The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Everything that was hidden is made public

Sun Myung Moon
March 31, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon January 22, 2011

Summary of Father's Words

How will you avoid the testimonies (messages from the spirit world) by these people? When your history, everything that was hidden in your past, is made public before heaven, you wouldn't know the extent of the influence it would have on you. If you've heard these amazing messages, later when you go to heaven they will ask you whether you heard their message. If you tell them that you did they will rebuke you for not taking action about the things you knew. How would you answer in that situation?

It would not be taken lightly. If it could I wouldn't be announcing these things. It is a problem that is very real and which you are responsible for. That is why I made them announce their messages. Who will take responsibility for making these announcements? The responsibility lies with the person who told them to do that. It was not so that those spirits could reveal to the earth their secrets or cursed situation. It is so that all of you can disclose your detestable history, your responsibilities, and what lay hidden so that you may now stand with your head held high.

You should have many answers to the many questions those spirits ask. 'Why didn't you talk about these things?' or 'Why did you say these things?' How many answers would there be? When I look at you, I wonder 'How do you go to sleep, what do you eat, how do you live?' All these questions may lead to sorrow that piles up before you like a great mountain. Yet, you forget about these things and sit here and think that you're better than these spirits. You have to understand that this mentality itself is something you should be ashamed of. Do you understand?

Later on you won't be able to say that you didn't know me. You need to know all too well the reality of the spirit world. Do you think it was easy? That book is a record of what God could not reveal to humanity in all history. It is not the message of just one person. It is a collection of the response of people from different spheres and circles of activities. Is Rev. Moon that famous? They are saying that there is only one Rev. Moon in the heavenly world and physical world. God too must follow Rev. Moon.

If you say that these messages which divulge the deepest of secrets, more deep than the source of life, has nothing to do with your… How much would you remember anyhow? Yet, the names you hear today will surely play a significant role in your course of life. Some have heard these messages a couple of times; others have heard it such messages from hundreds of people. Yet, what will you do when you find yourself in the same situation depicted in these messages. This would be of great concern to you and your future. That is why I have announced this so that you may long for that liberated world in the future free from any anxiety.

If you and I had no relation what use would I have in announcing these things? A certain relationship exists on which I can announce these things. Yet, when I see you indifferent and unresponsive to this, do you think God would want to place and preserve His hopes for the future in the environment you are placed in? He would probably want to clear it all away. You have to understand in what circumstances you are hearing these messages. Do you understand?

Those who've been in the Unification Church for more than thirty years, raise your hand. If you've been here thirty years you should be a somebody by now. This truth is the reason why you went out with this message. It is like a verdict. Once you know about it you have to proclaim it to your clan and nation. You are called to proclaim this beyond your clan, nation and to the world. That is your responsibility in being called by God and knowing the Unification Church before others.

(Father asks Ms. Jung Min Park to give a testimony.)

Summary of Ms. Jung Min Park's testimony

(Ms. Park is 94 years old and attends service at the Headquarters Church in Korea.)

I was born in Amtae-myung in Mu-an. I discovered my faith after my father rented a room to a US missionary to use as a church. My mother died when I was eleven which forced me to go to Gwangju to work. My first job wasn't so difficult. I managed to find the time to study the Bible for a year, complete 5th and 6th grade in elementary school and advanced to the Sophia Middle and High School in Gwangju. I was serious in my studies feeling that I had to take first place or I wouldn't be able to continue my studies. As a result I was at the top of the class most of the time.

(Ms. Park sings a song and then recites from memory the poem Father wrote when he was sixteen, 'Crown of Glory,' and the letter God sent to True Parents.)

After finishing his studies in Japan my husband ran a newspaper company. He was involved in the socialist movement and during the Korean War he died under torture. We had one son and two daughters between us but I lost my son when I was taking refuge from the war. I took shelter in Daegu and there I studied theology. I was a teacher at Geochang and Gwangju for six years and then joined the Unification Church in 1956 at Busan. After joining the church I entrusted my children to an orphanage and went out as an evangelist. I once had the opportunity to sing before Father. He gave me my nickname, 'oriole.' Yesterday I couldn't sleep at the thought that I would be meeting True Parents today. I was going to sleep and wake up in two in the morning to prepare but I ended up not sleeping for even a minute.

I always remember the words Father said one time. He said, 'I never once held a grudge against God.' All members should do their utmost during the next seven years until 2013 so that we can create an environment in which the entire world can serve and attend True Parents. 

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