The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

God will ask if you heard His Word

Sun Myung Moon
March 31, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

Mr. Peter Kim read message of John Milton from the spirit world.


All sorts of people came here. When your life story becomes known to Heaven; when you enter the spirit world, God will ask you if you have heard His Word. And if you tell Him you did, He will then ask you, "Why didn't you follow it?" You will have to answer that question. This is not some kind of temporary matter. If it were something that would pass soon, I wouldn't have spoken about this.

That's a real problem I am responsible for, that's why I'm talking about this. If I teach things that I cannot fulfill, who will be responsible? The person who teaches is responsible. So, don't leave after yourselves distasteful things which you have to hide. Be open and aboveboard; confess all bad things you have in you life history and all hidden deeds you are responsible for. You will have a lot to talk about when asked about your life. If you think about these things, can you just sleep, eat and enjoy your life? Your misdeeds are like a huge mountain blocking your way. Do you understand?

You won't be able to say that you don't know me. I am letting you know the reality of the spirit world so that you can clearly know who I am. Is it an easy thing? For the first time in history I disclosed the truth which God could not teach to humanity. Not just one individual, but people of various backgrounds are giving same answers about me. Why is Rev. Moon so famous? All these people testify that Rev. Moon is the only person of a kind in the spirit world.

Even God has to follow Rev. Moon. That's a tremendous fact. I speak about things that are even more deeply rooted than the source of life. But many of these words pass you by, they remain unrelated to you. How much of them remain in your heads? Hundreds of people might have heard my words hundreds of times, but the question is how many of them became embodiments of these words. How do you answer this question?

Remember: I am telling you these things so that you can get rid of all resentment and aspire for the world free of anxiety.

What are you going to do if I am revealing these things to you, but you remain unrelated to me? You must be connected to me, so that I can teach you. Do you think, God, seeing how indifferent you are, will have hope for the environment you are living in? Do you think he will preserve this environment? He wants to wipe everything out. So, you must know what your position is, when you listen to God's Word. Do you understand? I hear everything and know everything.

Once you know the truth, you have to put it to life. I told same things thousands of times to Peace Ambassadors and Unification Church members; I told to do erase all shadows, but what percent of my words did you understand? You must close your eyes, block you nose, mouth, and all your senses. If you cast huge shadow, and just want to hide things or forget about them, you have no future. No matter how much you listen to me, what use is it to you? Do you understand? Raise hands those of you who have been members of the Unification Church for more than 30 years. What have you been doing these 30 years? Do you think this truth is supposed to be kept in custody? It is a standard for decision and judgment. If you know it, you must proclaim it. Start with your tribe and nation, and then go over the ridge to spread it all over the world. This is your calling and responsibility. Do you understand?

Father asked one elderly lady to testify about members' life in early days of the Church.

Mr. Peter Kim continued to read messages from the spirit world sent by representatives of Islam and communist realm and offered a closing prayer. 

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