The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

God would like to abolish hell

Sun Myung Moon
May 3, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 3, 2011

(Father talks on the phone with Mother and Shin-joon nim, his grandson who accompanies her during the speech tour in Japan.)

"Shin-joon, I miss you so much!"

Summary of Father's words:

God would like to guide people to success, abolish hell, so that every person could live in a state of ecstasy. Things became like this in the world because people cannot reach such liberated state.

So your marriage in itself is not a good thing. A marriage is not a single unit; it is oneness of two persons. I started arranging marriages with the knowledge of this principle. However in the reciprocal world there is a foundation of family, but no tribal foundation. Tribal foundation is needed to establish families; it is greater than family and encompasses thousand families. One person cannot create a thousand families. Two persons must do it. For a family to become a tribe, to build a tribal realm it takes investment similar to that of God at the time of creation.

A nation doesn't automatically help the development of a family. The investment is needed. National form became a model, so to harmonize with this form one needs to fulfill certain reciprocal conditions, then the conditions in the environment will also harmonize with him and he will be happy. You cannot achieve happiness simply by going to the top of the world. People who in the process of restoration, in the process of perfection, simply settle down, feel happy about it and sing songs are foolish. Even I work hard, so you must work even harder.

We are talking now about the opening of the new civilization of the Pacific Rim, right? What does that mean? God invested Himself, and gave us all He had to give, so why a person like myself should come and talk about the "age of the opening of the new civilization of the Pacific Rim?" Why can't God do it? It's because God doesn't have a partner. There must be someone who responds to God, when God calls, "Hey, you!", someone who can say "yes", when God tells him, "come here" or "go there." Someone who can respond to God everywhere, whether He goes up or down.

What is human life? It's all about 6 things: coming, going, eating, sleeping, feeling good or bad about something. But why do we go, or why do we come somewhere? Why do we eat and why do we live? We do all these things in order to live together with God. That explains everything. God created boundless world, the universe which is trillions and trillions times bigger than the Earth, but now He is driven into little corner. That's outrageous. God doesn't have a partner, a man who He can give as much as He wants.

The basis of love is not set straight. The two don't match each other by height. One is tall and another is pigmy, so how can they marry each other? We were supposed to possess inner contents which can be likened to a beautiful face, but in reality our eyes are deformed and nose is twisted, so how can we become God's partners? No one wants to marry a person who has 6 fingers on a hand. Someone may say, "Well, isn't it good to have one extra finger?" But there are certain principles and standards. There are principles and laws based on the principles. There must be certain standards. There must be an absolute model which nobody can obscure.

I had a mission to restore Korean nation after the end of the Second World War. The era of unification was approaching, but to actually usher it in, religious realm and the democratic world, Abel and Cain, were supposed to become one, which they failed to do. Therefore everything cracked apart: North and South Korea, the world, God's will and religion – everything was split. No matter how great Christianity is, religion itself is split and this split is related to the Unification Church. Organizations which cannot be partners of the Unification Church will gradually disappear. The history didn't know the any other ideology like mine. I didn't use leftovers of someone's erroneous thoughts. My philosophy is completely new.

There is a big problem. Now there are 6.5 billion people living on this earth, and the world population may still grow, but people still oppose us out of ignorance. We don't fit them. We can put in their mouth something that suits them, but how can we force something into their mouth that simply doesn't fit there. So we have to disassemble many things which don't fit. I mean they don't fit God. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must suit God's taste. Isn't it right?

I already showed an example. Many women were ready to give their lives for me, they would come to me naked and do all sorts of things, but I can't recklessly throw my body around. I have such an authority. You may be married for several decades, but once you come to know God's will you have to be able to love it and feel even greater stimulation and satisfaction from it than you do from conjugal love. You must be able to deny everything. I'm not the kind of man who does everything women want him to do.

Mother knows that I'm not the kind of person who changes every single day. Once I say something I act upon it. However you don't do so, and that's what causes big damage. I never forget even trifling things. I keep them in my mind and fight, therefore the closer I'm to the end of this battle, the more fearful it becomes. Do you understand? I find myself in isolation. Mother knows this. She has been watching me from her young age. If I make a mistake, it causes a big trouble, that's why I'm unshakable.

Jesus didn't teach how to get connected to the Roman world. His disciples didn't receive such an education. No matter what happens we must educate people underground and nurture an Abel-type seed able to carry out a revolution. God raised me and I created the Unification Church. You follow me. All things in the Garden of Eden were standing in front of God. Everything was supposed to follow Adam and Eve until their death and even after that. You know this. If you knowing this still change every now and then, everything will disappear, even God will disappear for you.

Women made so much trouble. God has been working so much to meet women, but when He meets them He actually gives them hardest time. When I meet women, I sometime feel like they are my enemies. Fallen women opened their mouths to gulp me. Now you all adore me more than kings of your nations, your grandfathers, husbands, your elder and younger children. It's because you are coming from the seed of the satanic world. I don't come from that seed, to you have to deny everything and burn everything. Isn't that right? The seed was wrong, the there is no one in the satanic world who can make a new beginning using this wrong seed. You must deny everything through me. It's true for you even now. Married people still couldn't reach global level. UN couldn't become the Able-type UN. You, women, even sell your property, put aside your husbands and manage your property by yourselves. Such a time has come. Isn't this right?

This is the time when I can carry out a revolution. I can exercise my authority according to my wish. In the future 70, 80 or even 90% of the world we know today will disappear. What can I do with an offspring of enemy? There are many such people even here.

Each person is attached to a certain place – from heaven to the bottom of hell. Some time you will return. You cannot just fly from the top, so you have to come down on this line. If you went up this way, you have to go down opposite way. If you went up during the day time, you have to come down at night. Day goes to night. They must meet here. This is the place to start from. You must know day and night, go up and meet here. If you cannot do it from the first time, you can do it from the third. Once you met for the first time, you must meet 3 times. You don't know the way you're going.

My words may sound simple: opening of new civilization of the Pacific Rim. But who believes this? Who knows about it? I'm living on the front line and even sleep there. Now that I've reached the top, there is no night above it. If you go to this place you will know. People, who come up close to this place, immediately understand if you tell them about the age of opening of the new civilization of the Pacific Rim. The light shines in all directions, so in your direction you will tell the satanic world from heavenly world.

Once the light from the heavenly world shines, everyone has to turn around and go it the direction opposite to the one they were going before. Thus, when the second advent of the Lord occurs, the whole world is divided into two halves, the one that welcomes him and the one that opposes him.

Do Christians know this? They are talking about the Lord coming in glory, so they cannot discover the glory through the suffering Lord, they cannot complete the way of God's representatives. This is not something that God can teach to His children and His people. They are God's enemies, He cannot teach them. If God is almighty, why did he allowed Adam's fall? So they can be trapped by one word. If you want to go up here, you have to be like that. God knows this difficulty, so He sheds his light, so that the day and night could become one. So the strokes of light go in all directions. This light can become a source of life.

During the recent tour I spoke about the center and core. When I talked about the Unification Church in the end, I talked about the way of God's will. Before getting married, people love their mother and father best. Day and night they long for their parents' bosom. But once they have a partner they have to leave their parents. History has developed from the family to the tribe, people and nation. You may love your son but you should not tell him to die with you. You should push him on the path of attending his partner. You have to open that path for him.

People go on a path but without a purpose. That is why there is chaos in the world. Isn't that the case in the democratic world? Once a person turns 16 he leaves his home. Where does he go after leaving his house? There is nowhere in the world where he can go. He may make a circuit but in the meantime his hometown perishes; family and friends disappear. All that awaits him when he comes back is desolate land. That is why such people became hippies-yippies; they didn't have any place to sleep in the winter. With nowhere to go, they would go to the front yard of a stranger's house and stay up all night. After leading such a life they feel that death would be better than such a life and so commit suicide. They destroyed themselves. You should do the same if it would have been better that you were never born. This is shameful.

You were probably considered dead among your neighbors, family and friends -- they all probably thought you committed suicide. Yet, if your friend or family is still alive you are responsible for them. You should stay up nights to educate them; you should go through suffering more than what the father went through. That is how I have come this far. There were many things which I could not talk about until now -- things from the principle that were common sense: questions that dealt with life-or-death issues, the rights of ownership which could be exchanged for your life and even the entire cosmos. You cannot inherit anything new until you clean out your world, your history and even your root.

I'm preparing to embark on a path. I never thought that I had to or wanted to become the person I am now. I abandoned my children to love all of you. The time will come, though, when my children will become better than you.

Where is Hyung Jin? In the past, Hyung Jin would come and sleep between me and Mother when we were sleeping; even though he has his own wife. That's because of the original mind.

He [Hyung Jin] is not your everyday guy. Wherever I go he is always watching my actions and wants to know what I am doing.

In the future, his senses will be open. His brothers are in the spirit world but he often meets up with them. Sometimes he would tell me not to meet someone.

This is a fearsome place. This is where death sentences and cosmic decisions are made. There is a natural criminal law and when people are put into that natural prison their punishment is decided according to the natural laws. The time of death is gradually approaching but I have no fear. Most people began to have fear as they get older. But a person like me knows all too well about the spirit world. That is why I still tell you to do this and that. You all plan out your own programs and are deaf to my words but when I say that my time is near you all protest and cry on your own. If you want to cry, cry; if you want to die, die. But you must be prepared not to have pity even if a member of your tribe dies. Heaven has trained me well. What do you think was on my mind as I was leaving my hometown, my beloved mother and father, and my ancestors? I left without looking back.

There may be regret and bitter sorrow in leaving but they knew that I would surely return as long as I was alive. I was determined to find and establish a hometown even if I were to die doing so. Do you have the confidence to find and establish your hometown? I, too, would have to go with a letter of introduction.

There is not a single person who can freely relate with me. No matter how much they beg in the end I say 'No.' They fear the things I decide.

The way of God's will must be announced. Otherwise the spirit world cannot follow that path. Didn't I explain this yesterday? From this dot heaven needs to come down in phases in order to create a square (referring to the four-position diagram); Heaven comes down for the sake of providence on the earth.

The middle (of the square) is empty. That is why from this point it should come down to the right and left, then move to the center toward each other. The point at the top comes down perpendicular to this, meets them at the center and goes to the right and left. They then come down and meet again at the bottom. Without uniting with the center there is no way to reach this bottom point. (Father gestures in the air.) The world cannot be saved without paying indemnity for this. The entire world is saturated in four directions. It must come to these two points. (Referring to the right and left.)

God's will filters down in phases centering on me, the single point. When you look at this, the 8 stages from the individual, family, tribe, people and so on are all connected. A man and woman must mature and then be married. They cannot marry unless heaven is at the center. How can these two be brought together? God, who has dual characteristics, divided Himself and wanted to combine Himself again. Yet, the center had to be in place. Can a boy marry a grown woman or a grown man marry a child just because he wants to be married? If it is a new marriage, a specific reaction occurs.

That is why the two must come towards the center and become one here; where they can be blessed. The path connecting the bottom to the top -- from the family to the tribe, nation and beyond -- was completely blocked. All of this was opposed to me. I had to avoid them all. Heaven wanted to come down through this framework. God who was alone should have blessed a family. From the family He was to be linked to the world and to the UN. Everything was to be decided centering on America. We have to find the Abel-type UN. Do you understand?

The Korean word for 'new' in the phrase 'new civilization of the Pacific Rim' is actually written using the Chinese character that means 'spirit or ghost.' There is nothing insignificant among the elements that constitute the root of Heaven. It is completely clean and spotless. A new family must emerge from this source. I may have to abandon the children I live with right now and completely forget about all the things I did to go to a world of a new dimension and create a new heaven and earth centering on God.

The two points here were interchanged. That is why they must become one. Once it is united there is no conflict even if they should return. Once you are one with this point, the heaven and earth can be perfected centering on me and the family. Then a great migration will begin. We will move in a way that leaves not a trace or shadow in the satanic world. The principle alone shall be recognized. Those who thought they had the answer were unable to resolve their questions. Thinkers of the time, religious people, and philosophers were unable to find God.

Heaven was divided and came down in two ways to this horizontal line. If Adam and Eve had met at the center after they were mature (Father draws a four-position diagram in the air); if the man and woman had come together as one, heaven and earth would have automatically been drawn in to the center and a tremendous burst of energy would have been created. Everything would have been accomplished; then there would have been no questions, everything would have an answer. We would not have any questions about God. 

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