The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Lineage must be made different

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon
April 27, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han and Hyung Jin Moon January 22, 2011

Summary of Father's Words

The lineage must be made different. It should be connected with a relationship based on absolute sexual ethics. Just because a couple loves each other does not mean their love -- the husband's love and the wife's love -- just continues; it must develop. The more that love is cherished the more precious the children will become who are born from that couple.

'Home' refers to a man and woman's sexual organs. This home is broken. How could children feel secure in such a home? If fallen immoral blood is mixed, it is the Fall all over again. That is how dreadful matters dealing with the lineage can be.

If a woman picks up a beggar's daughter and raises the child as if she were her own, feeding her and raising her until she matured, would that make her the mother?! She is not the mother unless she is connected by the lineage. The seed will always be different. You have to be aware of this.

I entered the mainstream of the satanic world. All of history came into this realm and was connected around the religions. These two worlds were not meant to be brought near to each other. The original lineage was reversed against this standard. That is why it must be reversed again, and hence, it went the opposite way. Satan planted the absolute evil lineage; it cannot be cleansed with the absolute good lineage.

When I look at my grandchildren, as more and more of them are born, the wiser and smarter they become. They are bright and are quick to perceive things. Mother had cesarean section surgery four times. She had to give birth to at least twelve children. Leah stole Jacob's seed that was closest to the heavenly blood which originally belonged to Rachel. If the Unification Church fails to establish its tradition, people would live with their concubines and chaos would ensue. Peace cannot come to such a world.

The Unification Church was most strict with this principle yet the world slandered us saying that we were an immoral group. Satan knew what he was talking about. People severed themselves from their root and by doing so cut short their own life. Mountain ranges are connected along a line. The Japanese thought that the life force of the mountains [in Korea] flowed through the mountain range. To disrupt that flow they drove stakes and pillars along the mountain range.

In the Last Days the women will bear the fruit of immorality. That is why there isn't a single woman who keeps her purity. Absolute sexual ethics should be resurrected and rise above the immoral sea of death. Absolute sexual ethics is like a rope affixed to heaven. God should be able to grasp that rope, and, from here, climb up that rope. There wasn't a path going up. God is not free to deal with the fallen world; neither is Satan. He waits and protects. When His beloved sons and daughters are blessed, they become heavenly children and their lineage is changed. A fundamental change must be made.

Mother as an individual must rise through the eight stages -- through the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. It must be different from the past, when she was married. Once Mother stands in the position of the parent, it would be difficult for the parent to deal with couples who give birth to children after having an affair or getting drunk.

That is why you have to prepare yourself for the sake of the three generations that emerge from your family. The third generation would naturally lead to seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight -- then it can come back. It means that you pulled out the root and cleansed yourself for seven years.

You who were blessed may quarrel with your husband and have squabbles. But it is different for couples that married before receiving the blessing. It becomes quite complicated with such couples. Their minds constantly go back and forth in a single day. Didn't the Unification Church conduct the cross-cultural marriage? People disparaged me so much because of this. Twenty years ago I blessed -- was it 6516? -- 6500 people or maybe 6000 Japanese with Koreans. I severed the ties of 6000 people at once and married them through the cross-cultural blessing. Satan cannot further sever those 6000 that were already disconnected.

Yet, those couples that were blessed in this way have used their sexual organs as they pleased and made it into a rag. It disgusts me just thinking about it. They die. They may marry on their own and have children but there children are already tainted and stained. That is why if you are going to educate your children you must do so with greater intensity than when you studied yourself. You should pray for your children to have a purer heart than yourself, and be cautious not to influence your children [in the wrong way].

That is why -- one, two, three, four and five -- five stages were needed; the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. There would be five lineages pertaining to each phase. The Satanic lineage is tainted; it is impure. Everything gets clogged at this point. On a national level Satan was in control. The governments were centered on the nations, and families were centered on religious circles. Governments, on a national level, persecuted and moved to eliminate the Abel-type religions; because Cain killed Abel.

Re-creation must occur before the Last Days. This must be done before the coming of the lord at his second advent. That would be the Last Days. Didn't you all drink the Holy Wine when you were married? It comes out from God, the root. You have to preserve this and continue to purify it.

When Mother was chosen, Sung Jin's mother [Sing Il Choi] had to be absolutely obedient to my words and prepare to attend Mother. Despite her preparations she did not live with Mother. As an elder sister she should have raised Mother as her younger sister, become as one and reverse the positions so that Mother could stand in the position of the elder sister. Do you understand what I am saying? Sung Jin's mother cannot be restored if she remains in the elder sister position. She can be restored through the younger sister. She must give birth to her younger sister and be led to God through her younger sister.

People fell into a hole because of the Fall and everything was made a mess. Women ended up becoming what they are today. These days, it is not the men but women who decide to divorce. When a woman is irritated her husbands tells her that she's the only one but they live thinking of different things.

Even if the first couple had quarreled in the Garden of Eden, did they have anybody else who they could marry? [Eve] should have lived and died with her husband no matter what.

They Fell and multiplied Satan's children who spread out in four directions. Originally a family centered on God's absolute [sexual ethics] should have emerged. From within that family an entire race should have been born and to form a nation. But all of this was divided.

It was because of the lineage. Say lineage. (Lineage.) Which lineage? The lineage was made a mess. People were thrown into that lineage. Men and women were taken advantage of; people drank and did all sorts of things. Could you remain in such a place? Such people should be plucked out of their neighborhood and burned to death. They were stoned to death. Didn't they do that to immoral women in Israel?

Who has honor, women or men? So what if men are a little bit better [than women]? Men are the center; they do not waver. Once they make a decision they try to follow their decision. Satan is everywhere; he looks for an opening and takes advantage of it to tempt people. If a blessed woman exposes herself, Satan well come in through that opening. When that woman sees another man and thinks he is better than her husband, she would fall away. Later when the children born from that union marry and have children of their own, what should be done? What should be done with those children? Who will save them? Would there be someone who could save these children? The providence of salvation will be brought to an end. True Parents have come to rectify all the wrong in history. A central figure must be raised in setting right the wrong.

If there were twelve women around Father, Sung Jin's mother should have been the center of those women to prevent the people and clans from being divided. North and South Korea would not have been divided. Instead it became a state-nation but in three years was divided into the North and South. I could have finished everything in three years. If the nation was made in 1945 what year would that be? [1948.] North Korea was formed in 1948.

The world is not a place where you are free to do as you like. You are not free to do as you will with your body or your lineage. How then can you be free to do as you like? Can you shilly-shally? It would be a mess.

People from Gyeongsang-do and people from Jeolla-do are different. They are fundamentally different. [I was born in] Jungjoo-myun in Pyonganbuk-do. Pyonganbuk-do is different from Pyongannam-do. The lifestyle of the people there are different. Spring would be different; the four seasons would be different in each region. If you compare how people in the North and South transplant rice seedlings, you will see that people in the South take as long as two to three months in doing this task. In the North, people usually finish the task by the Dano festival in May. In the South, however, they begin around the time of the Dano festival in May. There's a difference. What they eat while they work is also different. There is a few months difference; by then the season has changed. The lifestyle and ecology would be different on the other side of the earth.

When you go to school, don't you need to decide how you are going to graduate? You decided whether you are going to take first or last place when you graduate. Many people have graduated. If a hundred people studied together there would be a hundred ranks. If there a thousand, then there would be a thousand ranks. Everybody cannot be the same. You should know that there is a difference.

That is why this system, this system in the satanic world, can only depend on the family system. A great nation is an expansion of the family. If somebody in the nation is starving it should be felt as if a person in your own family was starving. The entire nation should be in pain. That's how it should be in the future.

Only when twelve tribes become as one can they form the center and rise above. When the twelve representatives become as one, they can stand at the center. This center should expand and rise.

I am thinking of developing a condominium system from now. Four households should live together. Three brothers representing the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages and one representing the Unification Church should form a foursome. There should be four brothers representing the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, Completed Testament Age and era of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam. If people forget about God you can go to their homes and teach them about God. The items in that family can be regarded as relics. People are hesitant to deal with things that are holier than themselves. Do you know how complicated the laws are regarding that?

(At 6:20 a.m. Father asks Hyung-jin nim to speak and sing a song.)

Summary of Hyung-jin nim's testimony

I was able to learn about many things during True Parents' recent speaking tour. True Mother offered a lot of devotion when people were not looking. Among my siblings, Kwon-jin hyung was the first to be born in America. We never had enough time with our parents. Whenever my siblings and I wanted to see our parents we would all gather and pray.

I received the blessing when I was in Uruguay studying Spanish after graduating from high school. I received the blessing at a young age as I wanted to quickly experience the intimacy and affection [with my spouse] that True Parents displayed in their daily life. I enrolled to Fairfield University (a school run by a Catholic Foundation.) The professor who taught philosophy in my school was a priest. I still keep contact with him.

Young-jin hyung ascended to the spirit world during my time at Fairfield. Young-jin hyung and I had lived together when we both took a year off from our studies. Young-jin hyung was somebody who always tried to create harmony and reconciliation. Young-jin hyung's ascension made me seriously think about life. When I was studying at Harvard I felt that Young-jin hyung was always with me. I sometimes could feel the touch of his hand. It felt like Young-jin hyung was telling me, "Don't worry, I'm with you." Whenever I felt him I found myself crying.

Once when I was walking on a street to go to my evening classes I said to Young-jin hyung, "If you are with me show me a sign." Suddenly four streetlamps began to turn off right after I passed each one. I was unable to go to class that day. I couldn't stop crying. Young-jin hyung was the most exceptional one among my brothers. He had a large head and I heard that Mother had a hard time giving birth to him. True Father said that a 21-year course must be made. I have always kept this in my heart. After Young-jin hyung's ascension I shaved off my hair and immersed myself in my studies for seven years until last year, thinking that these seven years was the formation stage.

I was also loved greatly by Heung-jin hyung. Heung-jin hyung enjoyed taking photos. The reason there are a lot of photos of me as a child is because Heung-jin hyung took so many photos of me out of his love for me. There are some similarities between Heung-jin hyung and Young-jin hyung. They both were born in the year of the horse; both loved cats. I remember seeing many cats in Heung-jin hyung's room. My brothers went to the spirit world but I know that they are doing many things there.

When I went on a tour to Japan I saw many Japanese-Korean couples. It was remarkable seeing them because I thought Korean members would have a hard time living in Japan. Those who prepared for my visit reserved a room at a hotel for me but I spent the nights at the church or at members' home. It was much convenient for me to stay at the church because I do Hoon Dok Hae and exercise from two in the morning.

Many elder members [of Japan] who usually didn't come to church came to the churches during my tour. There were some who had personally attended True Parents. I enjoyed hearing the testimonies of those elder members. We pulled lots and I would go to the house of the member who won. I brought something to eat (McDonald's hamburger, pizza, etc) when I went to their homes and had a good time talking with the members. Wherever I go members treat me like family which reminds me again of the greatness of True Parents' providence. When I stayed at the churches I used the kitchen to prepare something good to eat for those there. I really had an enjoyable time.

Gospel songs are what the African Americans usually sing in America. They have a lot of resentment because of slavery. Yet, they were free to express their hearts at church. That is why many of the Gospel songs are deep. The song I am going to sing today conveys this message: "I am not worried about dying because I'm going to meet Jesus in Heaven."

(At 7:20 True Father calls Maria Sung and tells her to sing a song and to give a testimony. Maria Sung and Archbishop Milingo come up and sing an Italian song called "May God's Love Be With You.")

Summary of Mariah Sung's testimony

Thanks to Father, my husband and I were able to visit the Holy Grounds in Korea. I believe that Archbishop Milingo was able to grow through this experience. When we visited the Wonjeon burial grounds, he was deeply touched at how the elder members of the church were remembered. Archbishop Milingo told me that he regrets how he led his life of faith.

Whenever there was a request we went and spoke. (Referring to the speaking tour around True Father's 88th birthday celebration.) At Yesan, Chungnam, we met the Ven. Beopjeong. Later, we were invited to Brazil by Rev. Heung Tae Kim, the Korean national messiah to Brazil, and took part in a large rally there. Currently we are focusing on our work centering on the gathering of married priests. 

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