The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Live immersed in the Word

Sun Myung Moon
March 28, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

Summary of Father's Words

I wish I could live for ten or even a hundred years immersed in the Word. Without any worries or thoughts other than about the Word. People who seek the path of the truth are all in the same position. They didn't know that they had to go through life-or-death situations in order to solve the crucial problems in life.

What you have to know is that I will soon be gone. I will not be here forever. I have to bring a conclusion to what I have been doing in this world. I have to explain what will become of this world, of our first and second generation. Certain things will come to pass in the not-so-distant future. Please do not forget that when it does, the nation where all the people had made preparations will become the parent nation of the world, and the ancestor nation. How will the things I say concerning the future of the world, and the heaven and earth, be consistent with what actually transpires. You wouldn't know now. That is why you have to lead a life of faith, lean on your faith and pour in your devotion. Ordinary people do not believe in this. If I were to say this to the 6.5 billion people of the world there wouldn't be a single person who would believe in this. The reason you, the members of the Unification Church, go through such troubles, and endure all the good and bad things I say is because this church has a lot of good things.

The Asian and African continents are like a single nation centering on the Suez Canal. North and South America are a single nation centering on the Panama Canal. They are like twins. Two sets of twins. East and West are separated. God's internal cultural sphere is found in the East. The external cultural sphere is the realm of science. The realm of science denies the existence of God. The East affirms the existence of Heaven. The basis of their lives begins from different points. One exalts an external, absolute realm. The other, an internal, absolute realm. If both are like positive charges they would repel each other. Human beings are sandwiched between the two and suffering in the middle.

One last word of advice. You should not take lightly what Rev. Kwak read this morning ("A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will). Heaven and earth are concerned about how to harvest the seed planted in a certain house, location, or nation that will become a central land, and share it with all nations. The reason people such as yourselves are here on this land is because God had plans for this nation.

Nine government administrations in Korea opposed me but it did not end there. I should actually bid farewell to this nation and part with regrets. Please be aware that I had made that declaration at this final point in time. Please do not miss this opportunity. Who should go and educate these people with these words? Those who are aware of this first should do so. The people who had opposed me in the past now deplore and regret what they did. They do not know where to go.

You should be aware that the 5 billion brothers and sisters living within the Pacific Rim area surrounding Korea are waiting for the responsibility that this nation failed to fulfill to be fulfilled. You must raise the banner and take the lead in taking responsibility for a certain nation or 1/100 of that land on my behalf and make the people citizens of heaven so that you may enter into a parent-child relationship with them or become siblings to them at the least.

I have already offered everything that I have. I poured in millions and billions of dollars into America with hope. Why? God had raised America as the second Israel so that she may assist the lord at his second coming. Instead, she opposed him and now the fortunes and blessings America received can no longer stay in that nation. We must recover those blessings, surround the Pacific Rim area, create an Abel-type UN, embrace the UN, and re-connect America back to God. Without doing this, the third Israel cannot emerge. Do you understand?

The second Israel was to recover what was lost by the first Israel. The third Israel was to recover what was lost by the second Israel. When I set the standard of having fulfilled my responsibility towards the civilization in the Pacific Rim area centering on America, I can influence that nation beyond any denomination. There is an organization that is doing this. It is the Unification Church. Without it America cannot survive. We have foundations in America and in many other nations. Foundations were made even though I wasn't physically present in those nations because it was to expand to the world the foothold that was not made in Korea.

Ambassadors for peace or those who were newly appointed should make new determinations and present new innovate proposals. If you do not you may lose the chance to make this nation an eternal, ideal heavenly nation, to create a fatherland that eternal liberates the people. Know this and fervently pray about the path you should take. You should then be determined to take responsibility for a certain island, or place where you can find people of the same blood. You should be determined not to miss this opportunity.

You should be like a kindling wood so that I can take a match and light you. If you can catch on fire you will be able to go beyond China, to Asia and embrace all of Africa. Do not lose this chance to receive heaven's blessing. I hope you can have the determination to become such a fire wood that can catch on fire. Do you understand? May heaven be with you all. 

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