The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven if you are connected with people from the false lineage

Sun Myung Moon
March 26, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han August 8, 2010

(Rev. Young June Kim reads an article about Hoon-sook nim from the March issue of the magazine "Public Art" introducing her activities as the CEO of the Universal Ballet in a positive light.)

Summary of Father's Words

Our members don't know a lot about Hoon Sook and ballet. She is quite famous. Ballet requires a lot of money. To go into this field, which is the flower of the most lavish side of culture, and reach a level which the people can understand requires many years of effort that may require decades and even centuries. Hoon Sook is contemplating on how to make ballet contribute to the growth of our church in the shortest period of time. Our members should take greater interest in her activities, offer their assistance and give her spiritual support with their prayers.

You cannot go to the kingdom of heaven if you are connected some way with people from the false lineage. Those connected to the wrong lineage will go to hell. This problem should not be brought into hell. It must be resolved here on the earth. It only took one set of fallen parents. The Fall came about because of Adam and Eve. They were the only ones there. The only person who can restore this back to the original state is someone in the position of Adam. Adam was growing through the phases of the growth stage and was advancing each day toward perfection but he fell in that process. Adam and Eve never reached perfection. They never had the chance to relate with God from a perfected position. They were severed right there.

They did not separate from God; the relationship was completely severed. They were of a different lineage. Separation is not the right word to describe that situation. That is why, the matters dealing with the lineage are critical in nature. For example, let us suppose that Adam and Eve were going to be wed on a certain date. Let us suppose that one day before the marriage, Eve who is to be married with Adam is abducted by a bandit and forced to live with him. She would then belong to a different lineage. Eve became the wife of Satan. She would bitterly curse her fate, her pseudo-husband, his love, the family created through their unholy union and the environment she was in. Yet, she would not be able to disclose her grievances to the people around her.

God has a mind and body. Do you think He has these things? What about all of you? Don't your mind and body fight everyday? This is the problem. Why is your mind and body in conflict? This is the task that you must resolve. God would not be free to come to you in that state. You would be completely under Satan's influence. Satan infused his blood into your life line. Humanity has been connected through 1, 2 and thousands of generations to that defiled lineage. Do you think a family that is holier than Adam's can emerge from that lineage? Revengeful nature of Satan has completely covered this world. Do you think God could come to such a world? For example, let us say that you were to be married in a couple of days but right before the wedding a bandit comes and takes your bride away and lives with her for decades and ends up becoming the world's richest man. So the woman who was to be your bride now lives with that bandit in a fabulous palace decorated with gold, silver and other precious stones.

Do you think that you would wish to be invited to that palace for a feast and be given a hearty welcome? Never. You would rather die before going anywhere near to that palace. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Because people did not understand this, the person who committed the sin must pay indemnity for it. The son cannot be executed for a crime committed by his father. If the father had sinned, he must pay indemnity for it. He must fill up the hole that he created. Neither his son nor ancestors can do that for him. Do you understand? The True Parents must take responsibility for everything.

God has His hands tied because of this. Every single cell in His body is closed. God has plugged His nose, mouth, eyes and ears. His flesh cringes at the sight. God detests the sight of such an evil world. If He liked what He saw, I'm sure God would have been able to create His ideal of heaven with the descendants of the satanic world. But you have to understand that was not the case; there was nothing that God could praise about this world. I explained everything about this in detail through the principle. When you read the Principle, you can of course read the important issues in an hour. But that issue is not something that is confined to that hour. It illustrates the retrogression rather than the advancement of history into darkness which extended for thousands of years.

During this time, humanity lost all memory of God and religion. They rejected their own fathers and mothers and thus rejected everything around them. Their lineage was not the same. They were a part of the clan of the enemy. An entire generation rebelled against the heavenly way and blood was shed. This was so that Satan could be connected to that historical tradition and lineage brought about when Cain killed Abel. The satanic lineage was the cause of blood shed until now. Once you discover this truth it would not simply be a matter of wanting to go to heaven and live there in comfort. It is a most serious problem. They would probably not want even another day to live in that kind of lineage. How tragic it is for people who are leading such a course in their life.

Those who went to Hawaii this time, what was the title of the speech I gave in Hawaii. It was "A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World." The oceans and lands have to be made as one as they are still not. It was a rally declaring the advent of the era of the Pacific Rim civilization. It is not about abandoning the land. I have laid the providential foundations for the Pacific Ocean. This must be planted onto the land. That is the reason I will be doing a series of rallies in Korea from April 3. Let's give these rallies a name. It will be called, the "Rally to Declare the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace." Human civilization began from the sea, went to the peninsulas, and then to the shores of the continent. Korea is a peninsular nation. A peninsula should embrace the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The continent should be embraced by the oceans centering on the peninsula. That is where Korea is located.

There is a history to the speeches I give. In the past, the Unification Church read the book, "The Path of God's Will." They first had this booklet before the Divine Principle and Exposition of the Principle was produced. It was an extraction of the essence of my teachings. If you read it you will be able to grasp the overview of providence. The contents of this booklet developed into the Divine Principle and Exposition of the Divine Principle. What came after the Divine Principle? The Family Pledge. There was a need to have a pledge centering on the family. Then the Cheon Seong Gyeong was produced to administer the families who uphold this pledge. These developments were inevitable in the path of restoration. 

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