The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

My directions should be announced

Sun Myung Moon
April 26, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
Victory Celebration for the 'Rally to Declare the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace'
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon February 4, 2011

Summary of Father's Words

How many people are here? (130 persons came.)

I must give directions about the things I teach you... For example, my directions should be announced. However you cannot do it. You can proceed to fulfill them after I speak about them first; only then the spirit world will help you. Everything should start directly from the very source of spring water. Don't use the spring water that was first collected in a puddle. In the past you stocked up with water to be used throughout the week, didn't you? But now you should use only fresh water.

Currently the UN has 193 member nations, but this number should decrease to 80 and even 40. We should decrease this number and from among these nations raise outstanding countries. We can make as many nations as we want.

Since all people have the same seed, you can be loved in any family you visit, whether it is rich or poor. You can actually be loved in poor families even more than in rich families. Recently people don't even eat at home. Nowadays family members don't have to eat together everyday, nevertheless they can be happy. So if you are poor it doesn't actually mean that you are unhappy. Such a time has come.

Before relieving people from evil things existing in the surrounding world, one has to gain victory over evil on an individual level. To do so, I have been going up and up on the road of indemnity and finally found out that I am the only one who remained on this road. In order to go up you must be pushed up by the surrounding people who are under you. But to be pushed up by them, you need to live for their sake. Then, thousands and tens of thousands of people will push you up. It's not that I am great, but the members of the Unification Church wish me well; they wish me happiness even more that they wish their own families' wellbeing. A person, who is not like this, is not really a church member.

If you stay on the horizontal line you can't become a vapor. So you have to leave this horizontal line, become a cloud and go to the world.

Many people are just like pigs. They think only of themselves. Such people will come to a dead end. They will be swallowed. Wise ones will survive. Others will be simply eaten by their enemies. Once you keep your cloud, protect your children and gradually go forward, the free space will open for you. Otherwise can you act as you please? I don't act just the way I like. From now on this issue becomes important.

Women should unite around Mother. Aren't you Unification Church members my adopted children? Your lineage is different from mine, isn't it? Actually real children are only those of the direct descent. You have to follow my direct children and go through the three stages of grandfather, father, and grandchildren. Only then can you enter the realm of direct blood line. Even though you have your own sons and daughters, in order to become a third generation of my family, you, Unification Church people, including my first three disciples, should think about my children. You don't think how to attend me as a king, do you? If you attend me as a king and wish me to be your king, you may be selected as my daughters-in-law or representatives of my sons. It's true for every Unification Church member. There many thief-like folks who want to become spouses of my children who are most successful. Some people give me advice on this, but do you think I will follow them? Do you understand?

You have to determine your position. Let's say, I'm on this level, if I graduated from college, I'm on the level of college. To become a representative of all students, you must be supported by them as their representative. If you receive this kind of support you will immediately go up to the position of a representative, whether it be your working place or a school. Why? Because you regard your working place as your own home, because you care and do good for it. Of course they must give you money with which you can provide for your living. Do you understand?

All women and Ambassadors for Peace from around the world should unite around Mother with absolute obedience, and become one body. Mother cannot make an offering by herself. After receiving the offering, Parents can further offer it to Heaven. Do you understand? This offering should be made by January 13, 2013. January 13, 2013, isn't that right? We should make the offering by that time. At that time your position under Heaven should be determined. That will be a new beginning.

You must determine where you rank -- first, second or some other. You have to correspond to one of the 7 ranks. Belonging even to 3rd or 4th rank is shameful, and the people who rank 7th have nothing to be proud of, at all. You must be reinstated.

We should correct everything starting from the Garden of Eden, from Eve's bosom. We should make Parents a center, restore a nation, in this way we establish it in a blessed position. Isn't it so?

You should be Mother's representatives and Father's incarnations. Even if you go 3 stages down, your position of a representative will remain valid. So the Blessing which you give using the Holy Wine is recognized as Blessing too. Now you drink the Holy Wine twice a day, don't you? But don't you let the Holy Wine to be just wasted. Keep it in your stomachs, give it to your relatives and children; you must hand it over. Don't waste it by drinking it alone. It's easy to just receive the Holy Wine and Drink it, isn't it? Don't waste the Holy Wine. The problem is that you always fall into habits.

Satan is saying to you, "Just sit and wait." But if you do, you'll vanish in hell for eternity.

Even kind people won't go to Heaven, if they fail to get certain score, let's say 50 or 70 points. Everything will be cleaned up. So we have many tasks which are not easy. Do you understand?

I'm telling you, give Blessing! You should do it even now! You don't give Blessing, do you? You only order others to give it. That's why they are reluctant to do it. If you don't give Blessing, and only order others to do it, it's a corrupt practice. You can't imagine how fearful, how bad it is.

Mother with her two hands should bring some kind of conclusion for the sake of God by January 13, 2013. At that time she can receive responsibility from God and pay the indemnity for lineage. A man also must pay indemnity. Man's position is that of responsibility, it's a position of an owner. An owner must take responsibility and pay indemnity. No one can pay indemnity for two persons. To pay indemnity you can give Blessing to any person. Once you become a friend to someone and give him the Holy Wine, you must be responsible for that person. Then our family system will quickly become a national system. Isn't that so?

Family system is the same as national system. If husbands and wives in all humanity, all 6.5 billion, will become one, move to God and be accepted by Him, then the realm of happiness will open in the spirit world due to the people living on earth. If you are happy, is it a kind of happiness which 70 million Koreans are celebrating with a banquet? All happy people belong to different places, so God becomes a bridge for them. Our Ambassadors for Peace will be able to travel to any place in the world free of charge.

(Looking at the book) What's this? 'God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World,' It is about God's family and kingdom. Take this part out, "the Peaceful Ideal World." People don't know what a peaceful, ideal world is. That's why I am teaching them these things.

God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World! Families have responsibility to reach royal position and build the kingdom. The ideal of peace, the kingdom of peace cannot be build just by anyone.

We have to move over to the world of the ideal of peace. The Kingdom is inhabited by the people who passed over to such a world. Only if you become individual able to make such a shift can you change the fallen world, and restore the lost fruits of God's labor. So, speaking of God's ideal family and the kingdom of the peaceful ideal world, originally God's ideal family is His kingdom. First the kingdom-type family emerges, then tribe, people and nation. The world of the ideal of peace will collapse, if people abandon the standard of absolute sexual morals. The ideal will crumble and the world will collapse. Without the foundation of absolute sexual morals nothing will work. 

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