbands or wives should, henceforth, be approved centering on our victorious God's kingdom of heaven. In the realm of God's ideal of creation, before the Fall -- the one kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven -- the kingdom of heaven would have come down to earth, and the earthly world and the heavenly world would have existed as the one world of the kingdom of heaven. You should call God "Father." You should be in the position where you can say that God's family is your family, and you can live together with Him.

Is the Cheon Jeong your home? Whether it is for three days, or once a week, if you want to come here and sleep you should come and do so. In the future, not just anyone will be able to enter the land connected to this place, this area situated on the border of Gyeong-gi Province and Gangwon Province, with the Hongcheon River and North Han River flowing through it...

Through my suffering, your suffering is taken away. So, even if I have to starve and even if I am suffering hardships, I will give my clothes, my skin and flesh to those who say that they know the Will and that they will march forward regardless of whether they live or die, and I will give them my bones. Such is the heart of the parent. But what if, until your dying day, you instead take advantage of me, are indebted to me, and torment me? Well, do you love me? [Yes]...

You want to live on earth for a million years, don't you? Do you have the feeling that you want to go to the spirit world?

If there is no center, there is no center. To become the center, one must give out in the four directions, east, west, south and north. That is why, although I am a Korean, I did not love Korea but lived as a man representing the world...

There are obstacles to overcome on the path to salvation Who will save you? I will not be responsible for you. You all know this, don't you? I have given all of you the map to the kingdom of heaven. Once you have it, no one can oppose you. If you take hold of it, even if it is only one page, it will show you... You forget your parents, don't you? Then what relationship do you have with the Parents of Heaven and Earth as an individual or as a family? And what relationship do you have with heaven and earth? You have no relationship with them. What would happen if a living being had nothing to do with the Sun? You think you have nothing to do with air, water or the earth. You aren't aware of the most important things you have a relationship with, and you just cast them aside without knowing you should be grateful for them. Do you ever feel thankful for the earth, the air, and the sun?

That is why savages are rather better than you. Civilized people do not even dream. Savages at least bow their heads down before an Origin greater than they. That is an act of reverence. Only after climbing over the hill of the king of such reverence can good people come into being...

Think about such matters seriously. How can one live alone? How can one who is not working be equipped with everything and live alone in a village, when all others are working. moving around like bees? The Sun, the Moon and the stars and everything are working, giving of themselves and sacrificing to allow all forms of existence in the universe to live. Through that mutual connection, all beings can produce offspring. They are producing offspring because they do not want to die out.

Nowadays women say they don't like babies, don't they? They say they don't want husbands, and want to live alone. How many days do you think such a woman will last? Try living alone for a while. In the end, she will have no shadow, no hometown, no parents, and might commit suicide. Even so, do you think she would resurrect? Who will save the person who has killed herself? True Parents have bestowed the benefit of the age by which people can be saved, but if you commit suicide after that point, you will not even make it to hell. You could not even go there. Parents are jointly responsible, so your sons and daughters, your descendants, will all go to hell if you cannot fulfill that.

Who is the owner of Cheon Jeong? Is it God or Father? Or is it you? [It is God] Though you have come here because you have claimed to follow the name of True Parents and to have united as one, that is preposterous. No matter how much the people in the world look to this palace and yearn to come here., they can't come. They are not allowed. If such people cannot cross the boundary line into this place for ten years or a hundred years, how many people could find their way to this palace? Moreover, Satan's cousins, Satan's seventh cousins three times removed, Satan's hundredth cousins, and people like shadows, those that are...

On Father's Life And Outlook

Who did I say will take the lead in the providence? [God.] I have come this far, praying all by myself, in anticipation of this day. Therefore, even in my case, if I do not have time to offer prayers on such a special day; I have to repent and ... not like a human being, cannot enter this place. You need to know this. If you don't think seriously about this, and continue to go around in groups just as you are and live by living off others and persist in living this way; can you become the citizens of the kingdom? There could not be such irregular citizens. When I look back upon the past days, to awaken you all to this truth I did not simply make effort. I climbed hills, but no one helped me climb over them. Nowadays, there are airplanes and helicopters, which make it easy. In the past, did the Unification Church members travel around in helicopters and airplanes? I have brought about this change. Such a time will come for you too. Will the satanic world remain quiet? If you do something wrong, they will get their hands on you and hang on to you.

So, your ancestors are on the side of Satan, and for this reason you need to hurry and save them. The ancestors must be saved. Adam and Eve were created last, weren't they? You were created first, so how can you receive the blessings that your parents and your ancestors were meant to receive, instead of them? They will pull you down instead. Your relatives will become your enemies. That is why you must bless your relatives.

You've finished educating the clan heads, haven't you? [Yes] It has been completed. I am not one to let such things pass by irresponsibly. At this time, the kings of the Cain sphere will be invited to take part. Regardless of how you do it, and at the least getting them to write a letter, you should ask the kings of your nations to fill in the application for their country to become a member of the Abel UN...

Connections Between Generations

That is why we can find today that women like women and men like men, so after being just friends... Such people should be exiled to an island. Later, we will see how many women there were. If they had loved men, they would have produced offspring, but in their case men would live in one village and women in another, separate, village. And one village would claim that women are best while the other would claim that men are the best, and so in the end they would all die out from fighting over it. I am saying that the era of women has now come, aren't I? Can women live in the era of women? Who made the era of women? It was God, our Heavenly Father.

Then, upon entering that age, how grievous would it be if women failed to give birth when they were young, and grew old like that? Even if they offered their most religious efforts, such devotions have no effect. In the new generation of the historical era, and in the new heaven and earth, if a pure man and woman, full of devotion, cannot stand in the position of a new husband and wife and give birth to a baby; that is a problem. That is why I say to you to have children. Make second selves of the mother and father. Isn't that like engrafting? Engrafting produces a second self, a representative, doesn't it? Engrafting is a fearsome word; you need to know that.

Seated like this my legs swell up when I have been sitting down, whether I am ninety or eighty... They are much more swollen after three hours than they were an hour ago, and they swell even if I am standing. How can I live like this? I would have to live lying down. And even if I were to live lying down, I would still suffer, for even when I am lying down the swelling does not get better. That's why there is not much time left for me on earth. If you know how your body, weight is changing, you come to realize that you don't have that many days left.

When I pass on into the next world, I will have another set of responsibilities to fulfill, so at present I am preparing to deal with them. If there were an enemy such as I will describe next, what would happen in the next world? What I am asking is, whether God could forgive someone He saw stab to death a son or daughter of direct descent of Heaven. God could not shout, "Kill that wretch! Take that knife from that wretch's hand." Because God would not be able to touch that situation, the Lord of the Second Coming, the man who is His son, has received training that is tens of times harder, must do it.

When such an enemy passes into the spirit world, would I take him into the kingdom of heaven in spite of the fact that I do not like such people and would be loath to see him even in my dreams? You should know that there is a new waiting room. At present, there is only one system, so hell and heaven can be trained together, but later on it will be completely changed. Summer should be summer; would it do to have it become autumn?

You need to know this. You cannot follow me when you go to the next world. Since you couldn't come when I called out "Come come," during the time I have been on earth, you cannot find your way to come to me, but even if you do, I will sit back and pretend I don't know you. Wanting to see me is a common human emotion; such are the feelings people have for one another.

Asking Elders To Testify

[To one elderly sister:] Say what you want to. [Park Jeongmin recites a part of God's letter to True Parents and a part of "God's Homeland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom"] [Applause]

I thought all that I said was gone, but it is alive in the heart of this old woman. [Laughter] That's the way it is. Go on! Say all that you want to say. [Park Jeong-min recites a part of a speech] [Applause]

It would be well for the women to think that the shortest way for them to go to the kingdom of heaven is to buy Park Jeong-min lunch or serve her once a year with food they have devotedly prepared to please her. It will not do if you say it has nothing to do with you because it will not be long before that old woman passes on.

Next, Kang Hyun-shil! [Yes] Make your complaints now. [Father laughs] Make all the complaints that plague you. [I have made complaints but now I have forgotten everything except the good things.] Then make complaints about what is good, all that is left. [Mrs. Kang Hyun-shil gives a testimony ][Applause]

Sing a song. When you sing, it fills up the atmosphere. Half of the Unification Church are crazy. [Laughter] They talk about things that others do not know and rejoice over them and laugh, "Ha ha." That is our blessing. You need to know that these are blessings that not just anyone can eternally have. Now! [Mrs. Kang Hyun-shil sings and gives testifies further.] [Applause]

Sa Gil-ja! Let us listen to what Sa Gil-ja has to say. She's someone who says what she wants to say without reserve. [Laughter] On such a day as today, it is nice to disclose matters and take them into consideration. When I look at your faces, you all seem so handsome and beautiful. If you continue to live ignoring the fact that many sacrifices were made in the background for you to become radiant men and women, you will meet with ruin. If you live knowing this truth, your future descendants, who will be able to shine more brilliantly, will receive blessings. joint blessings will follow your footsteps.

That is why I don't like for you to boast in front of outside people. For this reason you are made to be persecuted so that the outsiders cannot follow us. It is only the people who do know that follow.

Well, Sa Gil-ja! Are you Si Gil-ja? Similar to what we talked about way back at the time you were a student, the time has passed in which you can be known as Sa Gil-ja. Now that you have become a married woman, you don't want to be called Sa Gil-ja, or be hailed, "Hey, you Sa Gil-ja," do you? If you don't want to hear that, speak up about what made you come to dislike being called so.

[What should I say?] I told you to tell it, so why are you speaking to me for? [Once I get started, I will speak for a long time] If you speak for a long time and everyone else goes home, I will still remain to listen to you alone. Since I will be here to listen to you, all those who want to go and don't want to hear will leave, won't they? Go on. Then when just the two of us are left, I will take you to some nice place and buy you lunch. [Laughter] I may take you some place and give you rice cakes and whatnots.

Well, hurry up. You sing well, so let's hear a song first. You play the piano well too, and you would have become a renowned pianist, but you joined the Unification Church and you lost your position. Once you sing a song it will loosen your tongue. [Mrs. Sa Gil-ja sings and gives testimony.] [Applause]


Did we finish the speech or not? [Rev. Kwak: There is a little bit left] Let's finish it. This is necessary. All my interjections of extra content have been necessary. Since today is a day of commemoration, we need to listen to all kinds of things, and I needed to open up some boxes and, since they know what the good and bad in those boxes are, they should leave what is good and throw away what is not good.

You need to differentiate between them every day. Therefore, you need to know how beautiful, how marvelous, how wonderful and how mysterious it is to be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. Now!

[After reading the speech to the end, Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan prays.]

We have heard, felt and thought many things today, and all you need to do is make effort in order to make them bear fruit. Only then can this world become the world of that fruition. Now! [Three cheers of eog mansei.] [Applause] Now then, I hope you will all stay healthy and resolve to have nothing to be ashamed of when we celebrate the fourth anniversary. Do you understand? [Yes.] 

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