The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Original mind and physical mind conflict

Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han October 15, 2010

Summary of Father's Words

The original mind and physical mind conflict with each other. The physical mind cannot encroach into the realm of the original mind and influence it. The lineage was changed. God and Satan will always be divided. Gold cannot be combined with marble or granite. Gold is always gold. If everybody insisted on becoming the subject, the core and partner would not be needed. They would both just disappear. In terms of electricity, positive charges repel each other. When the positive charges do not have a partner, do they become one? This goes against the basic principles of electricity. I am developing a machine based on these principles to cure that problem.

Even if you are a famous scholar or doctor you must think of raising your successor to be better than yourself. That's how I am. Every day I am doing Hoon Dok Hae. Who is most diligent in doing Hoon Dok Hae? Is it me or you? What do you think will happen to Hoon Dok Hae after I'm gone? Who would agree with doing it at four if it is proposed? People are having trouble doing it at five. They would probably propose doing it at six. Then after a while they would say seven. Then eight, nine and ten o'clock. Then they would say its not time to do Hoon Dok Hae. They say "let's just go to sleep." Or "Let's just do it tomorrow." No, no, no! If you do not carry on walls will be built. You have to keep on doing it.

God is one person. He is and will always be one. The cause of all troubles in the heaven and earth can be found in the failure to attend God as the father.

Heungminjeongeum means 'the proper sounds taught to the people.' It is God who does that. It refers to the sounds made by God. All the sounds that exist in the universe were made by God. He knows them all. Anybody who is unable to demonstrate those sounds cannot become God's children. Those who can, their nation will become the homeland of the world. If you interpret the words of Heungminjeongeum you will be amazed. The Japs, Soviets, Brits, and Chinks all tried to conquer the Korean people but could not swallow them. They bit more than they could chew. They threw up. When they did they left behind the very object that of their desire. They left Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity in Korea. Goguryeo, Baekjae, Silla -- these three dynasties spoke the language that could bring them close to God. They spoke in a language that allowed them to maintain good ties with others. The world must learn this language. That is why it stands in the position of a teacher.

Tell the Japanese to teach Korean on NHK, to their children until they are five. Only then can the Japanese join in the ranks of people who can come together in harmony under the global language. Japanese were unable to become a cultural race. The greatest cultural people can pronounce all the sounds in Heungminjeongeum and understand it. That is why all the secrets in the Bible and scriptures were fulfilled in Korea. The Buddhist scriptures governed Korea in its time, the Confucianism scriptures governed Korea in its time, and nowadays, Christianity has influence in Korean society. Later a time will come when the Unification Church can govern Korea. Do you think such a time will come or not? How? Through the Heungminjeongeum. The right words and sounds by which you can teach God's words to the future generations and descendants. Korea alone is the owner of Heungminjeongeum. The Korean people can glide on the royal rails laid down in the world of sounds.

Anybody suggesting that we should do Hoon Dok Hae from four in the morning should come at the time and pray (until five). I just might come out at four and educate that person on preparations of Hoon Dok Hae. If that indeed should happen how many people, what percent, among the Unification Church would gather for this? How many days would they come here at four? I can see how many people come to this room from my room. After exercising in the morning I have more than forty minutes until Hoon Dok Hae. This morning I used that time to read through the speech that I will be delivering from April 3. It doesn't take forty minutes to read it all. It took about thirty minutes. I had ten minutes left.

Today, the CARP members -- the youths -- have come. How many among you have the spirit and vigor to fly up into the sky using me as a foothold? You should pack my luggage and try to squeeze everything you can from me at my side. Should you be younger than me or should you be older than me? (If you wish to be younger) you should be consistent in observing the Hoon Dok Hae tradition in the early morning. That person will be the boss.

It all depends on how much time or devotion you invest. Depending on the amount you invest the weight of their influence will be determined. By doing Hoon Dok Hae at five in the morning I can tell you a lot of stories. If you have the chance to hear my stories then later on if you are put in charge of Hoon Dok Hae you would have a lot of things you could say on my behalf. It's needed if I am to teach you. 

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