The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

The Unification Church paved the most difficult road

Sun Myung Moon and Hyun Sil Kang
April 30, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon August 8, 2010

(Father asks a number of people to give a testimony.)

Summary of (National Messiah to Russia) Ms. Hyun Sil Kang's testimony:

Among our members there are some who think that it would take a long time for God's will to be fulfilled; but I think that it has already been fulfilled.

55 years ago, Father began [this movement] from a small room, about two pyeongs (6.6 square meters) in size, at Beomil-dong, Busan. It was a tiny room which didn't have any wallpaper; the ceiling was spotted with traces of rain that leaked in; the floor was covered with a patchwork of dark-colored vinyl. In contrast to those times, Father's words now reach people in 185 nations of the world, and many people are coming to Korea as they regard this place as the homeland of their faith.

I now live in times that before would seem almost like a dream. Nobody at that time could predict that it would become like this. Yet, Father had already prophesied about this, and so did old lady Seung Do Ji. Old lady Seung Do Ji was once praying in another room. I couldn't hear her pray but instead I heard a strange thumping noise. Later when I went to the room, old lady Seung Do Ji told me that she was taken to a mystical world where she saw many mysterious things. She told me how she saw the 'lord of the universe' building the 'Palace of Eden' on the earth. She told me she saw the foundation for this palace being built and said that the palace was beautiful beyond description. She described in detail how the palace was built, its height and width. Old lady Seung Do Ji called Father 'the Lord of the Universe.'

Back then we did not use the word 'cosmos.' Instead we said 'universe.' Ms. Ji would report to Father about the revelations she received when she was in a deep mental state. I didn't quite believe everything she said but now I see that everything Father and old lady Ji prophesied at that time has actually come to pass. Old lady Ji had a revelation that guided her to Father. God appeared to her and told her that she would meet the lord five years later. Five years after receiving that revelation Ms. Ji received another revelation as she was preparing breakfast. God told her that she had to go and meet the lord -- the same Lord He talked about five years ago.

She was told to go a certain place and there met Father. Father asked Ms. Ji, who came out of nowhere, why she had come. Ms. Ji explained how she received a revelation five years ago and that heaven had given her a fiery command that morning to come to this place. Three days after meeting Father, heaven came to her again and scolded her saying, 'How could you allow the Lord to live in such a miserable place?' Ms. Ji felt that she had to paste new wallpaper and cover the floor with clean paper. Luckily she had two pots with wheat flour in each of them. One was filled with new wheat flour, the other had old wheat flour. Ms. Ji used the old wheat flour to make glue and began pasting the paper on the walls and floor.

Yet, a strange thing happened: whenever she tried to paste the paper it kept falling off. Suddenly she heard a voice asking her which wheat flour she used for making glue. She answered, 'the old wheat flour.' Then the voice reprimanded her saying, 'What about the new wheat flour! How is it that you didn't use the new wheat flour for preparing for the lord? Go and use the new wheat flour!' Ms. Ji went back and used the new wheat flour; this time she was able to finish papering the walls.

In the Bible it says that when a new nation is established, the top 'heads' of the world will come to that nation. Father made this prophesy. Father told me that a time will come when the value of the Principle would be fully manifested and when it does kings and presidents of each nation would come and ask who the owner of this Principle was and testify that the Principle is the unchanging truth that will unite the world and unite the heaven and earth. Father said that they will line up to this nation and the length of that line will be too long to measure.

On the first day at Beomnaetgol, I listened to Father speak for about four hours. When I got up to leave, Father followed me and told me that there was still so much that he would like to tell me, entreating me to come back again another time. Those were the days when Father had to ask an insignificant person like me to hear him speak. Yet, what has happened now? Even the most 'important' person cannot easily meet True Parents. Just seeing this tells us how fortunate we are to be here.

Summary of (430 Couples) Ms. Kwi Ok Park's testimony:

After joining the church (in 1959) I fasted for a week. During this time I received a revelation telling me that Father was the 'lord at his second advent.' I also heard from a honorable priest that the lord 'may be living in rags but he is the one who will conquer the world.'

I think it was because of my mother's devotion and religious zeal in Buddhism that I ended up in the Unification Church. My mother was someone who offered devotion 365 days a year. Each morning she drenched herself with water drawn from the well at daybreak. She had deep insight to the things to come and even prophesied about the outbreak of the Korean War.

My mother's spiritual senses were passed on directly to my elder sister. In the midst of her prayers she would receive a revelation telling her to record messages from King Sejong (who created the Korean alphabet), Yoo Kwan Soon (a martyr remembered for her role in the Korean independence movement), Admiral Yi Soon Shin, and assassinated First Lady Yuk Young Soo.

My sister did not approve of my going to the Unification Church and persecuted me. She also strongly disapproved when I quit my teaching job at a school to go out witnessing. One day, though, she told me that she thought my teacher (Father) was a great man. She told me how she went to the heavenly world and saw God sitting with the saints. At a closer look she said she saw Rev. Moon sitting among the saints but in the best seat right next to God.

Summary of (President of PWPA) Professor Dae O Son's testimony:

I remember being enthralled listening to the words from 'The Way of God's Will' in the '60s and '70s. I must confess that I have been a little distant in practicing those words in my life. I was amazed at how timely Father chose the books -- The Way of God's Will, Exposition of the Divine Principle, the Divine Principle, Family Pledge, Cheon Seong Gyeong, and Peace Messages -- to read during the recent tour. I was deeply touched and inspired by today's readings.

Summary of Father's words:

I think that the Unification Church paved the most difficult road. This is the reason why the world in the future cannot but follow the steps of the Unification Church. As you make one step after another you realize that you don't just follow someone, you go straight forward. While in the dark, you were just following me, but now that the dawn breaks, you can walk the right way naturally just following the guidance of your mind, without anyone teaching or guiding you.

You must go this way until the end. Of course you need prayer and spiritual experiences, but most importantly you need to talk to the 'man sitting in your mind,' you have to ask him, "What do you think about this?" Once you unite with your mind and be able to discuss everything with it, you can do great things. Those who cannot do so may be saying lofty things, but in reality they are nothing.

As time goes by, centuries and millennia later you will realize that everything became the way I taught. Unification Church members who knew nothing and lived as they pleased will face such a reality in the world thousand years later. Then, your shame for your misbehavior will be simply unbearable. Such a future is waiting for you. You, ladies don't believe me.

You are smart people. You all studied well. Such people should get together, and create a certain form, a religious organization. If you rest on your past deeds, everything will be washed away. If tens of thousands of such people gather together they can leave a record of knowing heavenly secrets.

If there are some people in the Unification Church who can perform various spiritual works, we should collect from them the information about the depths of the spirit world. Even if such people couldn't testify about this while they lived on earth, we should find out these facts through their brothers, sisters or friends.

When such a person goes to the spirit world we should be able to call him and ask about the current situation in the spirit world and make many records of such accounts. Once you know things which happened and which will happen, you can understand how sure your way is. Through this you will definitely discover the mindset that will help you accomplish anything. You have to find such a mindset. 

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