The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Importance of the Family Pledge

Sun Myung Moon
March 25, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han December 2011

Summary of Father's Words

"Importance of the Family Pledge"

The women's time has come. It can be compared to all the victories I attained throughout the struggles I faced until this time after I offered devotion during the entire period after I was called by God when I was 16 until the time I was 25. This must be brought together with the Pacific Rim Realm which is the final destination of the development of human civilization. The women know how many hardships I went through after knowing God's will when I was 16. I have talked extensively about this.

What did we live by before the exposition of the principle was made? It was the book, "The Way of God's Will." We lived by the teachings of this book. I had to go through all sorts of hardships to proclaim the exposition of the principle, and the original copy of the Principle to the entire world. After the exposition and original copy of the principle, the Divine Principle was made.

The Family Pledge emerged after all this as the fruits of all these words. The Family Pledge has eight verses. They are all a concentration of the essence extracted from providential history, and serve as the root of the family. Without knowing all the details of providence…. You have to know how precious the family is. The family is the root. The Pledge can become the root of the family.

The Pledge should not have incorrect content. It should be something that will come to pass, that you must follow, that can come about automatically. That pledge must be upheld in a family. The members of the family should be raised to uphold the Family Pledge. They should repeat it and fulfill it even if it means through their descendants. From now, three generations should become as one and be able to pride themselves for what they practiced before God. On that foundation God can forget about everything that caused bitter sorrow to Him in history. He will be liberated through the Pledge which will become a foundation enabling God and His children to be liberated centering on God's family.

Everything that is needed can be found in the first verse of the Family Pledge. Read it. How much have you created in a world where Satan does not exist, and on a foundation where everything has been set right. You have to think that you were blessed and became a representative family by Father who had given the blessing on behalf of God to the blessed families from the position of the perfected Adam in the Garden of Eden. If you can, then you basically have done everything said in the first verse. There wouldn't be anything more to be desired. If Adam had perfected himself God would have blessed Adam's family and take the first step into joy. Such a family should have been established. Yet, because of the blessing such a family must be recovered and offered and returned to God. Your family should be returned. Then your family can be accepted as a fruit that was ripened in the physical world on the foundation of God's family in the world of the mind. Then, there would be no need for any of the pledge verses.

Read verse two. I have gone beyond the positions of a patriot, saint and divine son. The second verse begins after the first verse. What is the difference between the two? You should become a central family representing heaven and earth, and become a family of a filial child that is desired by parents, a representative of patriots from all nations, a family that is desired by the saints and a family of the divine sons and daughters. You should become a family of the children of the direct lineage who can directly attend God and make Him happy. The entire history is encapsulated in this verse. Everything can be perfected in verse two. It's important. If the things in verse two are fulfilled, there wouldn't be a single place that is not needed in all of heaven and earth. You have to become a family that can perfect the contents of the second verse of the Family Pledge in the garden God created.

Verse three: What are the four great realms of heart? It refers to the realm of heart -- the four great realms of heart that existed within God from the beginning. Then there is the three great kingships -- a kingship centered on a nation God envisioned. Then the royal family. There is no Cain and Abel in this family. An elder brother figure from the satanic world must be placed within the realm of the royal family. Everything can be brought to an end with this. After Cain killed Abel, God was driven into a state of imprisonment for tens of thousands of years in history. He must be freed and the realm of the royal family must be established in which Cain and Abel are one, without a trace of the tragedy of the killing that had occurred in the Garden of Eden. You have to create the four great realms of heart, three great kingships and realm of the royal family.

Even if the three great kingships are established through the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages you still need to create the realm of the royal family. Even if Israel had created the realm of the royal family, there still would have been a struggle between Cain and Abel to love each other as the elder brother and younger brother. There should not conflict between the wish of God, the Creator of Adam and Eve, with that of the wish of the True Parents. We should forget about the suffering we went through in our hearts. Once Cain and Abel are united, everybody should enter the kingdom of heaven. All of this should be resolved on the foundation of an ideal kingship. Everything would be complete just be carrying out the contents in the third verse. You can go to heaven with just verse three.

What about verse four? Since a firm foundation has been laid under the kingship, everything supporting the kingship should be fully utilized. God's ideal of creation is creating a one great family consisting of many families. God is one. There is one True Parent. Even if there are billions of families in this world, they should all live centering on that single Being as if they were all like one family. You should create one great family in heaven and earth which is God's ideal of creation. It is where freedom, peace, unity and happiness abound. There cannot be conflict. You should be considerate. Whenever a central point is established in a certain place you should go to it, and align yourself to the center. Families and clans should be brought together and united as one. They have to be able to align themselves to that focal point from the same angle.

What about verse five? There are many people -- your ancestors -- who went to the spirit world. The people on the earth are not aware of this. They are following different paths. The heavenly nation now exists in the spirit world and on the earth. The basis of the merits of all your ancestors who entered the heavenly nation, and the basis of our merits on the earth must be aligned. In verse five, you pledge to be in the subjective position every day centering on God, True Parents, their clan, and the realm of the royal family. If people can conceptualize themselves all as a single family, then none of the numerous families could live recklessly as they have done. God is demanding one single standard. There should not be discrepancies from the day-to-day program you carry out centering on that single standard. You may say that you are diligent each day but Heaven will push you to go on. Mothers and fathers can be like that. People who are your senior drive their juniors to a narrow path so that they do not go astray. There is no freedom there. Then wouldn't everything be done with the end of verse five? The Pledge would not be needed.

What is verse six about? It talks about heaven and earth -- the standard of perfection of heaven. Wherever you go, things will turn out the way you bless them. As the representative families of the True Parents, you have to connect Heaven's blessings to your surroundings. If you can move about you should expand Heaven's blessings to your surroundings as True Parents' representative families. Until the kingdom of heaven on earth is created and the providence of restoration comes to an end, you cannot rest. You should connect Heaven's blessings to your surroundings on behalf of True Parents.

What's next? Verse seven. It talks about the original lineage, and what else? The "true lineage." God is a being that harmonizes the dual characteristics. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind are the substantial representatives of God. They should become as one, multiply children and unite the three generations so that it cannot be separated. The original lineage and blood line must be one and the same. God's lineage, the father's lineage, the children's lineage must not be stained. There should not be any discrepancies with any of the lineages connected with the original lineage centered on God.

The grandfather and father should live for the sake of each other. 'Living for the sake of others' should be in the middle of the two. The world of a culture of heart connected to the original lineage should be created. People should live for the sake of others. After verse seven, verse eight draws a certain conclusion. It emphasizes on living for the sake of others. There are no discrepancies in the original lineage whether it is placed in the grandfather, father, wife, or descendants. Even if the sides of a circle were moved or interchanged the central core should not be moved. A world of the culture of heart should be created through a life of living for the sake of others.

All you need to know can be found in verse eight. It talks about the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages and even about the world of the realm of heart. It means that you have to find a family and nation within the liberated realm in both the spiritual and physical worlds. You have to perfect a liberated realm in the family and in the nation. It's all in here. In explaining the family pledge, verse one is about standing as God's representative; verse two is becoming one with the True Parent; verse three is finding the unchanging root; verse four refers to how a single father family emerges even if twelve types of branches come from that root.

A single generation does not constitute a family. Your mind and body must be united as one centering on God in the spirit world, you have to then be united with God's heart, and go through the three stages of formation, growth and perfection. None of the people on the earth have accomplished this. They have not become one with God inside of them by the time they go to the spirit world.

You have to follow heaven's laws. Heaven's laws dictates that you should try to do more than what True Parents' have done, or what you know no matter what it is that you are told to do. If you try to do less…. No parent or responsible person would appoint someone who is less than himself to become his representative. It is the same with God. When God appoints a representative He would not make it someone less than Himself. Among all the many representatives, for example if there are ten, there still needs to be a center that can inherit from God.

Those who are not at the center cannot inherit. If you wish to become a heir, you, the first generation, the second generation and the third generation must be centered on the family of the True Parents who manifest God's character and the character of God's family. God's family, True Parents' family and the families from four levels must become as one and constitute the root. God's family are united and are like a root. They cannot be divided. Thus, in the Completed Testament Age, faith centered on love was prominent among absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Love should be in motion only when one's faith is at an absolute standard. In order to be centered on a love that combines absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you must be united in absolute faith, and absolute obedience before that love. It is not possible without sacrificing yourself. Even if your body dies and disappears, you have nothing to worry because there is an invisible God. You should be centered on absolute faith. Yet, faith is a concept. It is a testimony to something invisible. Absolute faith is a concept. It is when the invisible God, His existence, can become visible centering on absolute faith; as if you were looking at Him on His behalf.

Love is centered on a lofty standard. Obedience is about going from a low position and climbing your way up. Once you lay the foundation for absolute obedience after uniting absolute faith with love, everything will start to work. Front-back, left-right, top-bottom, all these relationships are in motion centering on the center. Thus, absolute obedience is digested within absolute love. Love and faith and hope. What is hope? Love, faith and hope must become one. When God created, He did so centering on love and united with His ideal. At the center, top can become bottom, right can become left, front can become back.

When you are united centering on love, you can circulate within that sphere in any direction centering on the core. They are connected within a substantial entity. In that sense, they cannot be divided. With the advent of the Completed Testament Age, you should incorporate the practice of absolute faith. This will lead to obedience centering on the love of the world where God and humanity are united as one in love. This ideal should be realized in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Liberation can come about when everything is firmly settled in place centering on the family.

That place of eternal settlement of liberation and freedom will become the kingdom of heaven on earth. You can see how precious the Family Pledge is. You should not deal with this lightly or else you will be convicted of lese-majesty. [Lese-majesty: the crime of violating the sovereign.] You have to embody it and unite with it. As an owner, as representative family of God, you should recite the Family Pledge. If you have quarrel or clash with your spouse, both of you will not be able to recite the Family Pledge in the morning. 

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