The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

The providence of salvation of returning to God

Sun Myung Moon
March 24, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 22, 2011

Summary of Father's Words

The providence of salvation of returning to God came about because of the fall. This providence must be completed centering on the True Parents. God is not free to do whatever He wants with this providence. Do you understand? The founders of religion in history are not the ones who will take responsibility just because they established a religion. Nor is it the people who had a responsibility in the interim eras. Since everything was lost because of the true parent to be, it can only be recovered through the True Parents.

God can recover all this in an instant. Why does God have to go through such suffering? At the end of the final path of restoration, the person who is to open the final gates on earth and in heaven is not God. He cannot open it alone. The very person who had closed the gates must be there. When a person commits a crime, he is put on trial and is given a verdict. The son of the person on trial may be the one delivering the verdict. The true parents-to-be made a mistake; that is why the True Parents has the responsibility to rectify that mistake. You have to be absolutely obedient centering on my words.

The people, who believed in the Unification Church in the past, have all gone through hardships. They had good ancestors and that is why they, the descendents, were sent to the church. People in the past had left because they could no longer believe or just fell away from the church. You who are here today have nothing to do with that. Remember that. If you promise to uphold the devotions you invested back then, and to keep your faith, you should take that with you to the eternal world and bequeath it to your children. If you have children you and your spouse can forget about it.

Why should I be here when I could take it easy in America? I could be meeting senators, house representatives and all the other "important people" of America everyday. I did not come here because I enjoy meeting you in this stuffy place. Although it frustrates me I teach you and once you understand it I raise you up. Even the people who are destined to go to the bottom of hell, I can elevate in a week if they would listen.

Now we must hold a national rally. (We are in the midst of a 12,000 rally.) Not that one. I'm saying that we have to do another one. A lot of people will come to these rallies. Should we do it or not? (Yes, we should do it.) If I can't Mother would have to do it in my stead. If the True Parents have done all that they can do, wouldn't there be something that you should be doing? All of you, your clan, your ancestors and all the ancestors of each person in this world have their own respective responsibilities. Then, shouldn't we do this rally? (Yes, we should.) Shouldn't we do it more enthusiastically than Father, Mother, or the patriots of the Republic of Korea or even the saints in the spirit world? (Yes, we should.)

You think that everything that I say or do are just passing words. Nobody knows what I am doing! You don't know how many times people would be weeping bitterly if I told them about certain incidents in history. That is why, even now whenever I try to talk about these things, I feel a lump in my throat, my chest is wrenched, and my stomach becomes numb. These incidents must be resolved. Nobody knew about this. I sent a written oath to God. I live this way because I know God. I have to liberate that pitiable God. I myself am scared at how much I have endured until now. I could not get excited no matter how busy I was. Even now. The time has come to hold a rally. Shall we or shall we not? (We should.) This rally will be to complete the blessing for 70 million throughout the universe. Hoon Dok Hae begins from 5 o'clock. How's about borrowing all the gymnasiums in Korea? The regions that do not lend their gymnasiums should be excluded. Who else would hold a rally at 5 in the morning! We should begin at 5 and end by 7. That's when we should use the gymnasiums, when it is free.

Each person that was blessed should be responsible for 120 people and have them all receive the blessing this time. They should expand their membership. It doesn't matter who joined first. They should all be treated equally as your brother or sister.

How many core members do we have who are capable of giving a lecture in the educational seminars organized by Rev. Jeung Rho Yoon? We don't need that many people. All we need is three people for each seminar. They should be a team. You must quickly form hundreds of teams and send them out to the world. After July this year, that kind of time will come. We need hundreds of teams. How many people will there be if we have 360 teams? 3 times 6 is 18. 2 times 3 is 6. That would be 780 people.

Anybody who influenced ambassadors for peace should be able to do that. You should bring a video tape to teach them the Principle that is being taught in the Unification Church. All they have to do is follow the example. They should be assigned to a certain nation or go to a nation of their choice. The lectures should be translated into that nation's language. If the person has a college education he should be able to translate it into that nation's language. If they know Korean they will have no trouble doing that. Hoonminjeongeum will become the international unified language.

Do you think it will or not? (It will.) Each house should purchase the selections of my speeches. If they do they will be among the wealthy in the Unification Church. The selection of my speeches would fill the entire room. If people study these books, they can become the central agents of the leading figures of each nation and world depending on their ability. By guiding these people we can enhance the dignity of the nation of our ancestors. Do you understand?

Three people should form a team centering on the lecture they give or the video tape by which they can give a lecture. I'm sure they can do that if they have given lectures before. They can give lectures and broadcast them on the radio. You have to have diplomatic skills and economic skills if you wish to persuade people. You have to educate the government officials. You can go anywhere, as long as there are government institutions or your nation's embassy.

If you send dozens and hundreds of people to that nation, the ambassador would become quite famous. The language must be unified. Ideologies must be at a level that can be admitted into the UN. All the irrelevant books in the world should be burned away. I cannot tolerate books that belong under the leftist ideology. Do you understand?

If you can mobilize tens of thousands of couples centering on the universities and its fraternities we can move this nation in an instant. When you go out there you will have no problem finding something to eat because you've already been trained to do that. You can teach them the word and educate them. You can receive tuition from them like what they pay at school. You would have more than enough to eat with what they bring you even if you refuse to eat.

If your teacher didn't have lunch would you bring him lunch or would you bring him a week's worth of food? There is no problem in bringing order to the world. Shouldn't you be doing this or not? Three people should be made into a team and should go out to give Divine Principle lectures. You should create ambassador for peace groups within the campus. If people are trained in this way from when they are 30, anybody can become a champion. Should we be doing this or not? 

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