The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Pre-Speech Remarks (A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World)

Sun Myung Moon
April 25, 2007
Seoul, Korea

This rally today is the final one of those I have been doing in Korea. Actually this should be a party, a celebration. Should it be a rally party or a celebration party? ... This rally should serve as a simple celebration; this gathering today will be an occasion my wife and I could not have imagined...

What is the title of this rally? "A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World." All issues are included in that title.

Please feel as if you are at a celebration. Do not have a heavy heart; please feel as if you are light enough to levitate... How many people are here today? [There are 1,500.] I hope you can spend this time with a light heart -- light enough to hover in the air.

I could talk about results, but they can be found in everything I have said during the course of these gatherings.

Families are the unit that can enter heaven. Do you understand? You cannot enter alone. Christianity has the expectation of individual salvation, but with that kind of faith you would be a loner in heaven. There, God, as the eternal parent, can live with His children within the realm of the ideal. Yet, you would not be able to go there by yourself; no matter how successful a man or woman may he, he or she cannot enter heaven alone.

Look at the introductory part of my speech; it reads, "Respected ambassadors for peace and leaders of Hawaii, distinguished guests from Japan and Korea who have come from afar to honor this occasion with your presence, ladies and gentlemen! My wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, my family and I extend our heartfelt welcome to you all." When you see that you are being invited by all our family members, who are united in heart and mind, you can understand that something new is unfolding in your lifetime and in this time in fallen history. It is the greatest honor for you all. It makes no difference whether you are a successful person or not. Do not think, "Don't you know who I am?" just because you have a lofty position. I am blind to such things. We are in a time when the highest person may descend to the lowest position and a lowly person may be elevated to the highest position. Keep that in mind and please appreciate this occasion to which you have been invited. Are you with me?

Let me look at your faces. Would you like to see a smiling face or would you like to see a disgruntled or angry face? If I laughed and had a smile on my face the entire setting would be transformed into a sea of laughter and everybody would be floating in the air. Those sitting by the wall laugh like this: "ha, ha, ha." It seems to be noisier in the front seats. But that's understandable; these people have to go to the spirit world soon. They have to be trained extensively on earth so that they will shine when they go to the heavenly world, on account of their service and attendance. It's not had to see young people and old people laughing like this. The path of God's will has indicated how, over time, God has organized the beginning of a new heaven and earth through me. You should know how each stage in history was connected. That's important.

It should be made known that a young boy; fifteen or six-teen years old, in his teenage years, struggled in prayer with tremendously significant issues involving heaven and earth. When I was sixteen there was nothing I could not do. I did well in my studies; I was good at predicting the future in my neighborhood, the future of the children and nation. I always got it right. I was a problem child in my household. Was it because someone told me to be that way so that I was like that? I was in a position where I would concern myself with the future. Yet, I was not living my life in my own way. There definitely has to be a central focus, a system to guide you that indicates the direction to go.

When a boy turns sixteen, he does everything well, be it studying, weeding a rice paddy, sweeping, or wrestling. Because I had exercised on a horizontal bar, I was strong enough to clear it in one quick motion. I am not a dull-wilted man. Whether looking from a secular perspective or from the viewpoint of my clan, I am in such a position that no one can deny this.

In the days when Japan ruled Korea, being a pastor was something tremendous. Centering on the new culture, my great-uncle endeavored to make known the will of Heaven. He became a pastor, at a time of pioneering when new developments were going on within Jeongju County. Shouldering the responsibility for churches in more than twelve townships, he traveled day and night to stir up Korean youth. I can never forget the face of my great uncle, who worked hard to educate the young men so that they did not die when they should he making preparations for an era when the nation of Korea could go whichever way it chose.

My great uncle was a handsome man, handsomer even than I. He was a handsome man, though his face actually looked like a woman's, especially his eyes when you looked at them from the side. His eyes were those of a pioneer, full of vitality, and also like those of a woman preparing her heart for marriage, yearning for the ideal she has cherished in her dreams.

When I was five or six years old, I really liked my great uncle; I always asked when he would come. Whereas I lived in the countryside in the North, about fifty miles away, my grandfather worked as a traveling pastor, visiting many regions and major cities, so I could not meet him. If I go on in this way, I will never stop speaking about him, so I'll stop here, because I think you know enough about him now!

As you may know, I began on this providential path when I cut my wisdom teeth... The way of the Unification Church refers to the path that the Church and I have blazed after I took responsibility for the course of the providence. You should know that I have trod that providential way. The followers of this Moon so-and-so may not have followed him this far had he used the term "providential way" from the time he lived in his village as a boy. You need to remember that it was based on the providential path that the Unification Church first began to take pride in the content of the word.

What is the providential path? For Buddhists, it is the path they are following; for Christianity; believing in Jesus is the providential path. Confucians centered on Confucianism, Buddhists centered on Buddhism, and Muslims centered on Islam are all following a providential path. What, then, is the center of the providential path? People don't know. The providential path we should follow; this providential path is a serious matter. You would find it interesting to hear my thoughts on this. I have never spoken about it in circumstances such as this. Would you like me to tell you this story? It would take me more than a year to tell it!

The tables are well laid-out today. Were they laid out to serve me? These tables were prepared to serve you. Who set them? It was the Unification Church. That means it was I who prepared them. So it would naturally suggest that it is not I who am being served, but the guests, who are more honorable than I. So, would it be right or wrong for me to speak for three or four hours as a way of serving them? You sitting right in the front, answer me, please. Would it he doing right or wrong? [It would be doing right!]

The path of the providence has carried on through history. If you don't know about this you must go back to find that providential path. What came next was the era of the first Explanation of the Divine Principle. The Divine Principle is enough by itself, so what was the use of the second edition of the Divine Principle?

If there is a jar of honey, when one has eaten a piece of rice cake, he should he fed a spoonful of honey so the rice cake does not stick in his throat. Honey is sweet, and the one eating the rice cake will swallow the cake together with the honey, and all will be well. So what was the use of the first edition of the Divine Principle? There are all kinds of people in the world, and because there are those in the secular world who need to have it explained, the first edition Divine Principle was given. What came next? It was the second edition of the Divine Principle. So progress occurred then, because it was the era where people could be taught the Principle directly. What would come after the era of the Divine Principle?

Teaching centering on the Divine Principle can be explained in this manner: My Pledge, which was for individuals, can be put aside. The Family Pledge is central now. So if the Divine Principle is enough in itself, where does the Family Pledge come in? The path of the Divine Principle should take us from the individual to the family; nation, world, and even all of heaven and earth, to reach an infinitely great destination. You need to prepare to take that path. So what era are we in? It is the era of the Divine Principle.

You need to be able to distinguish the eras. This is very important. Can the ambassadors for peace group, the mountain hiking group and the multi-faceted groups of the Unification Church all claim that the contents of the Divine Principle are signposts testifying to them? Are you able to say that you are the providential path itself, that you do not need Divine Principle because you are a master who can personally explain it? The Divine Principle should be taught uniformly; whether it is in the hands of a nation's president or in the hands of the people, for everyone should become its owner. Who should be its owner? Should it be the president of the world?

If I am told by God to preach, I will respond.

What's next? The Family Pledge. Fulfilling only the first verse of the Family Pledge would allow a person to go to the kingdom of heaven. All would pass through the gates, regardless of religion or denomination. Each of them is asserting that theirs is the most important. Given the state the world is in, were you to ask what is actually covered by and discussed in the substantial Principle, representatives from Christianity; Confucianism. Buddhism or Islam could not give a clear answer.

Then who should explain the Principle? Who should tell others about it? Not even I am the owner of the Principle. Do you understand? God Himself appeared and said that He trod the providential path in such and such a way. and He taught the Principle in such and such a way -- and since the Divine Principle failed to take root, the Family Pledge, which did take root, was deemed necessary for us to settle down. All of you can recite from the first to the eighth verse, can't you? Raise your hands if you cannot...

You've all done as you like. That's why the Divine Principle has come. God's bitter grief tells us we must go this way; centering on the Family Pledge. What else would it he but the Family Pledge? Whenever I have been insulted and humiliated I have spoken to you through the whole night, missing sleep and eating nothing...

What comes after the Family Pledge? What's next? It is Cheon Seong Gyeong. The Bible is not totally different. You need the image of God shown to you in your living environment. That is where the Mother and the Father are. If God is the first generation, Adam is the second generation; those in the third generation should all center upon the four-position foundation and cultivate it.

Satan has made the word "bastard" into a swear word, and in short has made everything opposite. He has made good words into evil words as his own language. The words I use in this era of genuine battle should not include these words the meanings of which have been twisted...

Although during the course of my life I have traveled the world and have been insulted a great deal, and many unfortunate incidents have occurred around me, there sometimes is a need for unfortunate incidents to take place.

Let's say there are two villages fighting each other to death, and a wise man appears and takes hold of each person in the two fighting villages, and tries to persuade them not to fight. He would go to everyone, person by person until one villager changed his mind and promised not to fight. He'd then go on speaking to others, "Do you want to fight again? If you don't want to fight, turn around." If he were to embody the standard of peace in the midst of the fighting, and if he can turn the minds of two men among the two groups numbering in the hundreds who are fighting to kill each other, those two can become the model for peace. Isn't that how results in the normal environment of the world are achieved? Only then can the true fruit be harvested.

There is good and evil. What is goodness? What else can this be but goodness? Evil is evil. For your information, the Chinese character for goodness is made when the Chinese character for sheep [yang] is knifed and bled. That is how it can he interpreted. It is the Chinese character for sheep that has been slaughtered, and a mouth has swallowed it. Only when it is swallowed by the mouth can it become the seed, sprout buds and grow

The mouth here refers to a person, and the Chinese character for sheep suggests that goodness sheds the blood of a sacrifice; and when someone appears after swallowing that and even digesting it, it will mean victory for God's side. That is the conclusion. Do you understand? In sacrificing yourself, though you are driven to the brink of death, you do not die. Only after the sons and daughters of your enemy and the father and wife of your enemy have taken swords in their hands and stabbed you with them, and you have swallowed blood, can you become a person of goodness. That is how it is. Is that the right way to interpret it or not? If it is not, tell me.

What is sin? Sin is sin. How else can we understand it now that we know that sin is sin? It is a sin not to be a part of a four-position foundation. Is that right? If the Buddhists believing in Buddhism and Christians believing in Jesus had interpreted sin in this way; there would have been many in Korea today who would have soared high above others in the religious realm and the world of individuality in striving after the ideal. However, this has not been the case, and in light of this, we have become a people who know nothing but despair and disappointment; that is why we still continue to suffer. Isn't that disagreeable? That is the reality of good and evil.

Isn't it all about the four-position foundation? Centered on God, if Adam is the first generation, his son is the second generation, his grandson is the third generation, and only after the fruit of the four-position foundation centered on them is harvested can the five seeds be buried in the soil. There, if they do not perish, they can unite gradually so that five become four, four become three, three become two, and two become one, and a fruit that is greater than the seed sown by God can be harvested.

Does that make you feel good or bad?  [It makes us feel good.] If it makes you feel good, what does.4th Adam mean? It means I am truly grateful, because I have become the owner.

This was done through Cheon Seong Gyeong. What come next are the messages of goodness, the Peace Messages. Once you have absorbed then all, you can go wherever you want. Even the spirit world would be like your own country, and even if you were to go to hell, you would be given the authority of a king, and those living there would confess their sins to you and serve you as their lord...

Above the throne, the center of the universe has become the owner, and the will idealized by God has been accomplished. That is why the Unification Church members say Aju rather then Amen. Is the word "Aju" generally used in unpleasant situations or in pleasant ones? Considerate people are good in themselves, but shouldn't they have something added to them so that they can bear fruit?...

Once the joyous day comes when the earth can embrace all created beings and dance with delight, in that world, the authority and prestige of God will stand triumphantly above all, even if He were to go a little bit crazy. However it is, at least you are paying attention to me.

What the Unification Church desires to have is the seed -- the seed of love, the seed of life, the seed of lineage, and those who desire something other than that are descendants of the devil and a group of traitors that can ruin heaven and earth. You should know this. OK? OK is short for "the opening of the kingdom." that is, the gates to the kingdom of God. What is OK? It is "The opening of Korea." It is the key to enter the kingdom of heaven. Say, "Key." [Key] If you don't need that key, you are as good as dead. Those who need that key are alive, so they will come flocking to it.

Are you dead or alive? [We are alive.] You need to have the key. What key? It is the key to the providential path, the substance of the Divine Principle. Centering on the substance of the Family Pledge, and based on the ideal husband and wife and the four great realms of four generations, everyone in heaven and earth should open their mouths and say, "OK," Aju! After being told the results, you all desire to have that fruit. If those who do not hope for it are taught about it before the fruit emerges, there will be no one who could refuse that fruit. Thus, the automatic conclusion is that all of them will enter the kingdom of heaven.

True Parents means the True Father and the True Mother.

You should do as they tell you, even if they tell you to do a funny dance. Though others may wonder why company CEOs, cabinet ministers and even presidents are doing a strange-looking dance, you men should he able to dance naked with your wives in your own homes.

This lady right here is not Han Hak-ja, but Moon Hak-ja. Through this very wonderful day she has been given the name Moon Hak-ja, and she should stand up if I tell her to stand up, and come to me when I ask her to. Would it be good for a wife not to listen to her husband? She will come when asked to do so, and as she turns around and goes back, if she beckons me with her fingers behind her back, should I follow her or not? [You should follow her.] There's no need to teach you, since you already know. If True Mother is really a True Parent, do True Parents consist of a True Father and a True Mother, or not?

Satan has been trying to make it so that True Parents would never exist, for all eternity. He has been trying to pull out their roots. There are those who need the True Parents, however, and who want to be uprooted so their own buried roots can be dug up and made clean. Anything less than that is not sufficient.

[Father asks Mother to sing a song.]

To move on -- in our Unification Church, trinities are precious. Father and son are connected in a vertical line. Next, the husband and wife are one in heart, as are brothers and sisters. It is only in Christianity that you find the ideology of the oneness in heart of three generations...

Your minds are similar to one another on the horizontal.

Without this horizontal line, the end cannot be seen. That is why we are searching for the center. Unless we are at the center, we cannot see the ends, to one side as well as the other. Where is the center of the two poles? If you were to shift position even a little, you would not be able to see them. Since this side will become the center, once it happens, Heaven will make it so that where two become one, life and love will be sown and lineage will come into existence.

One person alone cannot make a lineage. Could a widow give birth to sons and daughters even if she were to live for a million years?

We are standing at the very center of the horizontal line. Here, after being adjusted, when the two sides meet at the center so that the length in each direction is the same, exactly matching, they cannot be pulled apart no matter how hard one tries. If the man is stronger, they will be pulled to the man's side, and if the woman is stronger they will be pulled to the woman's side. Since there is only one central point on that horizontal line, the logic of their equality is unimpeachable.

And when, standing below, I am called and a vertical line is drawn from God to me, there will be no need for religion, nationhood, meditation, studying, or anything else. Why would they be necessary, since everyone would live on earth until they end up in the kingdom of heaven as the sons and daughters of Heavenly Father? In short, there would be no need to offer devotions.

Therefore, the intermediary part is missing on the horizontal line. Even God Himself will have to come to the dead center to set the point, and once it is set, its shadow will automatically become the core. It is similar to concentrating beams of light through a magnifying lens, which will set the target on fire.

This world came to be filled with confusion because the eight stages of the universe failed to be connected to the one point on the perpendicular. Once you understand this, automatically you will be able to travel back and forth from the eighth stage through to the twelfth and go out into the wider universe.

I said a little while ago that whatever is outside of the four-position foundation is a sin. Only when the sheep goes through slaughter and is eaten can it be called good. This concurs with the Principle. Please bear this in mind.

If you want to follow in our footsteps and take the same positions as us, you need to follow us until you can act in our place as the father and the mother, rotating centering on spherical motion through 360 degrees, at any angle, uniting with that standard... That is the point at which God can find rest and even get some sleep. What would it be like if there were holes in this that allowed storms and strong winds to come in?

The universe is in motion, and by mutual effort it has developed until now toward the unified realm of harmony. We should strive for an era of universal outlook that can bring about further development. Even after I go to the spirit world I will have to educate others about the new era. Do you understand? If you cannot do that on earth, give up now. Whether you are a Buddhist monk, a guru, a member of Cheondo-gyo, a pastor, or a priest, you all face the same destiny. [Cheondogyo, is a 20th-century religious movement, rooted in Korean shamanism and Korean Buddhism, with Christian elements.] You need to go to the final resting place of God -- where He should go to rest forever -- sleep with Him, taking your entire clan with you, so that on behalf of the people you have brought there, Heaven can fill in the gaps.

And when the world turns once, you will come back to the same position you were originally in. But the world will become a place where you can experience even greater development and thus be connected to the happiness of eternal joy...

Therefore, husband and wife should be one in heart. The skin of the fruit, the outer layer of the seed of the fruit has three layers -- the father-son relationship, the conjugal relationship and sibling relationships. Within the three layers, a boy does not die but, rather, is born from the parents and grows up from a tiny baby through boyhood, youth, manhood and old age. It everything that lies latent within each of us; if a seed does not cherish hopeful dreams, the seed of life cannot develop.

Bear this in mind, and know that Mrs. Han Hak-ja will play an important role in the Pacific Rim era seen from the historical viewpoint in relation to the will of God. It is the beginning of the will. The responsibility we are called to fulfill, to raise ourselves to the substantial standards taught by God, remains; and you must understand how urgent this is. If we are late by even a decade or two, this "atomic bomb" will explode by itself and the entire planet might be wiped away. Such a difficult time will come. "A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the Free World" -- everything is covered here...

I have told you already that I have fought to pioneer a new path of righteousness. Even it you think I am wrong and have piled these thoughts up against the walls all the way to the ceiling, this thinking must he brought down overnight. Even if you have built a castle, it should be destroyed in a day. Unless you follow the heart of God, who has taught that the land should be level, and who desires to see the ideal that existed prior to the creation of the world, it is impossible for you to leave behind the qualifications of a relationship that can last permanently. You should know that this conclusion cannot be denied.

Though it sounds complicated, do you understand what I'm saying? After becoming Moon Hak-ja, my wife, as a couple we should give birth to and raise three daughters with the surname Moon. Why? If Jesus had become a parent, who would have found wives for his three disciples? If there had been successful parents in Eden, or if three disciples had died with Jesus, or if they had gone to Rome, things might have been different, but everything became a mess. You need to realize how appalled God was and that His will was twisted as He looked down on it.

Regarding the providential path and the Divine Principle, even if you find the way into the secret chambers of God and find out even those things that cannot indicate the life one has led, all the treasures that are stored in the secret storeroom of heaven cannot be opened without a key. You can only connect to them if you are connected to the same root as the owner's sons and daughters, that is, the central root, and also to the central core. Could genuine elements connect to them? They could not. The liberation of humankind can never come about before one can have the pride of being able to master the four great realms of heart.

In this respect, and in regard to the Pacific Rim cultural realm, what is the opening of God's civilization of universal peace? When it comes to the universe, the peaceful house where two people can dwell is the universe. The universe is Heaven's home (Cheon-ja). In Heaven's home there must be peace, but fights have broken out, with people arguing about who is higher or lower.

Regarding the civilization of universal peace on the fundamental level... it is not the characters meaning "new" which describes the civilization, but the character which means a spirit. Yet this shin should not be interpreted as a spirit or ghost but as "God" -- Godly civilization.

There have been so many believers throughout history. In bringing salvation to humankind, God manifested as the God of salvation, the God of indemnity in relation to the need for atonement, and the God of sacrifice. Through these three stages the three fruits emerge as one, then the ideal of the four-position foundation can he fulfilled. Isn't this the inevitable conclusion?

Those who say they have understood this; raise your hands high and say, "Thank you God. Since all these blessings have not become God's, you should wish that they do become God's. Accomplish that wish! May Heaven receive all the hopes that have been fulfilled." You should think in this way and be united in oneness with your spouse; because husband and wife are one in body. The same is true for a speech. The speech is given by True Parents, because it is not only the father who has spoken. At least Mother has sung a song; if she hadn't, I would be criticized. It is good she has at least sung.

It is nice to sit down and listen to a speech. Do you think it is easy to stand up and sing? It's very difficult. Singing a song that is liked by everyone else can be difficult, but it comforts us and brings us together in harmony. It makes an environment that can be unified and reaps it as the fruit of Heaven, so Heaven cannot resist being a part of the joyful gathering. Aju!

That is why such speeches are precious. You need to live according to their words. What we are doing today from an early hour is learning that the providential way and the era of Divine Principle should pass away. Three generations cannot be connected through the Divine Principle book.

You need to occupy the position where two can connect to each other directly, so that one person's heart will feel like the head of the other, and vice versa. Only when in that position, where one will know what the other is thinking before he says anything, will he be able to practice the Family Pledge and approach the throne of God, well versed in Cheon Seong Gyeong, so that he can set off on the journey of eternal life, going to the far, far East, then turning one full circle and another, thus traveling around the universe.

How great are the treasures created by God? And how happy would one be if they were bequeathed to him? Would he be happy, or not? You should know that I am engaged in this work because I am familiar with such a world of dreams.

In Korea, the azaleas usher in spring, but they cannot be the key because they do not open the door. Korean azaleas make the spring pleasant for everyone; it is the azalea season now. Did you know azaleas come in five colors? What comes next? Lilies. After that are morning glories. These flowers are like jars of honey because they give sweet honey, but the fruit comes out here. There's a great distance between heaven and earth.

In the Bible, a wonderful bride is referred to as a lily. Did you know that when three lilies -- the father lily, grandfather lily, and grandson lily -- are in bloom, an entire town can be filled with their fragrance? ...

No matter how distinguished and beautiful a woman is, she must first become admirable. Hoon-cook, even if you have a doctoral degree from Russia, it is nothing to be proud of, because what you need is not to dance alone, but to prepare for the day when you can dance with your husband. When you are alone, butterflies and bees won't come to you, the harmony of the universe, the getting together of all creation, will not come about.

Raise your hand if you are a married woman. You should become lilies. Fathers should be able to say, "My daughter lily is the best. After getting married, she has become more admirable than her parents. We have given birth to sons and daughters who are much, much better than we are."

When the three eras are changed, from there, movement through formation, growth and perfection will occur. When that happens, the central root will sprout a central stem that will put forth central buds. Years will pass and the seeds acquired from them can be planted in all nations. Even when they are planted in a world with a completely different climate, the shoots will remain and viable seeds can be gathered because there are four seasons. That is why I am talking about lilies...

The speeches for the construction of the place for the settlement of world peace and the establishment of Cheon Il Guk families are important expositions being given at this banquet. No matter how excellent Mother is, she should ask me to stand in front of her and give the introduction, for only then can I hold the key. Do you understand?

She is the Mother. By implanting the sperm of the father in the ovum of the mother, everything has become OK. There can be no such thing as the Fall. How much would God rejoice over such a person? Harboring such a mind, remember this day as the day recording a celebration, and even if you were to forget everything that's in your mind, remember that it is our church that has taught you what the core is, what sin is, what goodness is, and has even shown you God's substantial standard of life, established by the Unification Church...

You cannot be stopped because you are of a different bloodline. The True Parents must liberate the three disciples.

Centering on the three disciples' first, second and third generations, the twelve tribes need to be organized into one great tribe, and centering on the entire world, there should be 72 apostles, and further on, 120 apostles. Only then can the kingdom of heaven come down to earth; that is the formula. You need to know this. Is that clear?

Don't hold your heads high and square your shoulders, thinking you are superior, and you women don't sway your hips to attract men. Women should never sway their hips; that isn't good at all. When three women are walking, there are three sets of hips moving with them. The women of the three generations of the grandfather and father should walk in sync...

The man is the guardian of the breasts. He is the owner who should ease the pressure from his wife's breasts when they are painful during lactation, have the woman bear their children, and feed the mother and the children, on behalf of God.

Why do I travel around with my wife when it is more convenient to travel alone? It's unavoidable. I have done enough to show you why.

"A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will" -- the currents of history. "The United States and the Future Direction of the Free World." As everything is included in the flow of history, and if everyone has aligned themselves to head toward one common destination, a common fruit will automatically emerge as the result. Aju.

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