The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Making a women's party

Sun Myung Moon
April 2, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han September 29, 2011

Summary of Rev. Peter Kim's Testimony

I was born in 1947 in Jangheung from Jeollanam-do. There were about 100 families living in my hometown which was near Mt. Jiri. During the Korea War, many young people in our village were killed by the communist partisans who had based themselves in Mt. Jiri. My uncle was studying at Seoul and was influenced by communism. In the 1960s, one of my cousins was sentenced to death for being the leader of the student activist movement.

He was able to flee to America with the help of the Catholic Church. In Los Angeles he built a Korean ethnic school. Later on he was pardoned by the Roh Tae Woo administration and currently gives lectures in universities in Korea. When I went to North Korea with True Parents in 1991, I had many discussions and debates with the North Korean security officials during our ten-day stay. Yet, when I told them the name of my cousin they suddenly began to treat me with respect.

Summary of Father's Words

If we are going to make a women's party what should we do? How many women are there who came to Korea to get married? I don't mean the Japanese wives but all the international families. If the Koreans can do the same they should go out to 193 nations. Our women are well trained. If they can create a women's party they would become an issue in the world. The UN would not be a problem. Do you understand?

The Peace Police and Peace Army centering on the mother are like Cain and Abel. Since the mother failed to bring her children, Cain and Abel, together they should be made one through the women. Their husbands, the men, are the children of the archangel, Lucifer. They succeed the lineage of the elder son of Lucifer. That is why they abused the women until now. The men that come from the lineage of people who violated the daughters of heaven have continued to violate the women for thousands of years. This must be restored by paying indemnity.

I'm planning to create a women's party. True Mother is scheduled to speak on the 10th. If you can find an agent for that party, that person could easily influence a hundred people. Don't think this is a joke. The 170 men who are here today should quickly have their wives team up with the Japanese missionaries. In order to create the women's party and raise capable members of that party, the men should not run for elections. It is time for the women to run for elections. That's what is happening in the world.

In three of the eight schools that are part of the Ivy League, the dean is a women including Harvard University. The prime minister of Germany is also a women. Once the women take more than 1/3 of the seats in parliament the era of men will be over. Men have ruined everything. They're ambitions are so great. They make political parties, bring down their own mentors and try to advance at their sake. Don't men do that? Women do not. They must serve like a mother. There hasn't been a mother figure until now. Only when a mother appears can the father find his place. What did they believe in Christianity? They called themselves the bride. A bride is a woman. Nobody would say that the groom is a woman.

Are you a member of the Unification Church or somebody who is trying to become a member of the Unification Church? (We are members.) If you are, then you have to liberate all the women. Men are the sons who come from Lucifer's lineage. They violated the women. When did I declare the liberation of women? Wasn't it 1992? The world will become according to what I say. The women might run for congress. All the women from Jeolla provinces should become a member of this new political party. Your wives must go out to the world and go into the churches.

The young members of the Unification Church from each nation should go to a different nation and become like a mother to that nation. They should prepare text material for elementary, middle and high schools. They have the responsibility to teach the people. Whether you like it or not, you are made to go there. If you wish to live you have to do it Do you understand? Now, the families that are blessed must take responsibility. Blessed families are a member of that nation. Blessed families must emerge and take the lead in liberating the fatherland. It cannot be done alone.

The father and mother must become one. There must be four including a son and daughter. The family must govern and rule. You have to educate the tribal leaders. After educating them you must organize them. The women must all become part of the party and be made to do activities. If one person can bring 120 ministers each then they can easily do 1,200 and even 12,000. I'm telling you to save your relatives. 120 in your clan; 1200 in your tribe and also your nation.

One last thing: Now the mother and daughter must stand before God's will. You must be ready to marry someone outside of your nation. I'm talking about the international and cross-cultural marriage blessing. Marriage is the best way to reconcile enemies. We can all be a part of God's family in a day if people from Russia and America are married under the international and cross-cultural marriage blessing which I mentioned in my speech. 

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