The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

How God's will was conceived and will end

Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han December 2011

Summary of Father's Words

You all know how God's will was conceived and how it will end. You know where you are heading. Yet, the problem is that there must be an owner in each family. There must be an owner in the family, nation and heaven and earth. Yet, a central ideology has not been established that can be an owner to the heaven and earth. Before that person who can become the owner of heaven and earth comes, there must be someone who can be the owner of the nation. Before that person can be established as the owner of the nation there must be an owner in the family. Before that person can be established as the owner in that family each and every one of you, regardless of how many brothers and sisters there are in your family, must become owners yourself. These problems which are all connected are not the problem for the individual. The individual went awry; the nation and world went awry. Everything must be returned to God and solved. You must understand that such a task awaits you. Do you understand what I am saying?

You to make people aware of that fact that in order for them to stand before God, they, as individuals, have to become an owner over their mind and body; a man and woman whose minds and bodies are united respectively must become one as a couple; and their children should lay a bridge as a couple enabling them to reach the many nations in the heavenly realm, to the universe and to the heart. This all collapsed. Because people were not properly married, they could not continue the original lineage. Thus, the first human ancestors are considered the cause of all these problems.

We must bring an end to this lineage and all the problems caused by Satan and Eve. Satan has reduced the women's sexual organ into a thing of no value to prevent God from ever entering. Satan built a fireguard preventing God from approaching by making a mess out of the women's sexual organs. God could not find the standard based in the original sexual ethics. Who will then? It was not God who tainted the sexual organs. It was man. Therefore, the True Parents who can become the ancestor of the human race must come and clear up this mess, fix the wounds, and establish an absolute sexual ethics.

The owner or lord of the absolute sexual ethics is God. He as the master of absolute sexual ethics created people to be children who can relate to Him under the absolute sexual ethics. Yet, they fell and the absolute sexual ethics was lost. Humanity was to build to a foundation and tradition of becoming the owner as an individual and family, an owner in the nation and in heaven and earth centering on the absolute sexual ethics. On that foundation they were to lead their lives together with God. When you think about this, would there be walls between the eight stages leading to that position? You are living without any knowledge of what is going around in the world. You are to live together with the parents, in the nation and world. Yet, the nations are trying to stop the world from transforming into such a place. To do so it brought about the destruction of sexual morals.

Satan was intent on killing the children of Adam. After four thousand years God sent His son and had plans to find a bride for him from the satanic world after he was 16 of age. For four thousand years, the family and entire nation of Israel understood that the person who was to come would become the king of Israel and that he would come as the savior who could influence Rome and the world. Yet, they did not make any preparations for this. They thought that the messiah would come and unite the universe and that they would be placed in that perfect world. It does not work like that. In terms of indemnity, Judaism and Israel are in the position of Cain and Abel. The nation is advanced. Israel centered on Judaism was ruled by Rome and the satanic powers. The nation of Israel preceded Judaism and stood on the foundation of the church. Through that nation, (Jesus was to move Rome.) Israel was supposed to muster its political clout and prepare a foundation upon which Jesus could stand upon in dealing with individuals, families, clans, and nations. Yet, they did not prepare for that at all.

They knew he was coming as a person. They longed for a kingship but they did not make any preparations. As an individual Jesus needed a woman. Among all the women there, Israel should have raised the greatest woman who could represent their nation. The high priests, Judaism and the nation as a whole should have protected that woman. Under that protection she should have been raised to become the wife of the messiah. Yet, they didn't even think about preparing the wife of the messiah. They only thought about their success. Christianity today is doing the exact same thing. Even if the lord were to come on the clouds they should be thinking about where they would go after meeting him. What are they going to do in the skies? I mean, the second advent of the lord had just come down from the heavens! Are they going to go back up to the heavens?

They didn't know he was going to come down to earth to stay. Christians just vaguely believed that there would be a millennium feast up in the skies. Let us suppose that the lord who was raised in God's embrace was in fact preparing to hold such a feast in the sky, he would first come to the earth and recover what was lost on the levels of the individual, family, clan, race, nation and world. Otherwise how else would he be able to save all the ancestors who went to spirit world during the four thousand years before his coming? He must allow them to be perfected on the earth. The archangel's responsibility and everything that was meant to be after Adam's sixteenth birthday but which was lost must be made right. When the lord comes, when the second advent of the lord comes, he must bless these ancestors and elevate them to a position higher than the archangel. Only then will order be restored.

In the past it took me less than forty minutes to walk from Noryangjin to Hwashin. Wasn't I quick…. In the past it cost five jeon (1/100 won) to ride a streetcar. That would mean 10 jeons to go and come back again. In those days people lived on 10 jeons a day. That's why I just walked. I remember seeing the trees as I walked. Now they are all gone. Everything that left an impression on me (are gone now). Back in those days, people would take the streetcar but I just walked. Why? If I had taken the streetcar, there would be old ladies and people asking for alms at where I got off.

I was the only person who, as a student, would give 5 jeons in alms everyday. If the streetcar doesn't come around the time that I usually come back they all wait. Why? Even though I am late, I could see them waiting for me when the streetcar makes the last turn at the curb before arriving at Noryangjin. It was interesting because if I gave three times I would receive something back in return. Thus, Heukseok-dong could become Baekseok-dong! There is a song called "By the Banks of Nodeul River." There were people who entertained themselves on the sandy beaches, staying up all night until the morning… They hated taking orders; they hated going to school or being with their parents. They lived the fast life. I met many people.

There are many stories. I met women who wanted to commit suicide, who wanted to die. I saved them. Heukseok-dong (black neighborhood) might have become Baekseok-dong (white neighborhood). April 17 was the day of the resurrection of substance. The revival of Heukseok-dong means the resurrection of substance. Back then it was done on a plane but it should be done on a rock. I will have to find that location where I made that declaration. 

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