The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Parents' Day Morning Address

Sun Myung Moon
April 17, 2007
Chung Jeong Goong - Original Peace Palace and Museum
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Simultaneous translation: Kentoku Hamasaka and others
Edited by Louise Strait

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.
True Parents offered the morning prayer and pledge to God. Father and Mother came out to the warm welcome of several thousand people at the Original Peace Palace and Museum. They lit the seven candles at the beautiful offering table. Then the True Family bowed to God and the whole congregation bowed, followed by three representative nations of Korea, Japan, and America, the Continents, the Spirit World representatives and the Abel World and the Cain World.

True Fatherís Address:

I am now on a 21-city speaking tour. We are proclaiming the Pacific Rim Era in Godís providence. We now have seven years of time until January 13, 2013. During this seven-year period, you are responsible to untangle all the things that have bound your nations.

The time is coming when God will directly govern this world. The time is coming when Satan will have to pack up and run away. We are now facing the most decisive moment in Godís providence. This is the time of a great showdown between heaven and earth.

Throughout my entire life I have talked and prayed without ceasing. I understand how to make people happy through my words, yet I ask you to not be proud or think you are great. Please be humble. Is there anyone here older than I am? (Mrs. Park Jung Min raised her hand.)

Are True Parents one person or two? (They are one). You should be able to answer this without hesitation. I ask you to listen closely to the speech I am giving -- The Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of Godís Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the Free World.

We must understand the Pacific Era in the "light" of Godís will. This speech was first delivered on March 17th in Hawaii. Then I will deliver this today and then again on May 17th in America. America is closely watching what I am doing.

Why was Godís will not fulfilled through the Roman Empire? Because Jesus was rejected and killed. After thousands of years of preparation, God watched Jesusí each and every action. God was looking so carefully at Jesus. Jesusí death was a tragedy that broke Godís heart.

This is Heavenís decree. America was raised by God and brought to the place of victory. The key to America is unifying Christianity. How can we unify Christianity? Through practicing true love, understanding the Spirit World, and establishing true families. You must understand about the cross and the need for absolute sexual morality. World conflict is rooted in the Fall. The most important thing to do to resolve this is international, cross-cultural marriage blessings. If Americans and Russians can marry each other, we can dissolve the hatred between the two nations.

Women will now be in a key position to bring peace. To be trained, the blessed wives had to endure incredible hardships of leaving their families and working for the providence. This indemnity condition was fulfilled because they didnít run away. They are here now and they overcame. Because of that faith, women can play a central role in peace. There are so many different religions. I also survived and overcame.

There was no such thing as religion or politics in the Garden of Eden. We are returning to the Garden of Eden. I see Dr. Min Ha Kim here. He has brothers in America, Japan, and even North Korea. Donít you want them all to be able to see each other? The key to developing a peaceful world starts with creating ideal families. They will create the peaceful, ideal world.

This is the year of Jubilee.

However, we have to be careful. Russia and China are interested in the Pacific. This is a serious moment. We must educate the Russian and Chinese leaders about the way of the family and way of peace. (Then harmony and cooperation can exist between America, Russia and China to bring the Pacific Era of Peace). Then we can prevent further war. How did I survive? God protected me. Many times, just by intuition, my feet have led me out of danger. Even in the car while I am half dozing, suddenly I will awaken and just by sense ask the driver to go to the right or left. I cannot be destroyed as the conditions have been set and True Parents are protected.

We began with the True Family, then 120 religious leaders, then 1,200 Ambassadors for Peace, then 12,000 Peace Message rallies. You should continue blessing your relatives and family this way. You should bless 120 family members and then expand to 1,200 and then to 12,000 couples. Eventually we could cover the earth this way.

Please understand that when you read or hear the Peace Messages, billions of your ancestors are pouring down to help you. Through this process your ancestors are working to perfect themselves and establish True Families through you. They cannot do it without you.

God will now take the lead! You will see. Not just by our leadership, but, beyond our power, God now has the authority to take the lead and bring people.

Dr. Lee, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Moon, Mrs. Gil Ja (Sa) Eu (Mrs. Eu is responsible to educate all clergy) and Mrs. Jeong all should work together as one with True Mother. (Father named eight women.). Jesus blessed three disciples centering on his mother but couldnít embrace his clan. We need eight women to stand with True Mother. Women will lead the way to peace.

Father read the Pacific Rim Era Peace message and the True Parentís Day morning address was concluded. Father gave the address on April 17th as he did on March 17th and will give this address in America on May 17th.

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