The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Hoon Dok Hae in Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 2007

Rev. Sun-jo Hwang offered an opening prayer.
Mr. Peter Kim read message of Mother Theresa from the spirit world.

Father speaks

People in the spirit world are not crazy. People who have passed away hundreds and thousands of years ago are testifying about me. Founders of all religions in the spirit world have heard all the news, evaluated them, acknowledged my teachings as correct and formed a group. You should know that there is a profound truth not reflected in history.

How old are you? (Iím over 50.) Speaking in terms of humanityís origin, in 50 years you cannot even sprout, much less bear fruit. You should know this. The desire of history to see people becoming greater is still not realized. As you dig deeper there seems to be no end to facts. There is nothing you can be proud of. Even if you work like crazy, you cannot discover all secrets hidden in history. You donít know all my teachings. So, donít boast about being a professor in Sun Moon University.

I never advertise myself and am not proud of myself. I am still busy walking my way; I still have many things to do. Itís not good if we in the Unification Church donít have energy and vitality we can be proud of. You wonít blossom as flowers and donít bring fruit without knowing God.

In this sense you must strive even harder than me. Those who cannot do so will become failures in the world I am heading to. Even after passing over to the spirit world you will have to follow me for thousands of years. You must disclose everything in details while you live on earth, cultivate an unknown environment and make it familiar. Do so, as my representatives and heirs.

Do you, professors, represent Rev. Moon? You must become my representatives. Are you my representative? If someone wants to raise his representative he should be capable of raising a person better than himself, not someone who is worse than himself. There can be many representatives, but an heir is only one.

You should know how complicated and even scary it is. God is behind everything, but you still donít know many things about Him. Ignorance in the spirit world is scarier than on earth. Many amazing and fearful things are hidden from you when you live on earth. So, people who promote themselves will finally collapse.

Are you doing Hoon Dok Hae diligently? (Yes). Are you more diligent than I? The Peace Messages contain the quintessence of my speeches published in some few thousands of volumes. The essence is simply. You can explain it in 5 minutes. But since no one went up so far, no one has reached this level, itís difficult for people to understand even things that I say in 5 minutes. These messages look simple, but you cannot imagine how high, broad and deep their contents are. There is not a single person who can show himself well in light of this high, broad and deep truth. You have nothing to be proud of.

You should know that as you come to the evening of your life, when the sun is setting and you have to meet the night, your life becomes more difficult. You should know about the final border which is the relationship between God and man, between God and you. Donít you want to reach the highest position? Have you thought about it? Remember, if you go there without knowing God, your task will be huge and very complicated.

The fact that you read my words doesnít mean that you follow my way. To follow my way you need to do a lot of research, or build things by yourselves. Donít be just passers-by or onlookers. Thereís only one owner. How many owners are there? (One) But there can be several representatives: 12 disciples, 120, 1200, 12000 people. As time goes by the number increases tenfold and in the end reaches billions of people. Finally billions of people must unite.

Human happiness is limitless. In happiness we seek for eternal dominion. In all areas we want to dominate eternal world. Human life is not easy. You have to exert your mind and build the whole system, but the direction of your lives is not decided by yourselves.

Does God have a male sexual organ? If he has, then, next He needs a female organ. Itís more internal. God started creation to find His internal partner. If God as a masculine being has only male sexual organ, is He comfortable with that? God possesses dual characteristics, so in order to become substantiated he needs a "twin". Two must become one. In this sense God is not different from us: He started to long for a partner, so He needs a partner with female organ. Isnít this right?

So, female sexual organ was created to fit God. And man was created to fit female sexual organ. He was created so, that the two Ė man and woman Ė could love each other eternally, so that the lofty tradition of love would blossom as a flower, so that man and woman could eternally take the absolute position.

God could not directly provide security for Adam and Eve. Archangels were supposed to do that. Had they done so, there would have been no Fall.

Red blood cells protect the interior of the body, and white blood cells protect the organism from the bacteria coming from outside. If some additional protective measures were taken in the like manner, there would have been no Fall.

Adam and Eve were supposed to be Godís companions working and living with Him. They were supposed to keep their highest absolute position in which they would unite with each other and love each other eternally. They were supposed to keep their absolute position.

The two aspire to attain an absolute position even at a price of self-sacrifice. Both man and woman have mind and body, and their minds and bodies become one through love.

Womanís body unites with mind, and so does manís body, but who does it first? Man has spermatozoa, and woman has ova, but is it an ovum or a spermatozoon that has to travel? The travel of a spermatozoon is not over yet. God was supposed to plant His seed to the female organ of His ideal partner, but He couldnít do it so far. Who has sown the seed? The lineage has changed. That first kiss, first love when the spermatozoon and the ovum met for the first time, was supposed to become a source of peace for billions of generations to come. But instead a servant dishonored a woman who was supposed to become a queen. When I go to the spirit world, Iíll create a revolution there in an instant. So itís no good if there is no foundation on the earth!

I made all conclusions. Whatís the title? Godís Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World. The providence of salvation leads to building a kingdom, which starts from creation of the ideal family. What is the beginning of the peaceful ideal world? When the Lord at his second coming reveals everything such a world becomes possible. We create new laws that enable us to rule this world according to the laws of the spirit world. You should know that we hold Hoon Dok Hae every day in order to avoid conflict with the heavenly law.

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